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Christians in Iraq

The Syriac Union welcomes the talk of the Religious Authority, Sayyed Fadlullah, about the necessity to protect the Iraqi Christians

The Syriac Union welcomes the talk of His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, in which he said that Both Sunnis and Shiites ought to work together to protect the Christians in Iraq and thwart any attempt to remove the Christians from the Iraqi formula, as well as from the core of nationalism and Arabism."

In a statement it has issued, the Union considered that "this insightful and mindful thought on the role of eastern Christianity should be widespread within all the religious, cultural, and social mediums, since it is the primary deterrence against the exclusionist terrorist thought that tries to annihilate the other any other." The Union also confirmed that "the state, in its just and balanced concept, is the primary deterrence and it is the one responsible for protecting all its citizens and to treat them equally in their rights and representation. Therefore, any electoral system that results in marginalizing the Christians or excluding or subjugating them threatens the concept of real democracy, because democracy does not only mean the representation of the majority, but rather, it goes deeper to not excluding the minority."

The Union went on to say: "The talk of His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, is exactly what is kindly expected from the official and religious Islamic leaders, to confront by means of the law and by thought all what could threaten joint living and the rights of every human being and every group and to reveal the bright image of Islam."