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Zu Elqi'da 16, 1425H /December 28, 2004
Shiite Muslims are a Source of  Power to Arab Nationalism

Zu Elqi'da 9, 1425H / December 21, 2004
We believe that Bush's America is not considering any serious plan for reform or liberties in the Arab and Islamic worlds...

Zu Elqi'da 2, 1425H / December 14, 2004
We have to accomplish this mission of dialogue to present the civilized image of Islam and confrontation of the anti-Islamic discrimination...

Shawwal 24, 1425H / December 07, 2004
We, the people, especially the intellectuals, ought to change this...



Shawwal 17, 1425H / November 30, 2004
Although the US haunts the Arabs and Muslims, we ask all Muslims in America to abide by the law and respect the...

Shawwal 10, 1425H / November 23, 2004
The problem of religion is that it has become torn between those who want to hold it as hostage to impose terrorism on...

Shawwal 3, 1425H / November 16, 2004
We believe that Bush is being hypocritical when he talks about a Palestinian state. Bush's America and Blair’s Britain used to...

Ramadan 26, 1425H / November 9, 2004
The role of the Neocons in the second Bush Administration

Ramadan 19, 1425H / November 2, 2004
The Iranian Parliament orders the Government to continue to enrich uranium



Ramadan 12, 1425H / October 26, 2004
A New American Law to Persecute Arabs and Muslims

Ramadan 5, 1425H / October 19, 2004
We want the dialogue with the West to start, but at the same time we ask the Europeans to breakout with their outdated ideas and ...

Sha'ban 27, 1425H / October 12, 2004
Such an American domination and such an international terror that crushes the rights of nations in the name of  fighting terrorism demand a..

Sha'ban 20, 1425H / October 05, 2004
We say to our generations: You have to retrieve the cultural Islamic elements relating to the Palestinian cause, in addition to..



Sha'ban 13, 1425H / September 28, 2004
The world is living, albeit in different levels, under the pressure of the American empire that seeks to ...

Sha'ban 6, 1425H / September 21, 2004
we do not have anything against any American or European criticism about the lack of freedoms, especially religious ones, that our region...

Rajab 29, 1425H / September 14, 2004
The World should in these days in particular voice its rejection to the American policy of deceit, and the terrorist acts the occupation is committing in cold blood, just as it...

Rajab 22, 1425H / September 7, 2004
Fanaticism is the most dangerous phenomenon that  Islamic World is facing nowadays



Rajab 15, 1425H / August 31, 2004
Recognizing the other includes respecting his freedoms and rights, especially the right of expression. It also means

Rajab 8, 1425H / August 24, 2004
We believe that the American people deserve a better administration; one that does not threaten international security and the future of humanity

Rajab 1, 1425H / August 17, 2004
Using the stick against Arab and Muslim peoples to promote US and Israeli interests as a means of boosting George Bush's chances of reelection will produce

Jumada'II 23, 1425H / August 10, 2004
We are beginning to see the workings of an  international plot that aims at benefiting  from all political, racial and confessional differences that might be present in

Jumada'II 16, 1425H / August 3, 2004
Calls for cooperation between Arabs and Jews against anti-Semitism is a political ploy and a propaganda campaign.



Jumada'II 9, 1425H / July 27, 2004
We believe that there is a favorable political climate to develop the Arab-European relations, but..

Jumada'II 2, 1425H / July 20, 2004
The Western administrations have to know that continuing to ignore the Palestinian

Jumada'I 25, 1425H / July 13, 2004
We call on the Arab, Muslim and Palestinian political and intellectual elites to coordinate politically and intellectually with the

Jumada'I 18, 1425H / July 6, 2004
why wouldn't the American Administration be tried along side with Saddam. The law holds that the motivator and the inciter as well as...



Jumada'I 11, 1425H / June 29, 2004
We have to make every effort to confront this American project, starting by devising our own reform project before the

Jumada'I 4, 1425H / June 22, 2004 .
The reform we want is one that relieves us from our ideological backwardness on the basis of the Islamic humanistic principles that...

RabihII 27, 1425H / June 15, 2004
the Organization of the Islamic Conference should become an effective one that emphasizes the Islamic role worldwide.

RabihII 20, 1425H / June 8, 2004 A.D.
Religious men have the right and the duty to engage in politics, but their views and stands could be challenged, especially by

RabihII 13, 1425H / June 1, 2004 A.D.
Any violent phenomenon in the East is a result of the educational or social backward mentality which Islam is not responsible for...



Rabi'I 08 1426h - April 27 2004
We have to voice our opposition to the Arab leaders and tell them to step aside, and stop convening such summits, for they have foregone all their commitments .

Rabih1 28, 1425H / May 18, 2004 A.D.
let us be honest with ourselves and punish America for its arrogant sanctions

Rabih1 22, 1425H / May 11, 2004 A.D.
Just like the chief rabbi, America considers the Arabs as snakes and insects.

Rabih1 15, 1425H / May 4, 2004 
All attempts to boost America’s image through various media means are doomed to fail, for it will not be able to



Rabi'I 08 1426h - April 27 2004
We fear that the Arab policies will pave the way for the liquidation of Palestinians

Safar 30 1426h - April 20 2004
The Israelis threat to kill Palestinian leaders abroad might drive the Palestinians to retaliate in the same way

Safar 23 1426h - April 13 2004
There is a dire need to present a comprehensive and unified Islamic view towards current challenges

Safar 16 1426h - April 06 2004
When will we have our own internal will of change and reform, to be able to face the American policies of hegemony?



Safar 09  1426h - March 30 2004
the Arab peoples should take to the streets and follow the model of Spaniards and French.

Safar 02 1426h - March 23 2004
sectarianism will ultimately lead to present the arrogant prescriptions as the solution to the problems of certain countries or to those of region

Muharram 24 1426h - March 16 2004
We ask all Arabs and Muslims not to retaliate by hurting the security of their hosts

Muharram 17 1425H-March 9 2004
Accusing others of unbelief is neither religiously justified, nor a lawful reason for execution.



Muharram 4 1426h - February 24 2004
We call on the Arab and Muslim people to take to the streets following the example of the Palestinians who

Zu elhujja 26 1424H-February 17 2004
America created terrorism in our region and in the world in general, and we should do our best to end it

Zu elhujja 19 1424H-February 10 2004
We should, on the one hand, expose the American deceit when they call for freedom and democracy.

Zu elhujja 12 1424H-February 3 2004
Time is passing and the Arabs just sit there and watch… Had it not been for the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine the rest of...



Zu elhujja 05 1425h - January 27 2004
People in the Arab Muslim world have to acquire the courage of practicing objective criticism to every...

Zu Elqi'da 27 1425h - January 20 2004
Although we might sometimes have certain objections or reservations on certain issues, we want to be balanced in our

Zu Elqi'da 20 1425h - January 13 2004
The dialogue with The American Administration is not useful, since America is not an element of peace that could produce stability in ...

Zu Elqi'da 13 1425h - January 06 2004
The real problem lies in the imperial approach of America and its allies. The real threats the world faces are those posed by the extremism of the new cons, and ...