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Zu elkoada 6 1424H-December 30 2003
We call on the Palestinians to continue their internal dialogue to reach a common ground on the means of confrontation and we call on the Arabs and Muslims to support them.

Shawal 29 1424H-December 23 2003
the fall at the top will create new realities at the base level paving the way for new stages in which...

Shawal 22 1424H-December 16 2003
The new regimes America will install are also dictatorships, regardless of all their talk about democracy and freedom

Shawal 15 1424H-December 9 2003
the Palestinians should establish a unified leadership that would outline the political and security agenda of the Palestinians; a program in which all parties play complementary and not conflicting roles

Shawal 8 1424H-December 2 2003
We call for a smart political and media performance to accompany the Palestinian struggle on the ground to achieve the ultimate goal of liberation and self-determination.



Ramadan 23 1424H-November 18 2003
Preserving identity is a fundamental condition for change. America is responsible for the stagnation,and its call for change is superficial.

Ramadan 16 1424H-November 11 2003
America and Israel are the only source  of violence and anarchy in the region

Ramadan 9 1424H-November 4 2003
Much work is need to change these emotions into policies



Ramadan 2 1424H-October 28 2003
The anger the american policies are generating will turn into a popular armed resistance in many parts of the world

Shaaban 25 1424H-October 21 2003
we call on the Vatican to condemn this campaign and unveil the motives of those behind it. We also call on the religious scholars, as well as the political activists and the...

Shaaban 18 1424H-October 14 2003
The current stage is one of the most critical, and the Islamic Conference has to uphold its full responsibility; It has in particular to seek to create a certain balance of force by...

Shaaban 11 1424H-October 7 2003
The United States has participated in planning and coordinating all moves and actions taken by Israel including preparing the ground for the aggression on Syria and in providing the necessary “justifications”…



Shaaban 4 1424H-September 30 2003
The Palestinians need, now more than ever ,all the Arab and Muslim support they can get.

Rajab 26 1424H-September 23 2003
Any attempt to put an end to the state of weakness and imbalance the nation is currently witnessing could not be

Rajab 19 1424H-September 16 2003
Although the conditions are unfavorable , the Palestinians were able to break the pressures against them . The Arab and Muslim support is a must, for the victory on the Palestinian front paves the way for further victories

Rajab 12 1424H-September 9 2003
the European Union is equally responsible before history for the new attempt to eradicate the Palestinians.

Rajab 5 1424H-September 2 2003
We have to be vigilant and rely on direct meetings to ensure the failure of such sectarian plots .



JumadaII 28 1424H-August 26 2003
The Iraqis will thwart all plots to create small sectarian wars in Iraq

JumadaII 21 1424H-August 19 2003
The Iraqi People Should Be Aware of the Arrogant Dubious Attempts of to Incite Sectarian Strife.

JumadaII 14 1424H-August 12 2003
The pressures are escalating, but there is a ceiling that even America con not penetrate .

JumadaII 7 1424H-August 5 2003
The nation is still alive and well , but it lacks the appropriate dynamisms



JumadaI 29 1424H-July 29 2003
Those who hope that Sharon will be pressurized by Bush are mistaken . The American Administration’s sole concern is to win the coming elections

JumadaI 22 1424H-July 22 2003
we feel reassured and relieved by the way Iran, and Syria, is treating the entire issue, that has succeeded in keeping the spirit of opposition and confrontation to injustice alive in this nation.

JumadaI 15 1424H-July 15 2003
We have to keep the broader interests of the nation in mind when we deal with more specific ones

JumadaI 8 1424H-July 8 2003
Israel continues to prove that it only accepted the truce to incite a Palestinian civil war without having to fulfill any of its commitments

JumadaI 1 1424H-July 1 2003
The truce does not indicate that the Armed resistance ,as an option, is no longer  adopted.



Rabi'II 24 1424H-June 24 2003
The World Economic Forum and the Arab Submission:Fresh wounds do not hurt dead bodies.

Rabi'II 17 1424H-June 17 2003
The Arab and Muslim peoples must try to change the course of events and create a new political reality, for the Palestinian case still represents the most important issue that determines the Arabs future.

Rabi'II 10 1424H-June 10 2003
The Assassination attempt of Rantisi is the first Repercussion of the Sharm el-Sheikh and Aqaba Summits

Rabi'II 03 1424H-June 03 2003
America is about to draw a Road Map for the Whole world, but the Nations of the world are able to thwart its plan politically, in spite of its military victories.



Rabi'I 25 1424H-May 27 2003
Israel’s acceptance of the Road Map is a maneuver that will not deceive the Palestinians

Rabi'I 18 1424H-May 20 2003
The recent attacks in Saudi Arabia and Morocco are unlawful crimes

Rabi'I 11 1424H-May 13 2003
The Road Map is a maze designed to trap the Arabs in its passages.

Rabi'I 4 1424H-May 6 2003
America is executing the Zionist agenda in the region and a policy of hegemony in the entire world.The nations of the world cannot but voice their opposition.



Safar 27, 1424H - April 29, 2003
Israel wants this government to start a civil war, but the Palestinians will not fall in this trap

Safar 20, 1424H - April 22, 2003
Palestine is the battlefront on which the future of the region will be decided

Safar 13, 1424H - April 15, 2003
The effects of the American war on Iraq on Palestine and Syria

Safar 6 , 1424H - April 8, 2003
The Palestinian cause is where we stand or fall

Muharram 29, 1424H - April 1, 2003
Confronting the American offensive is one of the top priorities



Muharram 22, 1424H - March 25, 2003
What the Arab and Muslim Street will do in the hours and days ahead is crucial for the fate of the Nation

Muharram 15, 1423H - March 18, 2003
The New war on Iraq will drive  America into a dark tunnel



Zoul-Hijja 24, 1423H- February 25, 2003
 The continuous silence of the Arab and Muslim elites undermine the Nation’s future.



Zoul-Qida 18, 1423H - January 21, 2003
The continuous silence of the Arab and Muslim elites undermine the Nation’s future

Zoul-Qida 11, 1423H - January 14, 2003
The new Palestinian strategy should aim at continuing the struggle for liberation

Zoul-Qida 4, 1423H - January 7, 2003
The world is facing two major threats; the American occupation of the world’s resources and the American threat to the world’s security