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Shawwal 27, 1423H - December 31, 2002A.D.
National unity supported by the unity of stance with the forces of opposition in the region could defeat the enemy’s plans

Shawwal 20, 1423H - December 24, 2002A.D.
The American Military bases are a threat to world peace

Shawwal 13, 1423H- December 17, 2002 A.D.
The American initiative’s real goal is to change the Arab and Muslim world in the way that best serves the American interests.

Shawwal 6, 1423H- December 10, 2002 A.D.
Operation “Zari’t” proved that the balance of terror still exists.


Ramadan 21, 1423H- November 26, 2002 A.D.
The Important thing is how we benefit from it.

Ramadan 14, 1423H- November 19, 2002 A.D.
Calling on the Palestinian People not to be intimidated by the media campaign:

Sha’ban 29, 1423H - November 05, 2002A.D.
Commenting on the victory of the Muslims in Turkey


Sha’ban 22, 1423 h - October 29, 2002A.D.
Warning that the current state of political and economic turmoil could turn into an international security one

Sha’ban 15, 1423H - October 22, 2002A.D.
Assuring that the Martyr operations have redrawn the political map of the region

Sha’ban 8,1423H - October 15,2002A.D.
Warning of Political, informational, economic and security expropriation of the nation

Sha’ban 1,1423H - October 8,2002A.D.
Surprised by the silence of the Arab and Islamic “street” towards the escalating Zionist Massacres.

Rajab 24, 1423H - October 01, 2002A.D.
Waving the economic card is a part of a bigger political plot


Rajab 17, 1423H - September 24, 2002A.D.
The Palestinian steadfastness constitutes an obstacle in the way of the American war on the region.

Rajab 10, 1423H - September 17, 2002A.D.
Ensuring that the American Administration is helping Israel to surpass international resolutions

Rajab 3, 1423H - September 10, 2002A.D.
Emphasizing that the American Administration is preparing for a wider and more dangerous act of terror in the world…

JomadaII 25 1423H - 03,9,2002A.D.
Calling for a broad popular movement to pressurize the narrow political circles


JomadaII 18 1423H - 27,8,2002A.D.
Warning from a plan to involve several Arab parties in cracking down the Intifada.

JomadaII 11 1423H - 20,8,2002A.D.
The American Administration wants to subjugate the Entire Islamic and Arabic region

JomadaII 04 1423H - 13,8,2002A.D.
Emphasizing the urgency and the necessity of quick action.

26Jomada al-oula 1423H - 6-8-2002A.D.
Blaming the American Administration for the current trend of events in Palestine, Sayyed Fadlullah warns that the fire in Palestine might extend to other areas in the region.


Jomada I 19 1423H - 30,07,2002A.D.
The Palestinians are still able to inject the Nation’s veins with the spirit of giving.

Jomada I 12 1423H - 23,07,2002A.D.
The wrong understanding of religion and the regimes that safeguard ignorance are responsible for the state of deterioration the Islamic world is witnessing

Jamada Al-oula 05,1423H - July16, 2002A.D.
Let us take to the street before the Americans execute their next aggression

Rabi’al-Thani 28 1423H - 09,07,2002A.D.
The American threats indicate a dangerous comprehensive plan that aims at dominating the entire region.

Rabi’al-Thani 21, 1423H - 02,07,2002A.D.
The Pressure on the Palestinians aims at winning the congressional elections.


Rabi’al-Thani 14 1423H - 25,06,2002A.D.
Considering tat Bush’s speech was translated from Hebrew

Rabi’al-Thani 07, 1423H - 18,06,2002A.D.
Considering it as the second umbrella that will provide a cover for all American threats…

Rabi’al-awal 30 1423H - 11,06,2002A.D.
warns against a new American and Israeli round of attack against the region.

Rabi’al-awal 23 1423H - 04,06,2002A.D.
Let us surpass the internal differences and rifts by setting out a new mechanism for political and economic confrontation


Rabi’al-awal 16 1423H - May 28,2002A.D.
Noticing that the Israeli threats to Iran aim at creating a Muslim siege to the Intifada…

Rabi'Alawwal 9, 1423H - May 21,2002A.D
warns of attempts to ripen the conditions for new plots in the region

Rabih Alawwal 02, 1423H - May 14,2002A.D
We only have a shadow, and not a state that possesses a comprehensive plan.

Safar 24, 1423H - May 7,2002A.D
New Attempts to make us re-enter the age of defeat.


Safar 17, 1423H - April 30,2002A.D
The Zionist massacres have paved the way for a new round of confrontation.

Safar 10, 1423H - April 23,2002A.D
Palestinian steadfastness hindered the American plans for the region.

Safar 3,1423H - April 16, 2002A.D.
All liberation and resistance parties should set out a joint plan to thwart the American- Israeli scheme

Muharram 26, 1423H - April 9,2002A.D
The Haifa Martyr Operation Thwarted Sharon’s Terror Campaigns.

Muharram 19, 1423H - April 4,2002A.D
The Best Answer to the Brutal Zionist Escalation is the heightening of the Resistance in Palestine and Lebanon and unleashing the anger of the Arab “street” against the American hegemony in the Region.


Muharram 12, 1426H /March 26, 2002
Islamic Unity and Sectarian Differences

ZulHijja 29, 1426H /March 19, 2002
The Zionists have used all the possible means of killing and destruction


Shawwal 23, 1422H - January 08,2002A.D.
American Sponsorship of Indian Israeli Relations is a new scarecrow for the Arabs and Muslims.

Shawwal 16, 1422H - January 01,2002A.D.
Seasonal differences are a part of a drawn plan to fill the political vacuum in Lebanon, which will remain unbreakable