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H.E. received the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon, Lebanese crisis, internal-Islamic dialogue, Arab initiative, Egyptian role, sectarianism, America, Egypt.

H.E. received the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon

Sayyed Fadlullah called for an internal-Islamic dialogue in addition to the political dialogue 

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ahmad Bidawi, and discussed with him the general situation in Lebanon following the recent developments, in addition to discussing the prospects of the Arab initiative.

The Egyptian Ambassador indicated that he wanted to start his new round by visiting His Eminence, highlighting the importance of attempts to bring Lebanon out of the ongoing crisis that was aggravated recently. He stressed that the most important thing is to restore trust between the two feuding parties.

On his part, Sayyed Fadlullah emphasized the necessity of having conciliatory Arab roles, pointing out to the continuous American attempts that aim at weakening the Egyptian role in the region and encouraging other roles to be in the front at the expense of the pioneer role that can be played by Egypt on the Arab and Islamic levels. He also pointed to the stormy atmosphere initiated by America and that affected the Egyptian role, whether with respect to the developments in Sudan and Africa or the developments in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon.

H.E. saw that it is possible to take an effective role in supporting the Arab League’s delegation that is coming to Lebanon, through giving it the advice to study the issue in a profound manner or in respect of the historic political accumulations that led to the aggravation of the confessional system.

He warned the Lebanese against political figures who adopt the language of incitement, which inflames sensibilities when talking about the security of this or that sect, adding that such statements are delivered by non-Muslim figures who are doing their best to incite sectarianism among Muslims in a bid to use it in the political issue.

The Sayyed stressed the need to launch an internal-Islamic dialogue in addition to the political dialogue that is being called for in Lebanon.

H.E. also warned against those who put their stakes on a real crisis in the Islamic Lebanese reality, indicating that the Lebanese reality represents a real unity in its problems.