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About us

Bayynat is an Internet site that is characterized both by  its Islamic identity and objectiveness. Founded in 1418 , Hijri calendar, (1997 Gregorian calendar), Bayynat features dialogue and openness to others while consolidating  the solid foundation of Islam.

Its method of approach to various issues of concern to the individual, the society, and the nation is instituted on a renewed vision that is always open on reality.

This site dedicates itself to share your problems and concerns with devotedness and a belief in the freedom of dialogue so as we would promote, together, the causes and concerns of Islam and the Islamic nation. In other words, it shines with your brilliance and exalts with your contributions. Indeed it is your site.

Bayynat inspires and  tries to  represent the vision of His Eminence the Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (may God protect him!), which is firmly based on dialogue and openness to reach the truth, for “the truth is the conception of dialogue”.

The site draws from the thought of H.E. who lives the nation’s concerns and misgivings, and who is always looking forward to a bright future of our nation. H.E. calls for the universality of the Islamic mission that will become the religion of all humans. Yet calling for Islam should be based on Imam Ali’s (a.s.) saying : “people are of two kinds, either a brother in religion, or an analogous of creation.”

Based on this approach, we are committed to making this site diverse, genuine, open to all dimensions, and devoted to the nation’s causes and aspirations. In deed, we work hard to present it in a transparent image that resembles the humanity of the human, and determines his path and the nature of his relations with himself, his God, and his surroundings. May Allah Grant us success for the good of His religion and the good of mankind.