This book World of Youth contains a series of dialogues with the religious authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah about the youth, their problems, their issues ,their dreams , and lastly their hopes and ambitions.
Sayyed Fadlallah, as it is evident in the book, considers that the youth are the hope of the Arab and Muslim nation. Consequently he underscores the necessity of educating them on the teachings of their religion, for the importance of future Islamic generations that believe in its cause and make whatever sacrifices necessary to achieve them cannot be understated.

The book is an unprecedented attempt to study the problems of the everyday life of the youth. It relates to their modern concerns and provides contemporary religious solutions to them. There is no wonder then that its Arabic version was widely welcomed among the Arabic speaking Muslim youth,As we publish this English version , we hope that Allah grants us success in serving the Muslim youth all over the world.