Islamic planning to protect the person

Islam plans to protect the person from infidelity and going astray exactly as it plans to protect him from sickness and death , for there is intellectual sickness - infidelity , and moral sickness - and hypocrisy , and these must lead to spiritual death which is the wrath of Allah and His punishment . That is why the Holy Qur’an warned people , in its verses , from all this in light of the negative consequences of taking that route , and so there is no excuse for a man to take a materialistic opportunity if it is to lead to loss of a spiritual opportunity .This what has placed the crime of abandoning Islam (irtidad) on the level of supreme treason , and what requires the person , into whose mind doubts in faith have crept to work towards serious thinking , continuous reading and dialogue with those who have a level of knowledge that enables them to engage in objective dialogue based on strong reason and scientific proof , so that the doubt does not have a route to atheism and rebellion against Islam and Muslims .

It is narrated that the Prophet Mohammad ( sawa ) said , in his guiding advice  to Ali (as) :” There is no living outside the Islamic land after emigration .” And it is narrated that Imam ar-Rida (as) said, in his answers to questions :  “And Allah prohibited at-ta’arrub ba’dal hijrah ( for fear of ) abandoning the religion and abandoning support for the Prophets and the Imams , and what this would entail in terms of corruption and the abolition of the rights of everyone due to the limited (knowledge and religious adherence ) of the dweller in the Bedouin areas .Therefore , if a man has come to know all the religion , it is not permitted for him to live among people of ignorance because it is not guaranteed that he would not depart from knowledge and join the people of ignorance ( in their situation) and (even) go too far in this “.

So , the matter originates from fear that emigrating Muslim in the land of ignorance and infidelity will become merged in the general atmosphere that transforms his knowledge into ignorance  and his religious adherence into deviation , with the result that he - due to the pressure of the reality - will compare his materialistic needs and belief needs and give preference to the former over the latter .


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