Value of work in Islam

His Eminence, Sayyed Ali Fadlullah, talked about Labor Day, and considered that it is necessary for the day of honoring workers not to be symbolic; but rather, real so as to make the worker proud of being as such. He added that the state should ensure that the worker feels secure in his living and that he receives all his rights.

Although Islam has not dedicated a certain day for the [honoring of] the worker, it sought in its guidance and laws to highlight the distinguished position of the worker in this World and the Hereafter. It also honored the worker and provided all the necessary means to ensure his security and protection.

Islam has considered work to be the most significant form of worship and a struggle for the cause of Allah and a means of safety on the Judgment Day. Islam also called for honoring the worker in this world by providing him with a decent life, and rewarding him after his death. It called for giving the worker his pay directly after he finishes his work, and asked all Muslims not to deny the worker his wage or to be harsh on him.

Work is the essence of life and the universe. It is the value that constitutes the basis of man's succession of Allah on earth, and Allah will hold us accountable on how we performed this duty of working hard to build the earth.

Islam also confronted laziness, and considered that Allah will not sustain those who do not work. It even called for not needing others. It did not differentiate between different kinds of work, especially physical work and intellectual work. In short, Islam considered work as a virtue and not only a need.

We have to revive the value of work within us and fight unemployment, whether real unemployment under the pretense of having lots of money, or masked unemployment, which means not being productive even when we have a job.

We all have to appreciate the role of work in our life as it is the means of securing our independence that would be undermined once we need others, since depending on others to sustain us will deprive us of our free choice and will.

Blessed are the hard workers who struggle for the cause of Allah and blessed is their work!


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