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Our Stand  Shaaban 27, 1422 November 13, 2001

H.E. grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah:  What interests America is the Zionist security in the region.

The U.S. is utilizing the event of September 11 to exercise pressures in all directions.  As Lebanese, it is necessary to consolidate our national unity to confront these challenges.

H.E. Sayyed Fadlallah indicated that the U.S would not exert any pressure to help Lebanon out of his economic crisis.  Because, for the U.S the issue Israel’s need for security in occupied Palestine and along the border with Lebanon.

He stressed that the U.S is trying to exploit what happened on September 11 to exercise pressures in all directions and particularly the Arab and Islamic arenas in order to prepare the region to the post – Afghanistan war stage.

H. E. viewed the threat to void Lebanon as a state and as an entity and as an existence does not possess any politicall reality.  What is important for the Lebanese is to consolidate their national unity against all the threats.

H.E was asked about these American  threats, and  he replied  that no doubt these new threats, are essentially  economic.  The Americans , did talk about this issue before and  particularly after Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon.  They have worked out a plan against Lebanon to the effect that Lebanon will not reach a stage of economic development unless Israel feels that its security conditions, are met and a top of this the issue of deploying the army along the border and the disarming of the resistance.

He added, when we used to say, in the past, that the U.S. that the U.S. will not exert any real effort to help Lebanon out of its economic crisis, the issue is not different today than before.  However the U.S. which is responsible – one way or the other – for Lebanon’s  deteriorating economy, will try to complicate the issue, even if Lebanon yields to its conditions.  Because its only concern is the  Israeli security inside occupied Palestine and along the front with Lebanon especially the Sheba farms  .thus, we have seen U.S secretary of state ,Colin Powell. openly asks Syrian counterpart to pressure the Lebanese resistance in order to calm then conflict with Israel.

We do not want to categorize the American threat as an act of We because we know that the U.S in trying to take advantage at the September 11 attacks in order to actuate new path of pressure in all directions, and especially the Arab and Islamic nation.And also to prepare the region to the post – Afghanistan war stage .In  the mean time, we feel that these threats to void Lebanon as a state and as en entity and a an existence does not possess any political reality even on the economic threats level.

He added, Lebanon, people and government, possesses, more than one source of power which it can use to confront the threats that come successively in a way that keeps the statuesque , especially that  the U.S. fears from any change  in the South.

The U.S wants, these threats to act as a counter weight that prevent the Lebanese from toppling its political plan in the region as a whole.  But at the same time  it knows how important  Lebanon is  in to Arab-Islamic worlds .  And, that Lebanon can resort to any of several alternatives to fail the American scheme

H.E. concluded saying: the U.S. does not have the absolute power in the region and it is very difficult for the U.S. to obtain any international empowerment in any political, economic, war against Lebanon as a whole, because  it enjoys international sympathy from several channels.

Nonetheless, the issue is not what others we planning, but what the Lebanese do in regard to their internal unity to confront all the dangers ,encircling Lebanon economically, politically and security wise .  Because if the Lebanese wanted their country to always be in a strong position in the region, there is  no power that can defeat their will.

But it they decided to continue in the line of dispute, disagreements and political contradictions, then what awaits, them in the future is far more dangerous than what they had suffered in the past and what they are suffering from now.