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Our Stand  Ramadan 19, 1422 December 4,2001

Sayyed Fadlullah: The American Administration is responsible for the latest events in Palestine

In his weakly seminar, H.E. Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlullah said that the Martyrdom operations in Occupied Palestine express frustration and rage against the continuing international collusion against the Palestinian people.

Sayyed Fadlullah stressed that these operations are legitimate. He also pointed out that the American Administration is the first one to blame for the last events in occupied Palstine and all the Palestinian massacres.

The Sayyed believes that the Intifada has give the whole nation a moral force so huge that it could change it with resolve and determination to confront on going American Aggression..

Asked about his view regarding the latest developments in occupied Palestine,the Sayyed replied:

We view the latest Martyr operations and the continuing Palestinian confrontation  of the occupation, from two angles:

Firstly they represent the legitimate right of the  people whose land has been occupied and who were besieged from all sides in such a way that they could not find any other  way to face Israeli terrorism.

Secondly: These operation express frustration and anger as a result of the international collusion against the Palestinians, for they have witnessed all the Zionist massacres and brutal crimes without saying a word, owing to the continuous American pressure.

 He added: The prime responsibility on what had happened lies on the American Administration that justified, right from the beginning, all these massacres. To those who say that America has given Israel a green light for this new round of aggression, I would like to remained them that America has given him the green light since the day he took office, just as it had given Barak. And it will continue to provide him with a political cover as long as silence remains the only Arab response, and as long  as the Islamic and Arab Summits make promises to the Palestinians and then dance over their grievances.

The Sayyed went on to say: We believe that the latest operations represent a new upheaval and a_new stage in the life of the Intifada, especially as it redirected the political struggle towards the Arabís major cause; that of Palestine and Jerusalem, being the real and fundamental struggle against the American and International Octopus that tried to impose on the nation a war that it did not choose its time or place, so as to inflict a new defeat.

Yet the Palestinian Mujahideen were able to prove, through their incredible sacrifices that the true battle the nation should dedicate all its resources to, is the battle of Jerusalem, the symbol of Palestine.

Therefore, we believe that the Intifada is not only the umbrella that shelters the Palestinians and their cause, but it has also been  able to provide the whole nation with a moral boast that will charge them with the resolve and determination to confront the current American aggression against it.

Those who are saying that the latest operations have closed the new window of opportunity to find a solution ought to be silent, for America was not going to provide any magical solutions.

They sent their envoys to kill the Intifada as a prelude for a new war against the Palestinians and than the whole nation.

The Sayyed concluded: At these  times  in which we feel that words are without any value compared with these huge sacrifices the Mujahideen of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fateh and the rest, we would like to say to the Palestinian Authority, that it has to choose between two alternatives. It  would either stand with its people and continues the Intifada, in spite all the Americans, European and Arab pressures, or choose the other road which will make her loose what ever political credibility it has left, knowing how badly it needs this credibility in this critical stage.

In any case, the Palestinians will not choose the road of defeat , for they have surpassed  the stage where fear used to shake their hearts, and they have entered into an all-out confrontation that will inevitably lead them to achieve their goals, regardless of how big the sacrifices are.