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Imam Zein Al-Abideen's supplication in acts of wrongdoing

Date: 14/05/2011 A.D - H

(His Supplication when hostility was shown to him or when he saw what he did not like in wrongdoers)

O He from Whom is not concealed news of the aggrieved!

O He Who has no need to be told about them

by the testimonies of the witnesses!

O He Whose help is near to the wronged!

O He Whose aid is far from the wrongdoers!

Thou knowest, my God, how so-and-so, son of so-and-so, has harmed me in that which Thou hast forbidden, and how he has violated me in that which Thou hast prohibited, showing thereby ingratitude toward Thy favor upon him and delusion concerning what Thou hast denied him.

O Allah,

so bless Muhammad and his Household,

prevent my wrongdoing enemy from wronging me through Thy strength,

blunt his blade away from me through Thy power,

and assign to him

a diversion in that which is close to him

and the inability to reach his enemy!

O Allah,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

let the wrongdoer not find it easy to wrong me,

give me good help against him,

preserve me from acts similar to his,

and place me not in situations similar to his!

O Allah,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

and assist me with an immediate assistance

that will heal my rage toward him

and redeem my fury toward him!

O Allah,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

compensate me for his wrongdoing against me with Thy pardon

and replace his evil action toward me with Thy mercy,

for every detested thing less than Thy anger is slight

and every disaster next to Thy rancor is indifferent!

O Allah,

just as Thou hast made me detest being wronged,

so also protect me from doing wrong!

O Allah,

I complain to no one but Thee,

and I seek help from no ruler other than Thee,

how could I?

So bless Muhammad and his Household,

let my supplication be responded,

and respond to my complaint with change!

O Allah,

tempt me not with despair of Thy just treatment

and tempt him not with feeling secure from Thy disapproval,

lest he persist in wronging me

and constrain me in my rights.

Let him soon recognize

what Thou hast promised the wrongdoers

and let me recognize

Thy promised response to the distressed!

O Allah,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

give me success in accepting Thy decrees

for me and against me,

make me pleased with what Thou takest

for me and from me,

guide me to that which is most upright

and employ me in that which is the safest!

O Allah,

if the best for me lies

in delaying the taking to task for my sake

of him who has wronged me

and in refraining from vengeance toward him

until the Day of Decision and

the Gathering of Disputants,

then bless Muhammad and his Household,

strengthen me from Thee

with true intention

and lasting patience,

give me refuge

from evil desire

and the impatience of the greedy,

and form in my heart the image of

Thy reward,

which Thou hast stored away for me,

and the repayment and punishment,

which Thou has prepared for my disputant!

Make this a cause of my contentment

with what Thou hast decreed

and my trust

in what Thou hast chosen!

Amen, Lord of the Worlds!

Thou art of bounty abounding

and Thou art powerful over everything.

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