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Imam Zein Al-Abideen's supplication in confession and in seeking repentance towards Allah

Date: 29/03/2011 A.D - H

O Allah,

three traits have prevented me from asking Thee and one trait has urged me on:

I am prevented by

a command Thou hast commanded

to which I have reacted slowly,

a prohibition Thou hast prohibited

toward which I have hastened,

and a favor through which Thou hast favored

for which I have not expressed sufficient gratitude.

I am urged to ask Thee

by Thy gratuitous bounty bestowed upon he who

turns his face toward Thee

and seeks your refugee driven by his great expectations,

since all Thy beneficence is gratuitous bounty

and each of Thy favors is preceded by nothing!

So here I am, my Lord,

standing at the gate of Thy might,

the way the lowly, the surrendered, stands

invoking Thee in my shame,

the way the destitute, the pitiful, invokes

admitting to Thee that at the time of Thy beneficence I surrendered not, save through abstaining from disobedience toward Thee,

and in none of my states was I ever without Thy Kindness.

Will it profit me, my Lord,

to admit to Thee the evil of what I have earned?

Will it save me from Thee

to confess the ugliness of what I have committed?

Or wilt Thou impose upon me in this status of mine Thy displeasure? Will Thy abhorrence hold fast to me in the time of my supplication?

Glory be to Thee!

I do not despair of Thee,

for Thou hast opened the door of repentance toward Thyself.

Rather, I say the words of a lowly servant

who has wronged himself

and underestimated his Lord's inviolability,

[The servant] whose sins are dreadful and great,

whose days have parted and fled,

until the time in which he sees that the term of his works expired

and the limit of his lifetime has been reached

and knows with certainty that he has no escape from Thee,

and no place to flee from Thee.

He turns back to Thee,

and makes his repentance toward Thee sincere,

stands before Thee with a pure and purified heart,

then supplicates Thee with a feeble, quiet voice.

He is bowed before Thee, bent,

his head lowered in humility,

his legs shaking in fear,

his tears pouring on his cheeks.

He supplicates Thee:

O Most Merciful of the merciful!

O Most Merciful of those toward Whom seekers of mercy keep on turning!

O Tenderest of those around Whom run the seekers of forgiveness!

O He Whose pardon is greater than His vengeance!

O He Whose good pleasure is more abundant than His anger!

O He Whose creatures praise His forgiveness of sins by good deeds!

O He Who has accustomed His servants to the acceptance of their repeated turning!

O He Who seeks to reform their corruption through repentance!

O He Who is pleased with the ease of their acts!

O He Who recompenses, with the much, their little!

O He Who has made Himself accountable to them to respond to supplication!

O He Who pledged Himself by His gratuitous bounty to give them excellent repayment!

I am not the most disobedient of those who have disobeyed Thee, and whom Thou hast forgiven,

nor am I the most blameworthy to offer excuses which Thou hast accepted, 

nor am I the most wrongful of those who have repented to Thee, and to whom Thou hast returned

I repent to Thee in this my status, 

the repentance of one remorseful over what preceded from him hastily, apprehensive of what has gathered around him,

pure in shame for that into which he has fallen,

knowing that pardoning great sins is nothing great for Thee,

overlooking enormous misdeeds is not difficult for Thee,

putting up with indecent crimes does not trouble Thee,

and the most beloved of Thy servants to  Thee

is he who refrains from arrogance before Thee,

pulls aside from persistence, and holds fast to praying forgiveness!

I am clear before Thee of arrogance,

I seek refuge in Thee from persistence,

I pray forgiveness from Thee for shortcomings,

I seek help from Thee in incapacity!

O Allah,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

dispense with what is incumbent upon me toward Thee,

release me from what I merit from Thee,

and grant me sanctuary from what the evildoers fear,

for Thou art full of pardon, the hoped-for source of forgiveness, well known for Thy forbearance.

My need has no object but Thee,

my sin no forgiver other than Thee

 - could that be possible?

I have no fear for myself except from Thee;

Thou art worthy of reverential fear, and worthy to forgive!

Bless Muhammad and his Household,

grant my need,

answer my request favorably,

forgive my sin,

and give me security from fear for myself!

Thou art powerful over everything,

and that is easy for Thee.

Amen, O Lord of the Worlds!

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