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Supplication of Imam Al -Hussein in the Morning of Ashura

Date: 04/10/2017 A.D - H

O God You high level place

Great tyranny

Severe consciences

Needless to all creatures

Wide pride

Capable to whatever You want

Nearby Mercy

Truthful with promise

Giver of blessing, the better calamity

Close if I supplicate

Surrounder of whatever You have created

Accept repentance to who repent to You

Able to whatever You want

Get what You ask for

Thanks acceptance if You were thanked

Announce if You were announced

I asked You as a needy

And I wish to You as a poor

And I run to You as a scare

And I cry to You as a tragic

And I ask for Your support as a weak

And I count on You as a satisfier

O God , be the judge between us and our people

They tricked Us and deceived Us

And betrayed Us and killed Us

And We are the Family of Your Prophet

And the son of Your beloved Muhammad

May God bless Him and His family

Who purified Him with Your message

And trusted Him with the Angel

So let Us hurry a way out , O Most Merciful

Patience on Your well O Lord

No God but You

O answers to the distress

Have no Lord except You

No worshipper other than You

Patience on Your judgment

O Responder Who has no supporter

O Eternity Who does not end

O Reviver to the deaths

O Watcher on every soulís gains

Be the Judge between Us and them

And You are the best Judger

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