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Allamrbilmarouf wannahi anilmankar -Enjoing Good and Forbiding wrong

Ruling on Defense

Death issues

Hunting, Fishing & Slaughtering

Political Concepts and Issues

Hadith - Tradition


youth issues

Hudood, Punishment

Emigration Issues

The hereafter

women issues

Morals -Ethics and Rules

Spiritual and Moral Issues

Being Kind to Parents

Doctrinal Issues

Intellectual Issues

Food and Drinks

Historical and Biographical Issues

Legal Taxes and Charity


Quranic Issues

Psychological and Social Issues

Sharia knowledge and Its Means


Medical and Scientific Issues

Testament / Will

Sawm - Fasting

Religions & Sects

Hajj -Pilgrimage and Umrah

Supplications and the Like

Tahara -Ritual Purity

Diyya, Blood Money – Indemnities


Rulings on Clothing and General Outlook

Marriage and Personal Relationships

Educational Issues

Mua’malat (Non -Worshipping Acts)

Justifications and Philosophy of Rulings

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