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Wednesdayis the first day of Jamada 1

The Juristic Office of the Institution of His Eminence, the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (ra), issued a statement concerning the beginning of the month of Jamada I, 1442H.Following is the text of the statement:

The new crescent (central conjunction) for the month of Jamada I,1442H will be born on Monday, December 14,2020 at 16:17 (GMT) that is18:17, Beirut time.


As noticed in the picture above: on the eve of Monday, the crescent cannot be sighted  in any of the regions of the world we share a part of the night with. Thus, Tuesday, the 15th of December , 2020 is the day that completes the month of Rabi II, which in this case would be a full month of 30 days.

        However, on Tuesday night the moon can be seen. as evident in the picture below, easily by the naked eye in several regions of the two American continents and in Africa. Therefore, Wednesday, 16, 12, 2020 is the first day of Jamada I, from the point of view of completing the previous month, as well as sighting, according to the jurisprudential opinion of His Eminence, the late Religious Authority,SayyedMuhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra) who deems it enough to sight the crescent, whether by the naked eye or by the aid of telescopes, in any region with which we share a part of the night.


We invoke Allah, the Most Exalted, togrant us success in doing what pleases and satisfiesHim and to relief us from this pandemic. He is the Hearer and the Responder.