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Polygamy in Islam between the legal right and social justice

Q: Islam gives the man the right to marry four women at the same time. Why four? And do not you see in polygamy a demeaning of the value of the woman as a human being, and a violation of her right to a stable and secure familial life with a partner that she does not share with anyone else?

Love and mercy are the basis of marital life

We can draw inspiration from the Holy Quran that the issue of marriage and the wish to form a family stem from the human's deep sense of need to complete one's self through getting engaged to the opposite sex...

Matrimonial Relationship

Among the moral titles pertaining to the marital relationship is Allah’s saying: 'And treat them kindly,' i.e. you ought not to complicate matters and contrive to dissolve the marriage, but rather maintain a rational in your way of thinking....

The question of Qewamah

There is a claim that the qewameh of men over women gives the impression that women are deficient in mind, on the basis of the verse: “Men have qewameh over women because God has made some of them excel others, and because they spend out of their property.” (4:34). Some may understand from qewameh the idea of superiority in authority or leadership, to the extent that some Quran interpreters regard that the qewameh of men over women is everything.

Polygamy but not polyandry

Islam, the religion of equality and non-discrimination, has been historically stigmatized as being a religion that, not only oppresses women by demanding them to wear Hijab, but also a patriarchal one where men hold authority over women and have a privilege over them. Islamophobics support this view by alluding to the Islamic law that permits plurality of wives, but forbids a woman from having more than one husband.

Obama supports gay marriage while Republicans oppose it

Barack Hussein Obama is the first African American to hold the office of the President of the United States of America, and the first sitting U.S. president to publically support legalizing same sex marriage and abortion.

Religious scholars reject marriage by Skype

A story posted on a website said that someone concluded his marriage via Skype, and then he sent an official proxy to his father and the authorized religious scholar concluded the marriage contract…

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