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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority, Ayatullah Al Ozma Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Jamadi'II 22 1426 H, July 29 2005 A.D. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

On the Anniversary of the Birth of Fatima (a.s.) Az-Zahra’ (A.S).
Let the Zahra’ be our role model in thought, courage and Jihad.

The First Sermon 

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Fatima (a.s.) our Role Model

God says in his glorious book:

Allah's wish is but to remove uncleanness far from you, O Folk of the Household, and cleanse you with a thorough cleansing.

One of the members of this house is our Lady Fatima Az-Zahra (a.s.), whose birthday was two days ago. This great human being who spent her childhood and youth with the Prophet(p.) embodied the purity and the mind of the Prophet(p.) that was always open to the truth their best forms. Her soul was so holy that she drew near to God. Moreover, although she only lived for 18 years she was so infallible that she never came to any faulty intellectual conclusions or committed any evil emotions. This lady was so extremely high-principled: morally, spiritually, practically and humanly that she deserved to be called the greatest lady of all time, both on earth and in heaven. This is no ordinary characteristic as it means that she is infallible and the most important of all women including those in heaven.

The Mother of Her Father

Fatima (a.s.) lived her childhood with the Prophet(p.) because she lost her mother early in life. Therefore, the Prophet(p.) was both her father and her mother. Although she was very young and still a child, she used to remove the dirt that the non-believers put on the Prophet(p.)`s back while crying. She used to give her 45 year-old father all the love and affection in the world. Thus compensating for the love of the mother who the Prophet lost as a child, and became the mother of her father , as Muhammad(p.) rightfully described her .

Ali (a.s.) was the only suitable match for Fatima (a.s.)

Fatima (a.s.) lived with the Messenger in Mecca at the same time as Ali (a.s.). That is why they were both known as boarders in the Messenger(p.)`s school. The Prophet(p.) used to teach them both and thus Fatima had the same mind and spirit as Ali (a.s.). The Prophet(p.) even said that, had it not been for Ali (a.s.), he would never have found a worthy match for Fatima (a.s.) as finding a match is not a matter of blood relations. The Messenger had many other options but he chose Ali (a.s.) because of his sublime virtues. Many companions asked to marry Fatima (a.s.) but the Prophet(p.) used to say: “I’m waiting for God’s command.” He also had other daughters whose hand in marriage he agreed to give to other companions but Fatima (a.s.) was special. When Ali (a.s.) asked to marry her, the Prophet(p.) was happy although Ali (a.s.) had no money and had to sell his shield to provide a dowry.

Thus Allah, the most Exalted, commanded the Prophet(p.) to give Ali (a.s.) his daughter’s hand in marriage. Thus Ali (a.s.) married Fatima (a.s.) and their house became the Prophet’s house. Historians describe relations between the Messenger(p.) and his daughter, who resembled him both physically and morally, by saying that when she visited him he used to stand up kiss her hand and give her his seat. She did the same when he visited her. This was a spiritual relationship that could not be expressed in words. It’s as if the Zahra’ became one with the Prophet(p.) for she used to embody his mind and soul although she was very young.

She lived with Ali (a.s.) in the best way a wife could. Therefore, when he died, she told him: “You have never seen me lie, be unfaithful or disobedient since we married.” Ali (a.s.) used to say that she obeyed him at all times for she knew who Ali (a.s.) was. He was not merely a husband. He was the perfect example of everything and he was the only person who the Prophet(p.) considered a worthy successor

Therefore the Zahra knew who Ali (a.s.) was. They lived together in poverty and used to sleep on animal skins. Ali (a.s.) said that Fatima (a.s.) used to carry water on her back, grind and clean till she became sick. So Ali (a.s.) suggested that they go to the Prophet(p.) and ask him for a servant. When they went to the Prophet(p.) he said:

“I will tell you about something that is better than a servant. When you go to sleep, say Allah-U-Akbar 34 times, Sobhana-Llah 33 times and Al-Hamdolillah 33 times”

It was as if he was telling them to thank God and He will relieve them of their troubles. They accepted the Messenger’s advice with gratitude.

She used to know whatever the Prophet(p.) was thinking about before he said it. Historians tell how her house was the last the Prophet(p.) passed by when he traveled and the first he visited on his return. Once the Prophet(p.) came back from one of his journeys and went to visit Fatima (a.s.), as he usually did and found a suit that was one of the spoils of war. Upon this, the Messenger(p.) left the house . Fatima (a.s.) learnt about the incident and understood that the suit was the cause of Muhammad(p.) ’s unease. So she gave the suit to her children, Hassan (a.s.) and Hussein (a.s. ) and told them to give it to Muhammad(p.). They reached the Prophet(p.) as he was giving a speech in the mosque and gave him the suit. When Muhammad(p.) saw what they had done, he said in front of the Muslims:

“ I wish that I could sacrifice myself to save her Muhammad(p.) `s family had nothing to do with this world. They were born for the next world”.

The Qur`an Honours the Members of the Household

The Holy Qur’an honored Fatima (a.s.), when it considered her one of the members of the household that Allah, the most Exalted, had cleansed. Thus proving that she was one of the infallibles. Therefore , I have always believed in the infallibility of Al –Zahra’ despite the accusations of many. The Qur’an talks about her and her husband when it refers to those who give their food to the poor, to orphans and to prisoners to please God. She lived and raised Hassan and Hussein (a.s. ) and used to teach the women of Al Mohajerine and Ansar. She also stood by Ali (a.s.); defending his rights, which were her only concern. She was so strong that Ali (a.s.) used to take her with him when he defended his rights before Muslims.

We don’t want the Zahra’ to be a cause of grief but, rather, a role model in thought, spirit and jihad for all Muslims. It’s true that loving the Members of the House is a sacred duty. But the Members of the House are bigger than emotions. They are the ones who carried the message of Islam and sacrificed for it. Thus if we want to follow them, we have to emulate them and do what they did.

Although Imam Ali (a.s.) knew that it would be impossible to attain their standards, he asked us to do our best.

Moreover, Az -Zahra’ is not only a role model for Muslim women but for all Muslims. We have to relive the spirit of Az –Zahra’ who used to think of other believers before thinking about herself. She used to pray all night until her feet were swollen. And she used to ask God to help others before her, although she was weak and skinny. Al- Hassan (a.s.) asked her why she didn’t ask for herself and she told him that the neighbors come before the members of the house.

This is the secret of the Members of the House. They are the ultimate embodiment of purity and spirituality. May Allah, the most Exalted, accept their intercession for us in this world and in the next.

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Sharon Encourages the West to strike the resistance` positions

Sharon has asked the “Free World” to unify against what he calls “Islamic terror” and fight it unrelently. He also asked Egypt to cooperate in fighting Palestinian organizations that are resisting occupation by killing and detaining Palestinians and destroying their infrastructure. Meanwhile, he wants the world to be grateful for his intended withdrawal from Gaza although he aims to take most of the West Bank and Jerusalem through building more settlements, by construction of the wall and by freezing negotiations concerned with the final status solution of the Oslo accord which he will only reconsider if The Palestinian Authority succeeds in suppressing the Intifada thus engaging in a civil Palestinian war.

Furthermore, he has asked France during his last visit, to save Israel from the Islamic resistance in Lebanon although everyone, including the UN, knows that it is Israel that is violating Lebanese sovereignty by occupying part of its Land. Sharon always tries to depict himself as the victim.

On another level, he has asked France and the UN to pressurize Iran to put a stop to its nuclear project that he believes will become a military project despite the fact that Iran has signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, whereas Israel, which has a huge nuclear arsenal, has not. Nevertheless , I have not seen any condemnation against the latter or against Israel’s occupation of Arab lands, the killing of innocent Palestinians, the threatening of other Arab states or the threats to bomb Iranian nuclear reactors.

It’s funny that Sharon should say that France appreciates the fact that Hezbollah and Syria are threats and a danger to Israel. Although, in reality Israel is the one who constitutes a real threat to Lebanon and Syria since it occupies their land and continues to threaten their security.

It’s also interesting that the French officials should talk about anti-Semitism. The same slogan that Israel raises against all those who oppose its policies and at a time when the West is witnessing the emergence of anti-Islamic projects and exploiting certain bombings that are, in fact, condemned by the majority of Muslims in the world.

The Arab and Muslim world should, at this stage where they are facing several wars, especially the renewed direct or indirect occupation, be aware of all that is going on in order to institute a suitable rescue plan to save our society, especially as the danger threatens our very existence. At the same time, we should pay attention to what is going on in the Palestinian front to guard against Israeli plots to crush the Intifada. Moreover, the Palestinians should be aware of their positions and their movements. They should resort to an objective dialogue.

The Arrogant roots of terrorism

Terrorism is still very much at large and innocents in both Islamic and non-Islamic countries are being killed every day as a result of occupation and the terrorism that it provokes. We have to counter this by more awareness, thorough planning and by emphasizing that the root cause of this evil phenomenon is the humiliating policies that have been carried out in Muslim countries. Since these policies will not provide any solution but will only provoke actions of a similar nature we should conclude that force is not the solution. We should instead deal with the root causes, which, specifically in this case, include the occupation Iraq and of Palestine.

The problem that we are facing is one of state terrorism carried out by the United States and by Israel as well as that of backward individuals. In all cases, we have to continually reject the notion of terrorism as a struggle for liberation.

In this respect, Iraq has turned into a blood bath in which the occupation forces are remaining as long as possible in order to carry out their own strategic plan and protect their national interests while the general population is faced with the threat of a sectarian civil war that would devastate the entire country. Therefore we ask all the people of Iraq to remain united as this is the only way they will attain freedom and prosperity. This can only be achieved through dialogue.

Attempts to Incite Civil Strife

Bats from hell in Lebanon are trying to incite evil and hatred among Muslims in particular and Lebanese in general so that we will be weakened. I would like to warn all parties not to listen those demons.

On the other hand, I would like the officials who are running this country to draw up a comprehensive plan that brings all those who corrupted the state and plundered public money to account, for this is the only way for the Lebanese to attain their security for their future and for the economy. They should also reassert their unity in a serious and practical way, with all agreeing along general lines that protects Lebanon from Israeli and international interference so that Lebanon will be a land of freedom for all generations to come and in which its people would like to stay rather than emigrate en mass.