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Lectures >2001 Speeches > 20/07/2001

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Ayatullah Al Ozma H.E. M. H. Fadlullah delivered two khotbas (at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque) RabiII 28, 1422h /July 20, 2001 (Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer).


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

One of the main issues that determines man’s destiny in both worlds is the issue of the relationship between the strong and the weak, or the followers and the leaders.

As it is known, any community is composed of many different components. There are first divided between the followers and the leaders, but then the leaders many base their strength on many sources of power like money, political powers, party leadership...etc.

And since these power centers try to exploit their position in the society to force their thought, their attitude or their political line as the dominant ideology in the society, for the strong is not strong by himself but through his followers, we have to study the issue of who should assume leadership or who is worthy of being followed.

Who should assume leadership?

The Glorious Quran has dealt with this issue, and explained that those whom we should follow and abide by their commands and teachings are of two kinds. The first category is that of the infallibles ;the prophet and the members of his family who do not sin nor take a wrong stand. Those you have to obey. God (SWT) says:

“I swear by your Lord they will not be true believers until they seek your arbitration in their disputes. Then they will not doubt the justice of your verdicts and will submit to you entirely”.

As for the rest( the second category), those who make mistakes, they are also of two kinds: There are the just jurists whom people ask for their independent judgments (Fatwa) in their affairs, and those you could follow their judgments and if they happen to be rulers you could be loyal to their rule. And then there are those who have no religious authority like the heads of parties, and tribes. etc… But in both cases, you have to study their sayings and actions. For being not infallible they could commit accidental mistakes that you ought to point out to.

The issue becomes even more astonishing when it comes to Muhammad (p)- the Messenger of God (SWT) and the master of mankind.

In his last days, the Prophet delivered a speech in which he said: “you can not hold anything against me, for I only made lawful what the Quran made lawful and only banned what the Quran made unlawful”.

This is what Muhammad (p) said although he is not held accountable by Muslims but by God (SWT) alone…

Imam Ali, the master of the infallibles, second only to Muhammad, who has attained a high degree of infallibility although some people who do not fear Allah (SWT) claim that I deny his infallibility… Imam Ali asked the Muslims:”

Do not address me in the way you address tyrants… Do not flatter me.. Do not think that I would grumble at any rightful opinion or just suggestion for if one cannot stand hearing a rightful opinion or a just advise, he will surely not able to practice accordingly. Therefore do not stop advising me for I am not above making mistakes unless God (SWT) prevents me.

Following the Arrogant

As for those who do not have a religious legitimacy, they should not be obeyed in what violates God (SWT)’s commands, nor should they be helped in any unjust act… etc. For you will hold the responsibility of having chosen someone to support or vote for and fight in his name, both in this world and in the hereafter. God (SWT) has warned us against doing this and reminded us that He has sent prophets to make sure that we were duly warned.

So let us now move forward in time to the day of the Judgment and watch the scenes the Quran has provided us to describe this day:

“ Seeing the punishment, the leaders will disown their followers, and the bonds which now unite them will break asunder. Those who followed them will say: “Could we but live again, we would disown them as they have now disowned us. Then Allah will show them their own works as source of regret to them, and they shall never out of the fire. It is clear that on this day it would be too late.

In another scene:”

And on the day when we assemble them all together, we shall say to the polytheists: Keep to your places, you and your partners! We will separate them one from another, and then their partners will say to them: “It was not us that you worshipped. Allah (SWT) is our al-sufficient witness: We were unaware of your worship.

Thereupon, each soul will know what is has done they shall be sent back to Allah (SWT), their true lord, and that which they invented will escape them”32:10.

In the third scene the weak and arrogant will all stand together before God (SWT)

All shall appear before Allah. The weak will say to those who were haughty: “We were your followers. Can you protect us from Allah’s chastisement? They will say:” Had Allah guided us we would have guided you. It is now the same whether we panic or bear patiently. There is no way for us.”21:14

In the fourth scene, the wrong-doers try to shoulder the responsibility on Satan although Allah (SWT) has warned them against listening to Satan.

” And when our judgment has been passed, the devil will say to them: “True was the promise which Allah made you. I too made you a promise, but did not keep it, yet I had no power over you except that I called you, and you answered me. Do not now blame me, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you, nor can you help me, I deny your associating me before with Allah .

The wrongdoers shall be sternly punished. As for those that have faith and do good works, they shall be admitted to gardens watered by running streams, in which, by their lord’s leave, they shall abide forever. Their greeting shall be peace” 47:40.

God (SWT) also warns us against those who urge us to commit sins and crime like perjury and murder and promise to hold the responsibility on our behalf.

He says:

The unbelievers say to the faithful: “Follow us, and we will bear the burden of your sins.” But they will bear none of their sins. They are surely lying. They shall bear their own burdens, and other burdens besides. On the day of Resurrection, they shall be questioned about their falsehoods. 29:11-12-13.

Lastly, we should keep in mind that in every stand and every movement we take part in, we are going to face God (SWT) on the day of Judgment, where our wealth and our children will do us no good, but only our good deeds.

The Second Speech

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

The Israeli enemy continues to wage its brutal war against the Palestinians, using its entire war machine, shelling, destroying houses, and assassinations, military and economic siege, forbidding the sick from reaching hospitals and leaving them to die on the road… empowered by an American green light that is dim sometimes but often quite shining.

As for the Mitchell plan that aims at returning things to the way they were before the Intifada, it is still backpedaling as a result of the Israeli refusal to deploy an international monitoring force to monitor the ceasefire. The Zionists would not let anybody hinder their plan that aims at destroying the Palestinian people and killing any chance for achieving its goals of independence, creating an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, the return of refuges and dismantling the settlements.

On the other hand, there is no international force that could deter Israel. The G8 countries did not give Israel any ultimatum for failing to respond to the demand of deploying an international monitoring force.

The Arabs follow-up committee issued a political communiqué that does not contain any decisive stand, and the financial aid they decided to provide does not cover even the basis needs. The committee called for an Arab summit that will almost certainly be like the previous ones. The Arabs are incapable of taking a firm and decisive stand that makes the US and EU feel that the situation has become critical. So far it has been enough for the Americans to say a few worthless words that deny American bias.

Intifada until Victory

I like to draw the attention of the Palestinians to the campaign the enemy is conducting to undermine the Palestinian struggle in the eyes of international public opinion, trying to pose itself as a victim of “terror”. The Palestinians-whether in the Authority or the militant leaders and the public -should know that the only way out is to continue the Intifada until it reaches a level that makes the international arrogance feel that their interests in the region are threatened.

The international promises of a ceasefire aim only at stopping the Intifada, an outcome that could well waste all the sacrifices and the blood the Palestinians were so generous in offering for their cause. The Palestinians should know that standing firm and continuing the Intifada no matter how great the sacrifices are, is the only way to achieve victory.

The war against Iran

Israel is organizing a political media war against Iran claiming it has sent 7 thousand missiles to the Resistance in Lebanon that threaten its security. It wants to suggest to the world that it is living in a state of fear and danger to draw the attention away from its terrorist crimes. In addition it wants to portray Iran as a state that supports terror.

We have to monitor this war and follow its effects on the political and security situation in Lebanon and the region. We also have to continue and intensity our struggle in Palestine and Lebanon, for this road alone is the road that could achieve freedom for the Arab and Muslim nations.

Lebanon: forgetting the Real Dangers.

In Lebanon, the Politicians are preoccupied with settling personal accounts, regardless of the dangerousness of such maneuvers on the stability and even the very existence of the country .Now , they have opened the file of the power bills, and they will surely open another file before the current row calms down.

Meanwhile, the region as a whole is boiling and we are about to witness major developments that could dramatically change the political and security situation of the whole region.

I would like to warn all officials and politicians, that such an attitude could make the temple fall on their heads, and the country will loose any confidence that it still enjoys in the outside world.

What is going on in Lebanon suggests that those politicians do not want the country to stand on its feet. They even do not care about the future of the country at a time it faces a very severe economic crisis.

They are playing with the country’s fate. Do not listen to their fiery speeches , but try to figure out their real goals and support only whom you believe that he will stabilize the situation and help solve the economic crises, and let the country continue its struggle against the Zionist enemy.