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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 27th April 2007, 09 Rabi'II 1428 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

To Build a Consolidated Society: Do not hurt fellow believers


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Muslim's Sanctity

Relations among believers in Islamic morals should be based on not hurting one another. The Holy Quran says: And those who malign believing men and believing women undeservedly, they bear the guilt of slander and manifest sin.

Allah laid upon the believer a sanctity that is even greater than that of the Kabah. Passing near the Kabah, Imam As-Sadiq looked at some of his companions and said: "Do you see this Kabah. And do you know how great its sanctity is in view of Allah. The Muslim's sanctity is seventy times greater than that of the Kabah.” Holly places are sacred, and people are not permitted to violate their sanctity, but the believers’ sanctity is greater than that of any holy place, including the Kabah.

In the light of this, Allah wanted the believers to respect one another and not to hurt one another. This encompasses all Muslims including the relation between a father and his children especially that some parents behave as if they own their children. It is also true with respect to the reactions between a husband and wife, or between the elder brother who feels that he holds the responsibility, for example, to prevent his sister from getting married to a qualified man, although Allah did not authorize him to be responsible for them. As for the relations between the husband and wife, a Muslim is not permitted to hurt his wife by hitting her or despising her and throwing her out of the house. On the other hand, the woman should not deny her husband’s rights and rebel against him. Rights in Islam are exchangeable. Thus, when there is a strong person and a weak one, the strong is not allowed to hurt the weak by cursing or despising him.

This is an attitude we should change, because we have a lot of traditions we have taken and carried through from the age of pre-Islamic Jahiliya with the elder brother thinking that he is in charge of the entire family, and the husband feeling free of persecuting his wife…. etc. But Islam urged the believer to respect fellow believers, and prohibited inflicting any harm on him. This is the general idea which we will now try to read how the Members of the Household demonstrated it.

Do not harm believers:

Imam As-Sadiq says: "Allah, The Most Exalted, has said: Let he who hurts any believing servant should expect a war from me, while he who honours my believing servant will be safe from my Wrath". If someone engages in a war with Allah, whom do you think will win?

He also said that Allah, The Most Exalted, said: On the day of judgment, a caller will ask: Where are those who turned My loyals down, then people with no flesh on their faces will stand up, and it will be said those are the ones who hurt the believers and were hostile to them…." And: Allah, The Most Exalted, will humiliate anyone who humiliates a fellow believer. He will remain in such a state until he repents.

The Messenger(p.) said: Allah, The Most Exalted, said: whoso contracts the enmity of a friend of Mine then I will wage war against him, and there is no better way for a worshipper to draw near Me than by obeying and observing all what I ordered him to do, … still My Worshipper comes close to Me by performing supererogatory services till I love him, … when I love him: I will be his audition he hears with, his vision he sees with, his hand he lays hold with

Imam Al-Baqir or As-Sadiq (a.s.) says: The servant is nearest to disbelief when he pledges brotherhood to a believer to learn his shortcomings, and uses it against him one day", by threatening for example to reveal what he knows about him. Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) quotes the Messenger as talking to some Muslims: "I say to those who believe in Islam in their tongues only and whom belief did not enter their hearts, Do not defame Muslims or expose their Awras. If you do so Allah will expose yours, even inside your homes.

This is the Islamic rule that dominates the relations among Muslims. Allah, The Most Exalted, wanted it to be based on brotherhood which means respect and cooperation. We have to follow this Islamic line of morals to establish society of cooperation in which everybody respects the other and opens up on him to build a powerful and dignified society in which all cooperate on doing good and piety.



The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


The Arab officials seek to end the Palestinian cause

Israel continues to storm certain provinces in the West Bank, killing civilians in their homes. In its latest attack, it brutally killed innocent people including a young girl. It also bombs by its planes and missiles the people of Gaza to continue to exert the pressure on the Palestinians and trap the Palestinian government into announcing an end to the truce.

The Zionists also aim at undermining the internal security that the new national unity government tried to establish. It was natural then that all the factions of the Intifada to retaliate by bombing the enemy's settlements.

The enemy then threatened to reinvade Gaza, as if he wants the Mujahideen to accept all Israeli atrocities without any retaliation.

It is astonishing that this aggression was not met with any response from the Arab countries that are running after the Israelis, beginning for a peace that will not come except after they offer political, economic and security concessions which is more like a surrender than a settlement. And this is what we have been hearing from many Arab officials who are assuring the Israelis that they have the right to reject any article of the Arab initiatives and that the right of return can be replaced with financial compensation paid by the rich Arab countries along with Israel, and that they will confront any Arab figure who rejects this.

The problem with this Arab age lies in the fact that it wants to end the Palestinian cause with the maximum possible losses, giving Israel the right of confiscating as much Palestinian lands as it could, making the Palestinian state unviable, especially after usurping its lands and its natural resources, besieging it with the major settlements and the racist isolating wall, and distorting the Palestinian social infrastructure in Jerusalem and the West bank.

Attempts to empty the Arab initiative from its strategic elements

We notice an increase in the visits of American envoys, including Secretary of state, Rice, who are repeatedly talking about a final status solution, but through encouraging the Arabs to empty the Arab imitative from its main strategic elements, that represent the essence of the Arab Strategy. Moreover, the media has reported that America is trying to amend Resolution 194 in a way that annuls the right of return so that Israel and the US would not any longer have to refuse the demands to implement it.

The salutation in Palestine is deteriorating as a result of Israeli Security aggressions and threats, yet these aggressions are taking Israel into an impasse since the Palestinians are fighting back. They also embarrass the Arabs regimes who are taking an attitude of indifference towards what is happening to the Palestinians so that they will fulfil their political commitment to Israel.

The Palestinian people who are living in a perpetual tragedy and facing great challenges, have to realise how critical the stage is in determining the future of their national cause, and rise to level of the responsibility they should bear; thus upholding their national unity and rejecting the illusions that some are trying to plant in the Palestinian conscience.

America: a terrorist state

The United States Administration continues to impose additional sanctions against those who opposite its policy under the pretence of being terrorists or supporting terrorism.

It is trying to besiege all the companies that deal with these parties, especially Iran, Syria and Hizbullah in Lebanon. The Americans have adopted an imperial attitude that seeks to impose its conditions on those who oppose its policies.

It also resorts to state terrorism to force the downtrodden nations, which do not accept its humiliating conditions, to yield.

Arming the Arabs should meet Israeli conditions

In the meantime, America continues to emphasize its absolute commitment to Israeli security, which means ensuring that Israel is the most powerful force in the region. To do this, America refuses to give any state in the region advanced weapons except on condition that they do not use it against Israel. At the same time it encourages the use of these weapons against other Arab or Islamic countries.

This is what we noticed in the US reservations on the demands for weapons made by some Arab states, since Israel protested imposing some harsh conditions. On the other hand, America provided Israel with devastating weapons, especially the smart and cluster bombs it used in its war against Lebanon. It also still refuses the article concerning ceasefire in Resolution 1701, which means that there could be a war at any moment that America and Israel see fit.

Warning from the American targets

In Iraq, the occupation is still pressurizing Iraq, and coordinating with the Israeli intelligence by exploding cars that kill score of civilians daily and preventing any real political reconciliation, and trying to reinstitute the intelligence officials of the toppled regime, to execute certain security operations that America needs in its efforts to establish any victory and enable the occupation to claim that it succeeded especially with its soldiers are getting killed and wounded by the Resistance on a daily basis.

The occupation is rejected not only in Iraq but also by most Muslims in several Muslim countries. The polls made in Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia have shown that the majority of Muslims want the American occupation troops out of the Middle East ,and that they should dismantle these military bases. Many of them believe that Washington aims at weakening and dividing the Islamic world.

We call on the Arab and Muslim peoples to be profoundly aware of the American devastating plans on all levels including the security and economic ones. And we warn the Arab states that America is trying to pose as moderate meaning that they yield to its imperial polices and befriend Israel. We warn the peoples of these countries that such a political development which furthers the interests of the American and Zionists arrogance at the expense of the nation's causes will lead to dangerous complications in the security of the entire region, and will undermine all attempts to restore normal relations with these countries on the one hand and Syria and Iran on the other, which is not in the interest of any party.

Lebanon: Thinking rationally for saving the country

Lebanon is still sinking in the quicksand of the political leaving no chance for national and popular unity, especially with these accusations that aim at consumption only and with this empowerment by the foreign powers that use their stands to promote their own interests at the expense of the Lebanese. This is what we have noticed by letting a judicial matter decided by the international powers, which does not care about establishing justice, but only to promote their interests. In addition, there is this phenomenon of sanctifying UN resolutions, especially after the UN has turned into a US tool, at a time Israel, as everyone knows, refuses all resolutions that run counter to its strategy, such a Resolutions 294 and 338 that impel it to withdraw from the occupied lands.

We call on the Lebanese, especially those who assume a public and political responsibility, to think rationally and calmly about the future of this country that is on the verge of economic collapse, political fall down and security instability, and whose youth have turned into immigrants fleeing away from hunger and unemployment.

All officials should think about realistic solutions that take into consideration the country's vital needs and causes, away from the dictates of the states of tutelage over Lebanon whether near or far.

They should also refrain from using a hypocritical discourse that says something and mean another.

The Lebanese have to warn those who tamper with their present and future and prove that they will not be bitten by the same political anarchy beast twice.

Lastly, faced by this horrendous crime that started with abduction and ended by killing in their barbaric way in which the murderer did not refrain even from killing an innocent child and a young man, and by this Lebanese consensus on laying the responsibility on those who have committed the murder, we cannot but welcome the unanimous condemnation of the crimes by all Lebanese leaders, showing a concern not to be driven to the kind of sin that had led to the civil disturbances in the past.

We want this all encompassing Lebanese condemnation of this crime to be translated into a real consensus to protect the country from all plots and to return to the spirit of dialogue, so that this painful occasion may be a starting point to preserve the nation and protecting the Lebanese people, their civil peace and internal security by all possible means.