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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Ayatullah Al Ozma H.E. M. H. Fadlullah delivered two khotbas (at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque) Muharram 26, 1422h /April 20, 2001 (Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer).

Imam Ali bin Al-Hussein(a.s.):
Teaching Islamic Values for All Generations

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

Although the doctors have tried to warn me of the dangers of kneeling and prostrating, I wanted to be with you at least for the two Juma'a ruka't… I ask God to grant you all success, and I would like to thank all of you for your concern. I will always remain ,God willing, with you ,and I will always be faithful to the line of Islam as detailed by Ahl el-Beit, Members of the Prophet’s Family(A.S.).

A Multi-dimensional Personality.

One of the Imams of Ahl Al-Beit whom God purified, is Imam Zein al-Abidien, Ali bin Al-Hussein (A.S.) anniversary of whose death was yesterday( the 25Th of Muharram).

Talking about this Imam is multi-dimensional, for the Imam had lived through along with his father, Imam Hussein, all the events of Karbala.

He witnessed and endured all its tragedies. He was also aware of all its aims and slogans and instituted its commemoration for future generations.

The Imam was the first to remind the people from time to time of what had happened in Karbala in an effort to incite anger and revolt against those who caused it and all these who might think about committing a similar crime in the future.

The Imam, as well as the Imams who followed him, used to emphasize the fact that Imam Hussein’s revolution was not restricted to its time, but that its themes, aims and values should act as an inspiration for Muslims for all times. Thus, when he used to cry in public whenever he mentioned Karbala, he was not acting out of personal emotion, although emotions play a role in everybody’s life. Even the prophet (p.) cried when his son Abraham died and said:” The eyes cry and the heart saddens but we say nothing except what pleases God). He wanted to spread the values of Islam so as to make those who were to follow in reliving the memories of Ashora use the Hussieni stand as a stand to call for Islam in all its concepts, doctrines and values.

Human Rights

The Imam was the first to talk and write about human rights, whether to himself, to God or to the people around him. In the book of rights he dictated- or wrote- he details all the Islamic rights of man in all his relations and acts, long before the charter of human rights was written.

Invocations as a Cultural and Educational Tool.

When we study the invocations of Imam Ali bin Al-Hussein, whether in the Sahifa Sajadiah or the rest, we find that he used them as a tool to educate others about the oneness of Allah, the angels and all Islamic concepts in the various fields of life. It is a pity that these supplications have not been studied thoroughly even among the followers of Ahl al-Beit (A.S.), or in the academic institutions that study the spiritual side of Islam.

The Social Worshipper

Although the Imam dedicated a lot of time to worshipand living with God, to the extent that he was called the prostrator, it did not prevent him from staying in touch with the Muslim community, giving them the guidance and the knowledge they needed in all aspects of their religion, and teaching them how to be moral and pious in everything they say or do, especially in matters relating to the controversial political issues of that time.

It is a pity that the predominant image of the Imam is one of a worshipper and a mourner. Such an image ignores the other side of the Imam as a guide ,a teacher and a leader, for this is his responsibility as an Imam.

The Freer of Slaves

The Imam used to go to all lengths to free slaves. Although Islam did not legalize slavery, it was one of the phenomena that existed in his age. He tried to cut it down by buying hundreds of slaves, raising them and teaching them. He then made use of them during the pilgrimage season in serving the pilgrims, and finally freed them, giving them enough money to live on their own.

In addition to his capacities as a teacher and a guide, he was such a humanitarian that humanity has never known anyone who was more tolerant and forgiving than him. To site but one example to demonstrate his noble-mindedness, we refer to the time when he gave refuge to the children of Marwan bin Al-Hakam, following the revolt of Al-Madina against the Umnayads.The Imam gave refuge to those children after being denied by all the dignitaries of Al-Madina. To understand the significance of the Imam’s action, we have to bear in mind that it was Marwan who asked the governor of al-Madina to kill him if he did not pledge his loyalty to Yazid.The Importance of Islamic ValuesThese are but a few glimpses of the life of the Imam. And now I would like to read some of his words to benefit fromthem and enrich our knowledge of the values of Islam. He says: A man’s Islam would be perfected, his sins will by forgiven and God will be pleased with him when He meets him, if four attributes are to be found in him: Keeping promises, being truthful, feeling ashamed of everything that displeases God as well as other people and being kind to his family.”

The Imam (a.s.) also tells us about praying for a fellow believer while he is absent:” when the angels hear the believer praying for an absent brother, or praising him, they will say: You are a good brother… God has given you twice as much as you had asked for ,and He has praised you just as you had praised your brother. But if they hear him say something bad about a brother or asking God to harm him, they will say: What a bad brother you are. Stop revealing his sins and praise God Who has veiled your (Shortcomings). And know that God knows all about His servants”.

These are the recommendations of Al-Beit and this is their path. If we want to follow them, we have to follow their teachings and follow their path. Imam Zein Al-Abidien said:”Love us the love of Islam”. Meaning that the relation between them and us should be an Islamic one, based on what the Islam calls for. We ask God to make us among their followers in thought and action. He is the Most Merciful.

The Second khotba

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

Worshipers of God: Be pious and fear God:

As we remember the Qana massacre that demonstrated the ugliest form of the Nazi-Zionist brutality that enjoyed the US political support , we are witnessing now the daily massacres against the Palestinians, their homes, and their animal and plant resources .Faced by these on-going Nazi crimes, as well as the recent aggression against the Syrian army radar in the Beqa’, I would like to make the following points.

The Palestinian steadfastness has been able to turn Sharon’s promise of “security” into an impasse for the enemy, with none of the settlements enjoying any real security.

Sharon’s project has begun to collapse despite all the American made weapons he makes use of in his aggression on the Palestinian territories.

The Enemy’s aggression against a Syrian Army position in Lebanon under the pretense of Syria’s support of the Resistance in its successful operations, in the Sheba’a farms, represents a widening of its political and military impasse.

Although the enemy is suggesting through those acts that he has regained the power of deterrence, it knows fully well that there is a new deterring force that will be used at the right time and place.

The Arab world and the Islamic worlds have become aware of the ugly American face, having seen how it gave Israel the permission to kill Palestinian children, women, elderly and youth, as well as to destroy its trees, houses and infrastructure under the pretense of “giving Sharon a chance”… The chance he needs to put an end to the Intifada and deprive the Palestinian state of all the basis of a viable state.

In this context, If America had claimed that it did not give Israel the green light to reoccupy Gaza and to hit the Syrian radar, the enemy’s foreign minister proved that it is lying by announcing that he called secretary Powel during the Israeli military operation.

And even though America has asked Israel to withdraw ,it did not have the protection of the Palestinians in mind, but rather, it wanted to save Israel from the consequences of Sharon’s madness and weaken of the Arabs and Muslims anger.

America’s talk about stopping the Intifada is deceiving.

Negotiations between an unarmed people and an American backed government could yield no results except what Israel seeks-imposing its will on the Palestinian people. In these circumstances, the Palestinians feel that they have no option but to continue their Intifada, being the only means to liberate their lands. We therefore, believe that the Palestinians will not get tired or despaired despite all their pains and grievances, since they have nothing to lose except their chains.

Despite all the statements of support for the Intifada, Syria Lebanon and the Resistance, the Arabs’ position has not yet demonstrated any political pressure that makes America and Israel feel that there is a threat to its vital interests in the region through adopting a unified and effective stand. The problem is that some of the Arabs are dependent on American economic aid, while others are subjected to either military or political pressures, which makes them pay lip service support only.

The Arabs should know that the struggle with the enemy is not merely one of a single conflict, but a struggle that will determine the future of the region as a whole.

The latest Islamic Resistance operation has nothing to do in its timing with scoring points against any party, nor was it demanded by any regional power. The timing of operations is determined exclusively by the military circumstances. Thus the rules of the game have not changed, and the enemy cannot change them.

The enemy ought to remember its political and military failure in the “the Grapes of wrath “operation whose anniversary has just passed. It should expect other similar failures, because the cause of liberation is not an issue that could be subject to any blackmail, threats or intimidation. Furthermore the Zionist challenge constitutes a threat to the future of the region and the fate of the nation. And the future does not ask permission from anybody.

In the light of this, we should all know that the rules of the game did not undergo any change: The enemy is still flexing its muscles with all the American support it can get to the extent that the American political deference supports the Israeli military one… while the nation on the other hand is still standing up to the enemy and confronting it.

Lastly… faced by these new developments I repeat my call to the Lebanese people to end these internal political rows.

The current circumstances has shown that there is a great need for a strategic coordination against the Zionist enemy between Syria and Lebanon.

There is also a dire need for the resistance both as an element of pressure and a means of liberation.

Therefore there is a need to unify to face the Israeli enemy that threatens the whole region, and resort to an objective and calm dialogue that discusses the issues within the framework of the proper institutions.