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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 24th August 2007 A.D, 11 Sha'aban 1428 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumuía prayer.

On the Anniversary of the Birth of Imam Al-Mahdi:
Let us be among the callers to God and leaders of Islam.


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


O Allah, send blessings on the Custodian of thy commandments, the vigilant Guardian, the reliable Patron, the awaited Justice, surrounded by Thy favourite angels, assisted by the Holy Spirit.

O Lord of the worlds. O Allah, send him to call the people unto Thy Book for establishing Thy religion, and make him succeed in the earth, as Thou caused those who were before him to succeed, and establish for him his faith which Thou has approved for him, and give him in exchange safety after fear. He serves Thee.

He ascribes nothing as partner unto Thee.

O Allah, give him power and authority, and through him strengthen the people. Give him the necessary assistance, and through him support the people, and make him prevail over allya final decisive victory, and delegate him Thy controlling authority.

O Allah, give currency to Thy religion, and the way of life of Thy Prophet, through him till nothing which is just and genuine is kept concealed from any human being.

O Allah, we ardently desire that in [his] kind, just, and fair era, Thou should reactivate Islam and stimulate its followers, and humble and humiliate the imposters and their double-dealing, and include us among those who invite people unto Thy obedience, and lead them to Thy approved path, and give us the good of this world and the world to come.

This is the God's argument, the custodian of His commandment, May Allah hasten his release. And make us tread or his way and implement his authority birth Anniversary is in the Middle of this month, the 15the of the month of Sha'aban.

We remember him, because he is the holder of the time that the Messenger has brought us glad tidings of.

Did not he (a.s.) say: "I am leaving among you that which if you hold to, you will never go astray: the Book of Allah and my household."

The Messenger has also told us about our Imam and that is why we believe in him although we have not met or seen him.

On this occasion, we have to assert a fact for those who talk about his long absence or about the benefit one can attain form an absent Imam.

To those we say that Allah wanted to provide people with the proper evidence by sending His messengers and good men to guide the people to the straight path. But how could that be achieved in view of the imam's absence?

The answer is: the Imamate of Ahl el-Beit is of two kinds. The first is the Imamate that begun with Imam Ali (a.s.) and ended at the time of Imam Al-Hasan Al-Askari, The role of this Imamate was to stay with the people, correct their concepts, answer their questions and ensure that they follow the straight path and confront disbelief, falsehood and arrogance. And this is what the Imams of Ahl El-Beit did.

The Educating Role:

The Imams were able to respond to all the needs of the people in providing them all relevant juristic rulings. They explained for them everything they did not understand in the Quran and the Sunnah. And established the general rules that could be relied on in any new development, and which can enable the jurists to pass judgments on any new thing that might occur, on the basis of the Islamic foundations of the Quran and the Sunnah. So when the minor absence occurred the people used to contact the Imam through his Ambassadors. In his last letter he said: "As far as newly occurring circumstances are concerned, you should turn (for guidance) to the narrators of our Hadiths, for they are my proof over you just as I am Allah's proof ".

It is as if he was saying to all Muslims, especially the followers of Ahl el-Beit, that the Imams have given the people all that they need that they no longer need the presence of an Imam to ask him. If they need anything they can go back to the reliable narrators of "our" Hadiths, or to the religious scholars who can deduce the Sharia rulings from these Hadiths, and they would let you know all your responsibilities and commitments.

Thus, having clarified everything the educational role of the Imam ended. And that is why we see that the jurists who have reached "highest academic standards do not find a problem is deducing a judgment of a new incident or phenomenon, for they are guided by the Book, the Sunnah and the Hadith of Ahl-el-Beit

Imamate and justice:

The second role of the Imams, is the universal role of changing the world on the basis of establishing justice, as Islam meant the world to be found on. Such a task needs the passage of many eras. That is why Allah has prepared the twelfth Imam to realize the goals the Messages came for: establishing justice so as there will be no place on earth where the arrogant the wrong-doers and the tyrants can continue to practice their wronging.

For this purpose, Allah wanted the people to be educated on justice which means to be educated on Islam, because the Message of Islam is a message of juristic, that gives everyone his right: Giving God the right of unification, the Messenger the right of obeying him, and each one what is due to him.

Thus our duty in the age of the Imam's absence; it is to seek to establish justice. If we are awaiting the Imam, it means that we should not wrong anybody we deal with, whether socially (in the family's domain) or economically or in any other dealing. Therefore, those who are faithful to the Imam are not those who organize festivals to celebrate his birth, or those who pray for his quick appearance, but rather those who are committed to Islam in their relations towards themselves and towards others, whether in their family life or in their politics or business and social dealings. This is the meaning of following the Imam, and this is what Allah wanted us to do: To create wherever we are a position for justice and Islam, and to seek to establish an Islamic society and an Islamic state, in preparation for the great Islamic state that supports Islam and its people and humiliates hypocrisy and its people. Thus everyone should be a caller for Allah in a way that makes him a leader in serving Islam and Muslims.

We would like to point out to a certain misunderstanding, which could be understood from the Iftitah supplication we read in the beginning: To change the Imamís concern or fear into tranquility, which might indicate that he might be afraid of reappearing. But we believe that he does not have such fears. The Imams have appeared in many cases where they were exposed to many pressures. The Imam is acting on Allah's commands. His absence was a part of what Allah considered appropriate and so his return will be. He did not disappear because he was afraid of being killed or persecuted, because his strength is from God, and because he will appear to establish justice on earth. How can we then think that he is afraid?

Another point we have to indicate in this respect. When a war occurs between Israel and the Arabs or some other wars as in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are those who come out and say that these are sings of the appearance.

No one knows when will this time come except Allah, and therefore we must not occupy ourselves with such things.

There is also the fact that there are those who exploit the people's ignorance and naivety to claim that they are the ambassadors of the Imams. Those are liars who want to exploit people and money. The Imam is absent and no one will see him. And whoever claims otherwise will be untruthful.

Our responsibility in the era of his absence is to shoulder the responsibility of Islam and the straight path that the Imams have taken; we have to seek to strengthen Islam and promote justice as we face disbelief and arrogance.

We are the ones who have pledged loyalty of Imam Ali whom the Messenger described when he fought Amr bin Abdwid in the battle of Ahzab, as the entire faith who was fighting the entire unbelief.

If you are loyal to Imam Ali and the Imams that followed him, you have to be with the entire Islam and always follow the straight path. We have to act like a one body, if any organ suffers the whole body will look after it.

O God let us Show us the rightly guided face of (Imam a.s.), the praiseworthy moon (referring to the face of Imam a.s.) and enlighten our vision by looking at him. And hasten his reappearance, make his arrival smooth, hasten his path, make us tread on his way and implement his authority and strengthen his back.


The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Some American officials are talking about the necessity of taking action in the political, security and economic domains, to ensure that the US stays in the position of leading the world, ensuring that withdrawing from Iraq will deprive the US from this leadership.

But who gave America the right to impose its leadership or the world, and practice its hegemony over the Security Council, and ally with Britain and France to prevent Iran from continuing its peaceful nuclear project to deprive the Arab and Muslim world from attaining self-sufficiency in the field of energy.

Is the United States exploiting the balance of power that currently tilts in its favour to become an international empire and a political and economic dictatorship under the pretence of spreading democracy?

We call on all nations, especially the downtrodden ones, to realize this, so as to build its strength and confront the arrogance and achieve independence and a balanced policy.

On another level, Bush has expressed his disappointment towards the Iraqi leadership, which proves that the American policies have failed in Iraq, and that the American presence had led to an increase in security chaos, a continuity of the atrocities, and the loss basic services, not to mention the causalities the occupation is suffering from on an increasing daily basis.

If the American officials are talking about the failure of the Iraqi government in achieving its goal, everybody knows that the occupation is pressurizing this government and playing one party against the other in the internal Iraqi politics, especially through inciting sectarian strife to fail any attempt that aims at ensuring Iraqi unity and stability, for achieving stability will not leave any excuse for the occupations forces to stay.

On the regional level, we also notice that the USA is trying to create several conflicts in the region. After the resounding failure of its Middle East project, it has abounded its project of spreading democracy in the Arab World, and is now trying to divide it into an axis of moderation facing one of extremist states. But what it means by moderation is allying or opening up on the Israeli entity and announcing that they agree to attend the conference Bush has called for to establish "peace"Ö Thus, providing a wide cover for the Zionist Entity to implement its strategy of usurping the land of Palestine, leaving limited areas that could not constitute a foundation of a viable Palestinian state.

Palestine: Judaizing Jerusalem

In this atmosphere, we meet with the Arab state of weakness, especially that of the Palestinian authority that could not improve the security of the West Bank, whether by stopping the storming, detentions or removing the roadblocks. It might also have joined the US , Israel, the EU and some Arab states in planning for pressurizing Gaza economically, to pressurize Hamas, at a time the Israeli planes continue to target both the Mujahideen, and innocent civilians, under the pretence of defending the Jewish people. But they do not talk about the occupation of Palestinian lands that calls on the Resistance to continue its confrontation. This is the logic of the West that gives the enemy the pretence to continue its atrocities, and this is the official Arab position that has turned its back to the Palestinian people, and did not try to help to reunite the Palestinians in a national government, because America and Israel refuse that Hamas restores its positions in the government.

The problem is that there are several Arab positions that are pressurizing the Palestinian Government to yield to the American Israeli plan in downsizing the Palestinian cause with the aim of the logic of defeatism of the Arab summits and foreign ministers conferences the dominant one. The Arab and Muslim people should be aware of the gloomy future their rulers want them to accept.

In this respect, we would like to point out that the danger that threatens the very existence of the Aqsa Mosque is still looming. We call on all people to commemorate the anniversary of trying to burn the Aqsa Mosque to keep in mind that the old/new plan of Judaizing Jerusalem is still being carried out.

Lebanon: Citizenry in the solution:

In Lebanon, we continue to face the US interference to pressurize the Lebanese current and future decisions to the extent of choosing Lebanon's next president, so as to preserve its own interests in Lebanon. It is funny how some politicians still boast about Lebanon's freedom and independence, and talk about rejecting foreign hegemony, when it is clear that the US interferes in all aspects of Lebanese political life. All large-scale meetings which took place during the last week to discuss the presidential issue and to stress the importance of having a "made in Lebanon" presidential poll do not conceal the fact that a number of foreign factors contribute in choosing Lebanon's next president.

But we believe Lebanon's next president ought to represent all Lebanese sects, "and not just his own sect". The identity of the president does in no way imply that other sects refrain from contributing in the choice of our next president.

Furthermore, all the problems Lebanon has long suffered from are due "to its deep-rooted sectarian makeup. Lebanon's shaky state on the political as well as economic and security levels, in addition to the incessant interference of foreign forces in Lebanese domestic issues are all due to Lebanon's sectarian composition.

It was "high time" Lebanon shifts from being a sectarian entity to being a country where the high principles of citizenship prevail.

It is known that true citizenship renders both the regime and the political makeup of a country much more human.