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Lectures > 2006 Speeches > 24/03/2006

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, the Merciful.

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque,24th March  2006, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Be ware of division, for Allah's is on keeping Unitny

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Holding fast to Allah's rope

Allah says in His Glorious Book: (And hold fast by the covenant of Allah all together and be not disunited, and remember the favor of Allah on you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts so by His favor you became brethren; and you were on the brink of a pit of fire, then He saved you from it, thus does Allah make clear to you His communications that you may follow the right way.)

This Ayah was revealed to remind the Muslims both Ansar and Muhajireen of that tribal fanaticism they used to live in and that killed thousands of them in their previous wars that lasted for decades. Islam and the Prophet made them live the feeling of fraternity, and opened for them the gates of heaven instead of hell, by taking the path of truth instead of the path of falsehood.

Though this verse was at that stage talking to the Muslims whom the Jews tried to reinvigorate the fanatic spirit among them, it appeals to all Muslims in every time and place to hold fast to the rope of Allah, which is the Quran that drew for them to path of righteousness, unity and safety. It is the Islam that held each Muslim responsible for exploiting all his capacities in the good and not the evil, justice and not suppression ,truth and not falsehood.

Islam wanted the Muslims to unite and if they differ over anything they should mot follow their desires and fanaticism. They should rather refer their differences to God and His Messenger.

Thus we find that the Imams were concerned in watching over the course the Muslims take to ensure that they do not deviate.

Imam Ali says : You should beware of division because the one isolated from the group is (a prey) to Satan just as the one isolated from the flock of sheep is (a prey) to the wolf.

. The group or the community which takes the path that Allah wanted the people to follow is the group that protects the nation, since it strengthens its unity. Imam Ali calls for this unity and adds that adhering to Islam should deter the believers from wronging one anther.

Studying history

Imam Ali calls for studying the history of nations to benefit from the positive aspects and neglect the negative ones. He says:

You should also fear what calamities befell peoples before you on account of their evil deeds and detestable actions. Remember, during good or bad circumstances, what happened to them, and be cautious that you do not become like them.

After you have thought over both the conditions of these people, attach yourself to everything with which their position became honorable, on account of which enemies remained away from them through which safety spread over them, by reason of which riches bowed before them and as a result of which distinction connected itself

with their rope. These things were abstention from division, sticking to unity, calling each other to it and advising each other about it. You avoid everything, which broke their backbone and weakened their power, such as malice in the heart, hatred in the chest, turning away (from each other's help) and withholding the hand from one another's assistance.

Think about the condition of people from among the believers who passed before you. What distresses and trials they were in! Were they not the most over-burdened among all the people and in the most straitened circumstances in the whole world? The Pharaohs took them as slaves. They inflicted on them the worst punishments and bitter sufferings. They continuously remained in this state of ruinous disgrace and severe subjugation. They found no method for escape and no way for protection. Till when Allah, the Glorified, noticed that they were enduring troubles in His love and bearing distresses out of fear for Him, He provided escape from the distress of trials. So, He changed their disgrace into honor and fear into safety. Consequently, they became ruling kings and conspicuous leaders. And Allah's favors over them reached limits to which their own wishes had not reached.

Look, how they were when their groups were united, their views were unanimous, their hearts were moderate, their hands used to help one another, their swords were intended for assisting one another, their eyes were sharp and their aims were the same. Did they not become masters of the corners of the earth and rulers over the neck of all the worlds? Thereafter, also see what happened to them towards the end when division overtook them, unity became fractured, and differences arose between their words and their hearts. They divided into various groups and were scattered fighting among themselves. Then Allah took away from them the apparel of His honor and deprived them of the prosperity produced by His favors. Only their stories have remained among you for the guidance of those who may learn the lesson from them.


The Imam wants us to study history in an informed and thorough manner to learn how the strong became weak, when they dispersed and how the weak became strong when they united.

He also says: Each nation that has differed after the death of its prophet ended up with the people adhering to falsehood winning over those adhering to the right.

The Imam emphasizes the importance of Islamic unity to meet over what they agreed on , unite on the broad Islamic basis, and discuss things in rational and responsible manner. Any difference of opinion should not lead them to division, cursing and killing one another.

Division leads to strife

Imam Ali warns us of turning into several parties when it comes to religion saying that being united in what you hate of truth his better than being dispersed in what you like of falsehood . You might like falsehood because it addresses your desires and hate the truth because it lays on you a heavy burden of responsibilities. But if you study the consequences, you will learn that being united with truth is better than being dispersed with falsehood. He also says to those who did not stay with him in his struggle against falsehood.

I believe that those people, who are united on falsehood while you are divided on your right, will win over you".

The Messenger says: Do not differ for those before you differed and perished". Imam Baqir interprets the Holy verse He hath power to send calamities on you, from above and below, or to cover you with confusion in party strife, giving you a taste of mutual vengeance - each from the other, as indicating what the difference in religion could lead to .

And this is what face in the Islamic realities in which the Muslims are divided into sects cursing one another and accusing each other of unbelief, while Allah says talking to all Messengers: Verily, this brotherhood of yours is a single brotherhood, and I am your Lord and Cherisher: therefore serve Me (and no other).

Ali the Champion of Islamic Unity

All these verses and traditions emphasize the need for Islamic unity in all phases of social life. Muslims should meet on what they agree or including the oneness of Allah the belief in the Messenger and the Day of Judgment. when the Muslims differed on the issue of the Imamate, and Imam Ali was denied his rights he said:

I will keep the peace as long as the Muslims affairs are secure, and as long as I am the only one who is wronged. He gave all advice and assistance to those who came before him, feeling responsibility over Islam whether a caliph or not. That is why we say that Ali is the champion of Islamic unity.

In this respect we read in his letter to the people of Egypt the following: 'I was surprised to see the people pour unto that person to give him bay'ah; so I held my hand, until I saw the people heading backwards and turning from Islam, calling for the annihilation of the religion of Muhammad (p.), so I feared that if I did not support Islam and its people I would see its breakage and demolition, a disaster for me which would be greater than losing my rule over you, which was after all only few days long, and that it would vanish as when a mirage vanishes or the clouds disperse; so I stood up in those events until falsehood disappeared and perished and the religion felt secured and comfortable...


The stage Islam and Muslims face now is very critical, for unbelief and arrogance have stood against belief and the downtrodden. Thus all of belief should stand up to them, as Imam Ali did when he fought Amr bin Abdwid in the battle of Ahzab, and was described by the Messenger, who saw in him the power of belief, as the belief in its entirety facing unbelief in its entirety.

Therefore, if you love the Messenger, Imam Ali and the other Imams of Ahl-Beit, then cling to the unity of Muslims and meet on which you have agreed upon. Do not give the arrogance and the unbelievers the chance to exploit some of our sectarian or partisan differences to curse and kill one another. Allah has held us responsible of carrying the message of Islam from one generation to the other. We should be aware of how critical this stage is and of all the threats that face us to be able to safeguard Islam and the Islamic nation , as well as achieving freedom and p0reserve our dignity.


The Second Sermon


America: Policy of deceit:

In occupied Palestine, Israel continues its besiege to starve and impoverish the Palestinian people as a punishment for choosing Hamas and giving her the authority to form an effective and trustworthy government, that emphasizes the Islamic and human values in government.

Moreover, Israel continues its assassinations and invasions to increase Kadima's odds in the coming election.

On another level, the American President threatens Iran since it, in his view, threatens his allies, and mainly Israel, at a time everyone knows that it was Israel who threatened to bomb Iran's nuclear reactors.

By such threats the American President is seeking to gain the support of the congress in the aftermath of his latest polls that reached its lowest levels as a result of his deceiving and crooked policies in Iraq that cost the Americans tens of billions of Dollars, as well as thousands of dead and wounded American soldiers, without any tangible results.

Yet, he still talks in his daily speeches about what he considers a victory, which could not be achieved because it is based on the occupation that is refused by the Iraqis, having become disillusioned of massacres and poverty.

America Wages Wars on Israel's behalf

In addition, we listen to the American war minister giving the Americans the "good news" of additional wars, which means more killing of children and civilians as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

In this respect, we believe that America is not waging these wars to serve its interests only. It is also serving the Israel interests. And this is what the Secretary of State announced when it considered Iran the central Bank of terrorism, a statement that was hailed by the American Zionist Administration and the new conservatives who are planning to wage a war on Iran when the circumstances are favourable.

The downtrodden world, including the Arab and Muslim worlds, should the Arab and Muslim worlds should recognize the danger America represents on its security economies and interests, which means that they should all be ready to defend themselves with all the strength they have. The American people should have a decisive say against this Administration, before it engages them in another stupid war in the Arab and Muslim region.

We would also like to ask the state of the European Union that follows the lead of the American Administration in the issue of the Iranian nuclear capability: Why don't they listen to Iran that has ensured through its highest religious authority that is considers producing nuclear Army unlawful? Why do they always treat the Arabs and Muslims as being accused while they always welcome Israel and do not talk about its nuclear weapons and its daily crimes against the Palestinians?

The Consequences of Occupation in Iraq

Iraq is still suffering from the political interference of the occupation that hinder the formation of the government. The American Ambassador in Baghdad is playing the sectarian game of playing one against the other. He is also giving a blind eye to the massacres against the innocent civilians especially the Shiites and dislocating them from nixed neighbourhoods, to the extent that may thousands have left these areas for fear of being killed.

All this at a time the occupation who does nothing to shop these killings declares that it will prolong its stay in Iraq, till may be after the termination of Bush's presidency.

We urge our people in Iraq to be aware of the American game that plans to appropriate their wealth and turn the country to a problem for its neighbours, which makes it a problem for security and stability at the regional and international levels, as well as a base for international terrorism which might burn the entire region. We ask the Iraqis to study all the internal and external threats, they face and come to the conclusion that they should solidify their national and Muslim unity, and agree or unified Iraqi government before their fanaticisms leads to the fall of the temple on the heads of all concerned.

The Arab Summit

Will the coming Arab summit in Sudan emphasize the Arab differences about the critical issues, as a result of the American interference in its resolutions, especially towards the issues of Iraq and Palestine, especially with the coming Israeli elections which could pose new political and security threats especially at a time, Hamas is trying to form the government which calls on us to call upon all Palestinian parties to support Hamas to solidify the Palestinian position, and unify the struggle for independence.

The New Lebanon

At a time Lebanon is still being threatened by the Israeli War Minister and faces daily Israeli aggressions in land sea and air, some of his leaders are talking about disarming the resistance to implement resolution 1559 which everyone knows that it is an American Israeli resolution since Israel does not feel at ease with the presence of a counter- balancing force at its borders.

Thus, we hope the Lebanese will recognize the importance of their national unity in view of the threats they face. We also hope that their dialogue will be successful and ensure the interests of the country and the sectarian and personal interests of its leaders. They have to think about Lebanese solutions and not wait for the external signals that serve the Zionists and the American plots.

Making the new Lebanon in a Lebanese responsibility which needs pure minds that are not tarnished by sectarian games nor those with a history of being involved with brutal wars… Those who have not stolen the Lebanese wealth without the judiciary being able to accuse them of any thing.