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Lectures > 2006 Speeches > 24/02/2006

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, the Merciful.

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque,3rd February 2006, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Imam Zein Al-Ibidien (a.s.):
A Role Model in Sublime Morals and Spirituality


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Firm Stand:

God says in His Holy Book: Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless. Today the 25th of the Month of Maharam coincides with the death anniversary of Imam Ali bin Al-Hussein (a.s.). The Imam who was the successor of his father Imam Al-Hussein, was destined by Allah's Mercy not to be martyred in Ashoura, for Allah wanted the Imamate to continue, and thus he was forbidden by a severe illness from taking part in the war.

Thus he lived, the entire tragedy of Karbala and saw how the martyrs leaded by his father Al-Hussein (a.s.) had fallen in the ugliest massacre committed by those who allied with the devil, and gave priority to their privileges desires and ambitions at the expense of their religion and their principles.

The Imam also witnessed how he and the women of the remembered of the house taken prisoners.

Then when he faced Ibn Ziad he was firm in confronting him which could have lead to his death were not for his aunt lady Zainab, told the tyrant that he had to kill her first.

Then he had to live the most severe conditions in Damascus.

When an old man addressed him saying: Thank God who defeated and exposed your and made the Commander of the faithful Yazid victorious over you, the Imam knew that the man was misguided by the Omarayde propaganda and wanted to tell him the truth, so he asked him: have your read this verse: "No reward do I ask of you for this except the love of those near of kin.". The Imam said: "How do you associate to this verse?" The Imam asked him who are those? They are Ali, Fatima, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein" the man said .

Then the Imam asked him have you read the following Ayah. : Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless When the man and said that he did the Imam again asked him who is meant by Ahl el-Beit.

Getting the same answer the Imam told him : well al- Hussein is the son of Ali and Fatima and he was killed by Yazid. The old man saw how much mistaken he was and started crying and cursing Yazid.

This is how the Imam used to solve the problems. He did not let emotions and tragedies hinder him from confronting challenges, for the message the Members of the House were entrusted with, is to talk to people with wisdom and good preaching to change their deviating ideas that have been influenced by the arrogant media.

The Motivated Sadness

The image, many preachers and writers try to imprint the Imam with that he used to cry day or night, is not true. He, of course, was sad having lived through the tragedy of Karbala, but his sadness was humane, and similar to the Prophet's sadness when he lost his son, Ibrahim:

The eyes weep and heart is sad but we do not say any thing that does not please God. Thus the Imam's sadness was a militant and suggestive sadness.

He wanted the people to live the tragedy so that they would understand the principles of Ahl Al-Beit. They should know that the Imam was martyred for the sake of the Message and for reform of his grandfather’s nation.

It was not a struggle for power. It was a struggle between right and falsehood, justice and tyranny...

Emphasizing the spiritual and humanistic values

Therefore, the Imam's sadness did not prevent him from playing his role as an Imam, and emphasizing the spiritual humanistic values the Members of the House represent. When, for example, the Umayyads were experiencing some difficulties Marwan bin Al-Hakam was looking for some one in Medina to leave his family in his protection, but he found no one except the Imam, although Marwan had previously threatened to kill Al-Hussein in Medina.

In anther similar incident, A wali who used to torture Al el-Beit was deposed, and the Umayyads ordered that he would be tied in one of the squares so that people could pass by and curse him freely. The Imam ordered his family not to do anything of this sort. He treated him so kindly that he offered to pay any debts the man had. When the people saw these sublime morals, they said: surely God knows whom to entrust His Message.

The Imam played a fundamental role in the cultural sphere too, for he taught most religious scholars of that time. He also taught the general public of Muslims the ethical principles of Islam saying, for example, that the kind of fanaticism that is sinful is to consider the bad lot among you better than the good folks of other people.

He added: It is not fanatic to love your people, but it is surely fanatical to help them in doing wrong. Fanaticism is a sickness we still suffer from today. Thus the Imam tells us that it is your right to love your people, for this is natural, but when it comes to principles, you have to stand by them. You have to be with the righteous human being whether a relative or a stranger. And you have to be against the evil man regardless of his relation to you. This is the Prophet said when he was asked about the pre-Islamic proverb of supporting your brother whether he is wronged or he is wronging others. The Prophet said it is true but to supporting him when he is unjust is by preventing him from wronging others.

Imam Zein Al-Ibidien used to ask God not to let anybody wrong him but also not to let him wrong anybody let me not be wronged
while Thou canst repel from me,
let me not do wrong
while Thou art powerful over holding me back.

He also called on God not to let him think that the poor is not honourable and the rich is more privileged with pride and honour just because they are rich, since the honourable is he who is honoured by obeying God and high rank in society does not come from money. Money is not man; Man is his mind, his spirit and his commitment to the responsibilities Allah has entrusted himself.


There is also an important point that should be known by all those who ask people to glorify them because they possess knowledge money, or power, like many political or religious leaders, and social dignities. The Imam who is close to Allah, and who is as perfect as could be, used if he travelled with a group not to tell them when was, so as to share them their work and not to treated differently out of respect to his grandfather, the Messenger.

The Imam worshipped God in the best possible way

The Imam played the role of a scholar whose duty is to spread knowledge as perfect as possible. His morals too were impeccable.

In this respect, I ask all believers to read the supplication of sublime manners for it teaches us all we need to about Islamic morals.

Moreover, when the Imam thought of life what did he say: Let me live as long as my life is a free gift in obeying Thee,
but if my life should become a pasture for Satan,
seize me to Thyself
before Thy hatred overtakes me
or Thy wrath against be becomes firm.

These are our Imams who represent all good guidance and spirituality. We have to remember them and follow their lead, because they drive us to the straight path.

The Second Sermon

Besieging the non-yielding countries:

The United States continues its political and security offensive on the region and on the Islamic World in general in an effort to besiege the states that still refuse to obey its orders and insist on maintaining its right of self-determination.

It still confronts Hamas that was freely chosen by the majority of the Palestinians to achieve its freedom and independence. It is a movement that has sacrificed the blood of its militants and leaders and has proven through its righteousness, and faithfulness in its social and educational institutions that it is a role model in political activity in its broader sense.

We also notice, how Washington confronts free Iran that seeks to build its scientific economic political and security capabilities. It accuses Tehran of terrorism and of being part of the axis of evil, and wants to hinder its peaceful nuclear project by accusing it of planning to build nuclear weapons, although the political and religious leadership in Iran has denied such accusation.

Constructive Anarchy

America continues also to spread chaos in Iraq under the pretence of spreading democracy and human rights.

But we all know that America would fight democracy if it yields the winning of a true militant party that is at odds with American policies and the American monopolizing companies that seek to put its hands of the oil of the Muslim World.

The American envoys in Iraq are still interfering with the Iraqi internal affairs in an effort to change the country in a way that fits their strategic interests even if it means inciting sectarian strife, as in the statements of the American Ambassador who is trying to pit one sect against another, although the Iraqis are trying to form a national unity government that builds the new Iraq.

Thus the Americans, through their embassy which has a large staff of thousands, want to turn Iraq into diplomatic, security and political base that runs the affairs of Iraq as well as its relations with its neighbouring countries, they are trying to turn Iraq into as intelligent and economic Israeli base that would establish the American Israeli dominance on the entire region.

Inciting internal strife

We notice that the American occupation has not provided the Iraqi army with the advanced weapons that enable it to protect the country, nor did they provide the security forces with the resources that enable them to prevent security chaos and lock up criminals. In addition, the occupation has given the American companies whose America’s top officials including the vice president are partners in, the opportunity to plunder Iraq's wealth: Such a development turns the American Administration into a bunch of thieves. Nevertheless, the most dangerous American plot is encouraging sectarian strife in Iraq, by letting the apostates act freely in their tampering with Iraqi security that includes the attacks on mosques and religious sites and killing civilians. This in turn has drawn reactions of the same nature which could ignite a devastating civil war.

Appreciating the stand of Authorities

Faced by this American divisionist plots, we would like to express our appreciation to the religious authorities in Najaf and in all Iraq, as well as other Shiite and Sunni personalities for their call to confront the dangerous consequence of the attacks of the shrines of the Imams Al-Hadi and Al-Askari. All stands and fatwas prohibited any negative reactions: Any attacks on the mosques, shrines of the Shiites or the Sunnis are prohibited, since all mosques are for God whether it is a mosque in which Sunnis or Shiites pray. Moreover, any aggression against any Muslims blood money and honour is also prohibited. Thus any retaliation is denounced, Islamically prohibited and constitutes a betrayal to Islam and Muslims.

America is responsible for the attacks:

We call on the Iraqis and all Muslims in the entire world to uphold Muslim unity especially in these circumstances in which the enemies of Islam have waged a war against the Prophet through these pictures that constitute an insult to the Messenger .

The arrogant were irritated when they saw that the Islamic unity was established in the Muslim world in support of the Prophet; which made them try to create a new problem in Iraq to fragment the Muslim world.

Since such a criminal attack on the two sacred Muslim Imams would provoke negative reactions, ultimately leading to an internal Muslim feud , we believe that this crime is part and parcel of the arrogant plan that aims of making the Muslims forget about the sensitivity of their great Messengers and become occupied in internal feed.

In all this we notice the American -European plan that aims at containing the Islamic stand and unity that reject all what the west is talking about concerning the freedom of expression.

They are sending envoys one after the other to pressurize the Arab states and prevent them from helping the Palestinians in the aftermath of the Palestinian elections. And this is what made the American secretary of state come to the region to further destabilize the Arab region, and complicate its relations with Iran and the Muslims.

The new Tutelage

The new American and French tutelage along with the Security Council whose resolutions are dominated by Israel and America, are interfering with all the political, civil service and security affairs in Lebanon, so that as to turn Lebanon into a card to pressurize Syria and to help execute the American plan in Iraq and the project of the big Middle East.

The problem is that Lebanon is no longer independent in its decisions. It has become an echo of the American decision taken in the name of the international community despite all the talk about the independent sovereign Lebanon.

Moreover, the way things are run through violent and acute words, vague projects and dangerous political games, has made the Lebanese fearful from the renewal of civil war, which we still rule out. But the people are still living the horrible memories of the past war that killed tens of thousands of Lebanese without reaching a happy ending.

Knowing an enemy from a friend

We want all those responsible for the country to consider the homeland and the Lebanese as Allah's trust, and that civil peace and national security is the future of the new Lebanon.

Furthermore, they should know that the new international tutelage would not help in establishing the country’s independence and freedom. It will return it to the dark tunnel of the game of nations.

Dear Lebanese

The sea is in front of you, while Israel is behind you, and America is on your left and right. Therefore, learn how to discover your friends among the Arabs and Muslims and the nations that believe in freedom.

And do not make the same mistake of considering the enemy as a friend and the friend as an enemy, for a believer does not get bitten by the same snake twice.