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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority, Ayatullah Al Ozma Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Sha'ban 19 1426 H,September 23 2005 A.D. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The Role of Advice in building a responsible and just Muslim Society

The First Sermon 

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

When dealing with the Muslim's relations with God, people and religious and political leaders, Islamic ethics emphasizes the need for providing advice: Man must make every effort to present the advice that nears with God and prevents him from deviating from the straight path.

All prophets emphasized that their mission is to advise people by conveying Allah's Message, and urge them to adopt it for it saves them and raises their level.

Prophets and Advice:

We read in the Glorious Quran some of what the Prophets said in this regard I deliver to you the messages of my Lord, and I offer you good advice and I know from Allah what you do not know(7:62).

The Prophet's goal was not to exploit his status and make a fortune or something of this sort. He came to convey the message and to advice the nation and show it the path that would ensure its welfare. We also read: I deliver to you the messages of my Lord and I am a faithful adviser to you :(7:62) and O my people! I delivered my Lord's message unto you and gave you good advice, but ye love not good advisers (7:79) meaning that he had offered them his advice but they chose not to take it because they do not know what is in their own good.

The Messenger (p.) says: "Allah said: The most appreciated of worship to me is to advise me". God, the most exalted, does not need you to guide him, and what is meant by advise in this case, is to uphold your responsibility towards God, the most exalted, by unifying and obeying Him. The Messenger (p.) says who is not concerned with the affairs of Muslims is not one of them. He adds "And who dos not advise Allah, His Messenger (p.) -by following him- His Book -by implementing it- his Imam (who represents the legitimate leadership) and Muslims -all Muslims, and in all their social political and economic affairs- is not one of them. He who does not give advice to the Muslims in all these issues is not a member of the nation and is not a good element in the community. He also said to his companions: "Religion is advice” , meaning that it could be summarized in the advice the pious Muslim holds in his minds, thoughts and actions in life, asked to whom the Messenger said: "to Allah, His Book, His Messenger (p.), the Imams of Muslims (a.s.) and to all Muslims.” Imam Al-Sadiq, (a.s.) talking about Imam's Ali (a.s.) concern for Muslims’ welfare, says: "Ali was a servant who advised God and he was advised by Him, He loved Allah and was loved by Him".

This is the significance of Ali (a.s.). He lived for God leaving nothing for himself ,loving Allah with all his soul, and He was loved by Allah, the most exalted, and His Messenger. This is what the Messenger (p.) said in the battle of Khaibar: I will give the banner to someone who loves God (s.w.t) and His Messenger (p.) and who loves God(s.w.t) and His Messenger (p.) and who is loved by God and His Messenger.

This is why Ali (a.s.) is unique, for there were no other companion who was that faithful to God (s.w.t), His Messenger (p.) and the believers.

Advice is the Road to Heaven

To emphasize the importance of advice, the Prophet declared that he who advises the people the most is the nearest to God on the Day of Judgement. Such a high ranking position is awarded to those who have the welfare of Muslims deep in their heart, and seek always to advise them in everything that ensures that they reach the highest levels in their affairs pertaining to both worlds. He also said: who guarantees that he does five things I will guarantee heaven for him: To advise God, His Messenger, His Book, His religion and the Muslims in general.

Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) considered a Muslim’s advice to fellow Muslims an obligatory duty, for when you do so you will be advising God who wants you to advise fellow Muslims to draw them nearer to Him and ensure their safety in the end. He adds: You will not meet God with any action better than this, thus putting advice as one of the top actions that draws believers close to Allah, and ensure that they will go to Heaven.

Talking about the rights of the Imam and the rights of the nation in return, Imam Ali (a.s.) says: "O people, you have a duty towards me and I have a duty towards you.

My duty is to advise you, while yours is to keep faithful to the pledge of alliance you make, and to advise me in my presence and absence. We also read in his description of his good companions: "You are supporters in upholding the right…Therefore help me with sincere advice that has no cheating”. He also says in the context of calling the believers to obey the instructions of the Quran.

«… Follow Allah's guidance and accept His advice, and know that this Quran is the advisor that does not cheat». He adds that they should make the Quran their reference and authority against their own whims and feelings.

These words in the Quran and the traditions want our society to be responsible for every member of it… Each man should study what the Muslims need and what ensures their safety, strength and welfare, especially when they face the major arrogant challenges that aim at subjecting them.

The issue is that every Muslim is responsible for all Muslims. "Your are all guardians and each of you is responsible for those he oversee".

The Islamic nation represents a unity of fate and course. We have to rise to the level of this unity… to live the concerns of Muslims and strengthen their solidarity.

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Rewarding the Enemy

Israel is about to officially annex the Palestinian lands that lie between the racial wall and the green line, which will lead to dislocation of 55 thousand Palestinians. Meanwhile, the Arab and Muslim leaders are destroying the economic and political wall between them and the enemy. They are conducting political and commercial meetings with Israel as a reward for continuing to occupy the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem as well as enlarging the settlements and the Judaization of Jerusalem.

In this respect, the Enemy's foreign minister is using an insulting and disgracing method when he calls the Arab and Muslim officials to take their relations with enemy into the public. It is as if he is accusing them of being afraid from their peoples who refused these relations. There is a deep gap between the regimes and the peoples who refuse any relations with the enemy, and that is why the peoples of the regimes that recognized Israel refrained from normalizing with him.

The Arab and Muslim fall into political hypocrisy represents a level of weakness, that is equivalent to total collapse. They no longer have any strategic elements to protect their independence since they have yielded to the American –Israeli strategic alliance.

In addition, the international Quartet committee has asked in its last meeting the Palestinian Authority to disarm the resistance being a "terrorist organization", as a condition to conduct any negotiations with the enemy. At the same time the enemy talks frankly and rudely about the absence of a Palestinian negotiation partner. The President of the Palestinian Authority did well to refuse this condition, since the arms of the Resistance is an internal Palestinian affair that neither Israel nor the Quartet Committee has anything to do with.

The Israelis and the Americans have even refused that the resistance should participate in parliamentary elections , which proves that the American Administration is being hypocritical when it talks about the spread of democracy in the region.

The question is how the French Resistance took part in the French government in the aftermath of World War

Moreover, the Quartet committee does not recognize Israel's occupation of Palestine. It only sees a complicated problem between the so called Israeli "legitimacy" and the Palestinian "terrorists", which means that all Western and UN values that deal with occupation and human rights, are irrelevant, because in their view the Palestinians, are not humans who have rights.

We call on the Arab and Muslim nation, to emphasize that the struggle with the Zionism is fought in every place in the world and that we have to confront the great challenges they pose, via a unified and solid position and by an awareness, that takes the future of the entire nation into consideration. If we do not do that the nation will fall into disgrace and defeat.

Iraq and the Resistance

Iraq is still living in a stile of hunger, deprivation, anarchy and daily massacres, as a result of the way the occupation manages its moves and policies that prevents the interim government for having any freedom in implementing its own program, since it does not have a strong will power in matters of security and providing vital services, especially with the ongoing daily killings of civilians, at a level that is far greater than of occupation soldiers.

We have stated repeatedly that we are with fighting the occupation with all peaceful and military means. But we refuse to use the resistance as a cover to those who kill civilians, bomb mosques crowded with worshippers, violate the sacredness of Holy places, and plan for internal strife by provoking reactions against their actions. We believe that these acts serve the occupier's interests, for they help it to stay long in Iraq and realize its interests that runs counter to the interests of Iraq and the region.

We call on all Iraqis, especially the Muslims, to rise the level of the current challenges by resorting to profound awareness, which could be achieved by the Muslim religious scholars and faithful politicians would should join hands to find a way out of the impasse whose continently will destroy the entire country. They should also be cautious towards booby-trapped statements made by certain politicians in the region.

We appreciate Iran's political Maturity

As we follow the American European campaign against Iran's peaceful nuclear program, especially after the prohibition of the highest religious authorities of making nuclear arms , we notice that the West does not want Iran to possess the nuclear know-how that enables it to be independent in running its development. It wants to keep it dependable on the West to be able to pressurize it.

We appreciate the political maturity Iran has exhibited. We also appreciate its strong stand and the way it runs the struggle, and call on the Iranian people and the free peoples of the world to stand with Iran to defend its legitimate right, which will have a positive effect on the struggle of other nations with international arrogance.

Lebanon…The International Game

Lebanon is facing the dilemma of an international game , for the economic and political promises made last week by the UN and the US and several European countries and international financial bodies lacked a realistic mechanism for their fulfilment.

The United States and France are working on the basis that Lebanon is a pressure card against some countries of the region, especially Syria, in facing the American occupation of Iraq and the Israeli occupation of Palestine, in addition to false occasions from any parties and countries in the region.

We welcomed the official initiatives to open the country to improved international relations, but reject any U.S. intervention in Lebanon's domestic affairs, that aims at finding a state of political anarchy and incite sectarian strife.

The country's crushing national debt and an ongoing reform movement were the main factors uniting the Lebanese, while the near nonexistent security and a complicated political dimension were having the opposite effect, not to mention the complicated living conditions and deprivation.

The Lebanese have a very high cultural level which they ought to deploy to achieve the humanitarian Lebanon and not the sectarian one that could fall with a single knock out.