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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 23th February 2007, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.)
A living embodiment of Islam…

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Allah, The Most Exalted, says in His Glorious Book Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless

On the seventh of this month – Safar, we will meet the anniversary of the death of Imam Al-Hassan who was martyred when he was poisoned by Muawiyah bin AbuSufian to evade the promise he had made that the Imam will be a caliph after him for he was planning to appoint his son Yazid.

Raised by the Prophet

Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.) was the first child of Ali and Fatima (a.s.). And the Prophet used to hug him and his brother Al-Hussein who was born a year after and say: "Al-Hassan (a.s.) and Al-Hussein (a.s.) are the masters of Heaven's youth". And “O God I loved them, so bless them with your love and bless those who love them and hate those who hate them”.

One day while he (p,) was praying he spent a longer time at "sujoud", his companions were worried about him, so they asked him after he finished his prayer about the reason; he answered (p.) that his grandsons were riding on his back and he was afraid to drop them down, so he was waiting until they got down. Thus, they lived their early childhood with the Messenger (p.) who gave us a practical lesson in raising children, despite the great position he enjoyed in Allah's eyes, he used to put them on his shoulders and say: it is the best camel that you riding and you are the best rider.

He also used to say: "who has a kid he should act like a kid with him", in the way he talks and behaves with him.

The Imam lived also lived in the laps of his Mother, Lady Fatima Al-Zahra (a.s.)… This great infallible lady that was raised, along with Imam Ali, by the Messenger(p.) who used to give her from his mind spirit and righteousness, so that she became the most resembling to him in her physical features and her morals. The Messenger (p.) used to love her and say: "Fatima a part of me" and that "She is the lady of the woman of the worlds" and "The leader of woman of Heaven". Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.) used to watch his mother praying and hear her supplicate for the believers and not for herself although she was weak and sick. The Imam asked her showing how intelligent and concerned he was as a child: "Mother why don't you supplicated for yourself?". And she said: "The neighbours come first".

We think about others before ourselves, those are the members of the House who feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive, (Saying),"We feed you for the sake of Allah alone: no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks. Thus, the Imam’s personality was stamped by the personality of his grandfather and that of his mother, who was so spiritual and opened up on Allah and all people that when her father died, she used to take her children to the Prophet's grave and say:

This is where he used to pray… and this where he used to deliver his speeches…" to deepen in their awareness the Prophet's spirituality and humanitarianism.

Al-Hassan (a.s.) also used to live with his father twenty four hours a day gaining his morals spirituality and knowledge which was according to Muhammad, the knowledge of Messenger: I am the city of knowledge, and Ali is the door.

Thus, Ali (a.s.) used to refer the Muslims who used to seek a solution for their problems or a ruling to Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.). He also made him accompany him in all his actions. He took him and Imam Hussein, for example, to bid Abu Zar goodbye to prove that sending Abu Zar whom the Prophet described as the most truthful on earth, to exile was wrong. Then after he became caliph, Imam Ali sent his son to Kufa to help stabilize the political situation in the city that was aroused by some of those who opposed the Imam’s caliphate. The Imam (a.s.) delivered a great speech in which he demonstrated Ali's position, knowledge, his nearness to the Messenger (p.), his sublime morals, his piety and his love to Allah, The Most Exalted. He also was with Imam Ali in the battles of Sufine and the Camel.

When Imam Ali (a.s.) died Imam Hassan (a.s.) was named a caliph and people pledged loyalty to him. But things were so complicated, especially with Muawiyah making every effort to create strife and deny him his right. The Imam saw the Muslim reality does not allow the extension of the turmoil. Thus he made a truce with Muawiyah, without foregoing his Imamate since it was not his to give. It belonged to the nation by Allah's command.

Tolerance and forgiveness:

Al-Hassan (a.s.) was a role model in his tolerance, forgiveness, generosity and faithfulness to Allah, the Most Exalted. It is said that he performed pilgrimage on foot 25 times, and he gave all his money to the poor twice. He was so revered by the Muslims that when they used to see him walking to perform pilgrimage they would dismount and walk along with him.

Once a man from Damascus Whom Mua'wiyah had brainwashed saw him and began to curse Al-Hassan (a.s.) and his father. The Imam continued to look at him kindly, and when he finished, the Imam (a.s.) said: O old man! I think you are a stranger here. Maybe you mistook me for someone else? If you propitiate us, we will satisfy you. If you ask us, we will give you what you need. If you ask our advice, we will guide you. If you ask us to give you a ride, we will take you with us. If you are hungry, we will satisfy you. If you are naked, we will clothe you. If you are in need, we will make you rich. If you are a refugee, we will give you lodgings. If you have a request, we will grant it. If you join your luggage to ours, and be our guest until the time of your travel, it will be more useful to you, because we have a spacious place, a good social position, and a vast amount of money." They took him to the Imam's house, where he saw how hospitable and kind the Imams were and how they practiced the morals and values of Islam. He began to review his motions about them and said: "Allah knows best whom He entrusts His message with".

This attitude of Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.) is based on a moral rule of how to deal with these people: You might meet with someone – whom you never saw before, yet they are full of malice and hate towards you, as result of the negative things they had heard about you. The Imam (a.s.) thought about the reasons that motivate this man whom he has no relation with that made him resort to cursing him and his father. He concluded that the man was educated by Mua'wiyah’s instructions to curse Ahl el-Beit, because he did not want the love of Ali to stay in the people’s hearts. But the cause of Imam Ali, the cause of the true line of Islam, which made Muawiyah call on the people to curse him so that they will discontinue to belief in this noble cause, is precisely what made Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.) to be kind to this man. He wanted to show him what the true line of Islam was and who Ahl el-Beit were.

The Imam (a.s.) sought all his life to embody these values of Islam as the Messenger (p.) did, to the extent that historians say that he looked like the Messenger (p.), both in his looks and manners, more than anyone else. People who missed Muhammad (p.) used to come and look at the Imam (a.s.) to see the Messenger (p.) through him.

The Imam (a.s.) continued to think about and defend the interests of Islam even after his death. That is why he took precautions, before he was martyred not to create strife among Muslims. He said in his will that he wants no blood spilt. That is why when the people did not Allow Banu Hashim to let the funeral pass by the Prophet's grave, Imam Al-Hussein stopped them from fighting reminding them of his brother's will.

Imams, Hassan (a.s.) and Hussein (a.s.) were an embodiment of all the meanings and value of Islam's spirituality and morals, as well as the dedication to the cause of Islam and the love of Allah.

Thus, when we remember them, we have to remember how they lived, to learn how to be pious and open Muslims who serve the interests of Islam and Muslims. May Allah bless Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.) the day he was born, the day he was martyred and the day he will be brought back to life.


The Second Sermon

In the name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful


Thwarting the Palestinians’ agreement

In Palestine, Bush agreed with the enemy's prime minister not to recognize the Palestinian national unity government if it does not recognize Israel and declare its acceptance of the agreements made with it, despite the fact that Israel did not implement any of them. The meeting between Rice, Abbas, and Olmert was but a step in this direction. The American Secretary of State talked about the agreement on two states in accordance with the insurmountable conditions of the Quartet Committee.

This made the meeting futile from the Palestinian point of view, since the American President has put the security issue first, while everybody knows that it is a political issue that has resulted from the occupation that dominates all of the Western Bank, and besieges and pressurizes Gaza.

America is playing a game of marking time to allow the Jews to complete the implementation of their settling plans, to juidize Jerusalem and build the racist wall as well as emphasizing the rejection of the right of Palestinians to return. The international Zionist plan seeks to prevent the reaching of any settlement in order to make the Palestinians in despair of seeking any solution, although the dominant Palestinian Party in the PA has offend concessions in the 1948 lands and now claims only the 1977 territories, in accordance with the Arab Beirut initiative that is not respected t by Israel. The US Secretary Rice came to the region to deceive the Arab states by claiming that she seeks to solve the Arab – Israeli conflict. It is interesting that she summoned the chiefs of some Arab state intelligence services to coordinate in supporting her plan in occupying Iraq and confronting Iran. What the Americans want is to deploy these services in the framework of their political plan to execute the project of dominating the Arab-Muslim region to serve the Arrogant interests at the expense of the Arab and Muslim interests.

The Nuclear issue: A tool to threaten Iran

The Iranian nuclear file remains an American tool to threaten Iran and force her to stop enriching the uranium and deny her the opportunity to make use of atomic energy in the field of generating electrical power which constitutes a vital need for the Iranians in the future, relying on the pretense that Iran wants to make the bomb, although the highest religious authority in Iran had issued a fatwa saying that it is unlawful to make a nuclear bomb.

The Americans and the Europeans insist on making this baseless accusation. And this is the problem that began to impose itself on the international sphere, with America and its allies pressurizing the Security Council to issue resolutions that impose sanctions on any state that does not yield to their arrogant policies.

This is the danger that threatens the world today: to subjugate the nation, to enable Israel to be the spoiled state that no Arab state can oppose or discuss its nuclear power that threatens them.

Inciting strife:

In this atmosphere the American Administration seeks to create a state of security and political anarchy in the Arab and Muslim worlds. It has tried to create several strives and conflicts whether between Shiites and Sunnis or between the so-called moderates and extremists, or even between Pan-Arabism and Persian nationalism.

They seek to destroy the Arab and Muslim states by means of their agents, especially those who are in charge of the installed regimes that are meant to imprison their peoples in these big jails, leaving America the only striking force in the region that ensures their subjection to its arrogant policies.

We call the Arab and Muslim nations to be aware of this plot, to prepare and establish the means of confronting it, by strengthening their unity and building their strength.

Iraq and the sectarian plot

Iraq continues to be the bleeding wound of this nation, as the Takfiri beast continues its killings of Iraqi innocent civilians, under the pretense of undermining the security plan. It is tragicomic that they talk about resisting occupation, while we can see that the number of Americans killed is so few compared with hundreds of innocent Iraqis that are killed or wounded daily. This suggests that these people do not possess the party of the Resistance, which loyal to its cause, directs all its weapons towards the enemy.

The Arab and Muslim worlds should know the truth about the situation in Iraq. It should not take part in inciting strife that could forge a lot of information to undermine the real picture, creating a misunderstanding of the Iraqi situation in the minds of the people.

The Iraqis should rise to the level of the present stage to understand that boycotting one another will not achieve any political or sectarian gain to any party. They should all think about the gains of their homeland alone, since this kind of political discord will benefit the enemy only. Therefore, they should all join hands in fighting occupation and set out the wise plan that would ensure its withdrawal.

Lebanon in the American plots

Secretary Rice said that Lebanon is the US preferred front to implement its policies in the region and pressurize many other countries. It has thwarted several regional initiatives to resolve the internal Lebanese crisis, just as it did in Palestine, where it refuses to recognize the national unity government. The American plan in both countries, as well as Iraq, is to create chaos and incite regional problems and internal strife.

Therefore, despite the Lebanese authority's denials, Lebanon has turned into a front of regional struggle, making it quite difficult to find a realistic solution that couples between the international court that some consider the basis of the problem and the national unity government, especially in view of the lack of trust between the politicians to a degree that could lead to the down fall of the country under the impact of the fear from economic collapse and the development of the struggle that could reach tragic consequences.

Loyalty to the homeland

The problem is that the country does not try to solve its difficulties internally, that is trying to establish the foundations that preserve the unity and vitality of the country ,ensures that the basis is the rule of citizenry among its compatriots, and tries to establish the realistic conditions that might lead to an objective and calm dialogue that does not aim at scoring points, but rather trying to find a solution in which all parties ensure that they are concerned with the future of their country and its vital causes, and not listening to foreign powers, at the expense of the interests of the people.

Lastly we say to all politicians: Be Lebanese in your loyalty to the homeland, the people and the future, and do not be preoccupied in your sectarianism… you will know that this futile debate that makes you exchange accusations will not save the country, but rather it might lead to the fall of the temple on the heads of all Lebanese.