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Lectures > 2007 Speeches > 20/04/2007

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 20th April 2007, 02 Rabi'II 1428 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Fulfilling the needs of Muslims


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Islamic morals

In its ethical system, Islam tells us, through the sayings and actions of the Messenger(p.) and the Holy Imams, that man should use his energy or all his capabilities to serve the society's vital and necessary needs. He should study the needs of people to fulfil them, and their problems to solve them, seeking in all that the nearness of Allah, since if one adopts this ethical course, he will raise his level in God's eyes.

Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (a.s.) says that whoever tries to fulfil the need of his brother believer, seeking what Allah has promised, Allah will write for him the reward of a pilgrimage and a Umra, as well as the fasting of two sacred months, and those who try but could not fulfill, Allah will write for them the reward of one pilgrimage. Therefore, seek to do good. The Imam is telling us that if a believer seeks to fulfill his brother's need, he will be greatly rewarded.

The Imam further calls on us to compete in doing good for our brothers, saying that those who do will enter through a special door in Heaven.

He adds that when Allah's servant tries to fulfill the needs of his brother believers, Allah will entrust him to two angels, one on his right and one on his left who will ask Allah to forgive him and fulfill his needs.

He adds that the Messenger of Allah would be more glad than the believer when the latter's need is fulfilled.

Imam al-Baqir says: To help a needy Muslim family, by giving foods clothes or the like, is better than performing a pilgrimage or two, or three until he reached seventy. Thus the effort that the believer makes to fulfill a need is not lost; it is rewarded by Allah the Most Exalted.

He also said that Allah revealed to Moses that some of My servants, seek nearness to be by doing Good, for which Heaven will be their abode. Moses asked Allah, what is this good deed? Allah answered: To try to fulfill his fellow believer need, whether he would finally attain it or not.

Imam Al-Kazim says: Of Allah's servants are those who seek to fulfill the people's needs, those are safe on the Day of Judgment. Who makes a believer happy, Allah will make his heart happy on the Day of Resurrection. How would we then expect the fate of who make the believers sad?

The relationship between Happiness Charity and kindness:

Imam Sadiq says: the Most exalted says: Creations are all My children. The ones I love most among them are the most kind to others; and those who fulfill their needs.

He adds: One of most beloved deeds to Allah, the Most Exalted, is making a believer happy, satiating his hunger, resolving his problem or paying his debt.

Whoever removes a believer's difficulty when in hardship God makes his needs easy in this world and the Hereafter.

Imam Ali (a.s.) says in his advise to Kumail "O Kulmail, tell your folks to be moral and spend their nights to fulfill the needs of those who are asleep". For Allah, the most Exalted, will reward anybody that enters happiness into the hearts of others by relieving them of any calamity that might face them…

This is the Islamic ethical rule: To try to make every effort to make people happy, by fulfilling their needs and easing their sorrows. Allah, the Most Exalted will accept this from us and take us to His satisfaction, a road that will end in Paradise.



The Second Sermon

The American Environment Produces Crime

The bloody massacre in the University of Virginia that resulted in the killing of 33 students and wounding of several others is but one in a series of such crimes in the USA, which makes it, according to statistics, the curdle of crime in the world. Previous crimes like the killing of 15 people in the university of Texas in 1966, and the event of two students killing a number of their colleagues and a teacher, as well as many smaller crimes that happen in schools and universities prove that the American environment produces crime and terror, with about 30 thousands being killed annually. The American psychologist, Nadine Kaslow, says that the American culture is full of violence, especially educational institutions.

We are saying that in the face of the American media that accuses Islam of Muslims by terrorism, as if it is a constant feature of Islamic reality while at the same time deeming the West, especially America, innocent from any kind of violence or aggression.

We do not deny that there is a terrorist phenomenon in the political realm in the sectarian conflicts resulting from backward understanding of Islam in the issue of respecting the Muslim and the peaceful and not commit any aggression against them.

Vanguard Muslim scholars and intellectuals reject this, and consider it to be against Islam's straight path. But such a trend is not a general one in Islamic thought; it is restrained to certain narrow circles. Moreover, the American and Israeli occupation are the ones responsible for this phenomena as well as creating an atmosphere of political and security anarchy that produced it.

As for the American society, terror represents a mobile phenomenon that hits the education centres, whereby teen-age students kill their colleagues and teachers without a reason.

There are also some religious sects who use violence as a means of action.

And then there is state terror that the American Administration resorts to whether through occupation or waging wars against the downtrodden nations, to usurp their wealth and impose its policies and conditions. It also encourages its allies to commit massacres and atrocities, as it encourages Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and the Lebanese in the last aggression.

We say to America that it has to declare a war on terrorism in its country before fighting what it calls terrorism in the Arab world, meaning the liberation movements that confront the occupation

To top that there is the increasingly spreading corruption that we see among American top officials, that is even reaching many economic and security positions in the world.

Iraq: save the nation:

Iraq is still suffering from the pressures the occupation exerts. This occupation is rejected by the majority of Iraqi people with more and more people engaging in the Resistance. At the same time, the Iraqi people resist the Takifiri groups that kill the civilians as a result of sectarian or local calculations without taking any position from the occupation…

We appeal to the Iraqi people to be aware of this humanitarian catastrophe, represented by the violence that is destroying the country and its people.

They should unite their efforts against those who are killing civilians and promote their national and religious unity to face occupation. They should also study how to be in the political opposition to ensure that it is a national opposition that is not affected by sectarianism and partisanship. They should all cooperate to reach a political stand that they all can find themselves in, and coordinate to promote the general interests of the people, avoiding the political game of scoring points against one another, especially that corruption has spread in the state departments and even the security departments to a level that is threatening to destroy the state, even before the occupation could destroy it. The Iraqi catastrophe has reached a horrifying level with over a million martyrs dead another four wounded or dislocated, and a more than 900 thousand child orphaned.

In addition to Iraq, we have seen the bombings in Algeria and Morocco which has killed innocent lives that Allah has prohibited to kill. Islam is therefore innocent of these killings, regardless, of the justifications of the killers that they target the ruling authorities.

Palestinian Rights

In Palestine, the Zionist Entity continues it atrocities against the Palestinians. In addition to killing or detaining Palestinian activists, invading at destroying their houses and villages, thus depriving the civilians from any chance to settle in their homes, schools markets… etc. they also face humiliation and cruelty at the check points. As for the meeting of the Head of the Authority and the Zionist prime minister, it is but a media stunt for internal Zionist needs, by suggesting that there is a movement for peace. It also lets the Authority claim that there is some hope to solve the problem in the future even if far away.

The American Israeli and European states (Most of them) continue their blockade, resulting in starving all the Palestinians at a time they respect Human rights meaning exclusively the rights of the Jews.

Meanwhile, the Arab and Muslim countries, remain subjected to the American pressures that might give them some freedom that saves face but without providing any solution whether in the present or in the future.

Lebanon a front to American Projects:

In Lebanon, we meet these days with the Kana Massacre, that was proceeded and followed by scores of Israeli massacres that were committed under the very eyes of the International community that merely watched, that is if we do not say that it allowed Israel to continue its aggressions without any condemnation or accountability.

The Lebanese had given up control of their own affairs and merely following up on foreign stands taken by regional and international forces… planning to use the Lebanese arena to serve their strategic interests, and they have become addicted to their commitment to foreign forces despite their own interests.

The issue has become what the position of the international community is despite the fact that is under American hegemony. Some are talking about siding with the international community, although they know that Israel has never adhered to any international resolution that has been issued by the UN Security Council.

The latter has not made any pressure on it to abide by any resolutions while we "bow and kneel" to international resolutions although they serve the interests of other.

The issue is that in the calculations of several parties, the national majority of the Lebanese have no role to play, and that there is no Constitutional Council to look into political and administrative issues in a scientific way, because the current tense atmosphere has frozen it.

The fact is that the political differences between the ruling coalition and the opposition have become a legal and constitutional debate over the issues of presidential elections, parliamentary elections, the government's constitutionality… analyses launched by this or that party are stirring up the current situation.

The faithful have become afraid that the elections in the future will turn into a political anarchy, in which the politicians will not agree on a single president or a single prime minister.

What we fear is that they will not reach an agreement on one nation, in the face of calls for division of certain sectarian leaders or the calls for federalism that end the unity and the sectarian coexistence, to leave Lebanon as a front for American projects that is using certain Arab initiatives to suggest that there is solution without actually producing one.