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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Ayatullah Al Ozma H.E. M. H. Fadlullah delivered two khotbas (at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque) Jumadi II,19 , 1422h September 7, 2001 (Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer).

Fatima Al-Zahraa
The Lady of the Worlds

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

“Allah only wishes to remove uncleanness from you members of the family and to purify you” 33:33.

One of the members of the family is Fatima Al-Zahraa, the infallible lady, the first lady in Heaven and in the worlds, whose birth anniversary is tomorrow, the 20th of Jamadii II.

Lady Al-Zahraa is the human being who bore all the characteristics of her father, the Messenger (P.). His mind used to educate hers, and his heart used to communicate with hers. Thus her heart had room to love all the people just as the heart of Muhammad. Her knowledge was part of the Messenger’s knowledge, to the extent that she started teaching at a very young age.

It is narrated that a man came to her and said: What has the Messenger (P) left you that you could teach me.

She called her maid to look for certain papers. But the maid said that she had lost them. Fatima (A.S) said: “Look for them, they are as important to me as Hassan and Hussein”.

When we know how much she loved her sons, we could understand how important the teachings of her father were. The maid found the papers in the trash bin, She brought them to Fatima (A.S.) Who read Muhammad (p) said: He whose neighbor does not feel secure [that he would not harm him] is not one of the believers [Even if he fasts and prays…] He who believers in God (SWT) and the Day of Judgment should not harm his neighbor, and he who believes in God (SWT) and the day of Judgment should say something good or remain silent A believer should aim in what he says to promote the well-being of his fellow Muslims… Filling their minds with truth, their hearts with love and their life with justice but if he thinks that what he says will be counter –productive he better remain silent. Allah (SWT) loves the righteousness, who loves good and educates himself on the good until it becomes a second nature to him, the tolerant, who does not lose his temper, the chaste and the virtuous who does not take what is not his, nor what God (SWT) has deemed unlawful…”

This is what is said that lady Fatima (A.S) had written of what has father had told her, and she kept it because she knew how important it was for the good of both individuals and the Muslim community.

Now we will try to read some of the testimonies of those who knew her. In his book (AlMustadrak), Al-Hakim says that Aisha, the Prophet (SAWS)’s wife, said: I did not see anybody whose talk and speech look like that of Muhammad more than Fatima.

If she visits him, he would stand, take her hand and kiss her showing how much he loves and respects his daughter. for he knew how great she was, whether spiritually or academically –since it was unusual for a father to treat his daughter in such a manner. And if he visits her, she would stand, go to him and kiss his hand. Therefore, it was a relationship of mutual love and respect.

Even the way she used to walk was according to certain stories similar to that of her father. This means that she used to follow his lead even in the way he walks and talks. For she did not live with her mother, as great as her mother was, except for few years. The Messenger (P) was both her father and mother, while she, with the love and affection she used to feel for him, was “her father’s” mother” as the Prophet used to say .

Aisha says ,as quoted in Al-Istiarb a non-Shiite book: “I have not met anybody who is more truthful than Fatima except her father”. Aisha’s testimony in this context is very important for she used to be jealous of Fatima’s mother, Khadija, even after the latter’s death. The same book quotes Aisha as saying that Fatima was the woman most loved by Muhammad, while her husband, Ali,(A.S.) was the closest to his heart of all men.

The Messenger (P.) talked about his daughter Fatima as if he knew what was going to happen to her after his death. He said: Fatima is a part of me, he who angers her angers me”. And since Muhammad (P.) does not say anything out of a whim or personal benefit, since all what he says is revealed from God (SWT), we can say that Muhammad is not talking about his daughter because she was the daughter whom he loved, but because he knew that she was infallible and that she was pleased by what pleases God (SWT) and angered by what angers God (SWT).

Fatima Al-Zahraa (A.S) was the perfect human being that was infallible, according to the verse of Al-Kissa (cover) which we recited at the beginning of our speech, and which talks about the infallibility of the five people who were under the cover in the house of Um-Selma. The prophet (P.) used to remind the people of this Ayah nearly every morning. Where he used to pass by Fatima’s house and say: “Asslamu Alaikum. Members of the house, prayer is due. Allah (SWT) only wishes to remove uncleanness from you Members of the Family and to purify you.

Thus, when we talk about Fatima (A.S) we are talking of an infallible human being whose manners were superior to the extent that she could be considered a role model not only for Muslim women, but also for all Muslims being a perfect image of the prophet.

In the end, we would like to recite a supplication that she used to call God (SWT) with.

“O God (SWT), make me content with what you have given me… and keep me in good health as long as you keep me alive.

Forgive me and have mercy on me when I die. Oh God (SWT) don’t make me exhaust myself in seeking what you did not mean to me, and let what you have destined to me easy to get. Oh God (SWT), reward my parents and everyone who did well to me. Oh God (SWT) dedicate me to what you have created me for_ to worship you, and follow your commands_ Oh God (SWT) make me look humbly at myself and make me feel how great you are...

Oh God (SWT) guide me to obey you and to do what pleases you and avoid what angers you .You are the Most Merciful.

This is Fatima’s supplication that guides us to ask Allah (SWT) to help us follow the right path, seeking his pleasure and his pleasure only. This is the line of the Members of the Family (a.s) who are always patient and accept whatever happens to them because they know it is a kind of trial. And certainly Allah (SWT) will reward them for their patience.

The Second Speech

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

 Worshippers of Allah (SWT)

Be pious: and follow the Prophet’s path and that of his family whom God (SWT) has cleansed. Learn from Al-Zahraa how to care and be concerned with the issues of Islam and Muslims and how to serve the Islamic causes.

The Intifada in its Second year

The Intifada continues, and the Martyr operations-especially in Jerusalem-continue, and it has made the Israelis live in a state of panic.

Nevertheless, they continue their brutal aggressions and continue to destroy houses, assassinate activists, and kill innocent civilians… America on its part sees no violation in all these crimes of its laws that define how American weapons should be used. In its view, the Israelis have the right to eradicate the Palestinians claiming that they are exercising the right of self-defense and fighting terrorism. The charter of human rights does not include, according to the US, The right of Palestinian in self-determination if the occupier happens to be Israeli.

America has also withdrew from the Durban Conference in South Africa in Protest against the attempt to condemn Israeli Brutal crimes against the Palestinians. For America is a partner to Israel and condemning Israel would mean condemning America itself. America- and Europe too- have rejected the African call to apologize for the slavery practices, and they also refused to pay any compensation. On the other hand, America exerted every possible pressure on Germany to compensate for the Jews. Therefore, they do not respect the black peoples. They still view them as their slaves, and want to exploit their resources and deprive them of their political independence and plunder their resources. All this shows how great the lie America trades with, when it claims to believing in human rights.

America provides political and military support to Israel and to all its other allies, even if such support is made use of against the cause of freedom whether inside each country or outside it. I therefore call for understanding America’s role in the world, and consequently to punish it economically and isolate it politically.

The continuity of this indifferent attitude towards the great cause of the peoples and the plunder of their wealthes is against the interests of all human beings, especially the weakened among them.

As political parties and dignitaries are preparing to celebrate the first anniversary of the Intifada, I feel that there is a dire need for planning of the means to support the Intifada on the peoples level, regardless of how limited their potentials are. I also call for exerting pressure upon the decision makers in the Arab and Muslim worlds to play their role in pressurizing the international arrogance and the rest of the world public opinion to force Israel to offer concessions.

Sharon in Moscow

In this context, I would like to express my astonishment and surprise by the recent Russian stands, on the occasion of Sharon’s visit to Moscow.

The Russians have criticized the martyr operations as terrorist acts and formed a joint committee with Israel to fight terrorism. They also reaffirmed their commitment to ban arms and not to export military technology. But Russia did not condemn the brutal Israeli operations, against the Palestinians, and did not even mention the Israeli nuclear arsenal that threatens the whole region. Such Russian stands call for astonishment and drive us to ask: Are the Russians giving a new present to America.

A need for Calm and Objective Thinking in Lebanon

In Lebanon, we have always called for the necessity of the politics based on love and objective and calm thinking that aims to find solutions for the various problems.

We have also called that no party –especially if it is of a sectarian outlook, should claim to be talking in the name of all Lebanese.

Furthermore, we have always stood against talking about a total absence of freedom and the fall of all the institutions and that they take their orders from abroad. Furthermore, all Lebanese problems including the Israeli occupation and its destroying of the Lebanese infrastructure and the economic and political crisis could not be all reduced to one factor alone - the Syrian presence.

I believe that all these problems need a lot of time to explore their magnitude and find their causes and their solutions, especially as the region is in a very stormy atmosphere whose impact on Lebanon will be enormous.

The Lebanese have recently lived in a somewhat calm political atmosphere, an atmosphere that should be established on a more firm and permanent basis. All politicians, officials and religious leaders should try to keep the people’s temper as cold as possible, especially as communiqués could bring nothing new, for the people have actually consumed and memorized them... The question is: Are solutions made by yelling or by thinking and dialogue?

Local Elections

Lastly I call on all my sons and brothers in the freed border zone, to choose those who are experienced, trustworthy and feel the responsibility they hold before God (SWT) and the people. For they will be held accountable by God (SWT) for the basis of their choice.

The issue is not related to family political or sectarian affiliations, rather it has to do with the basic interests of the people.

I also call upon them not to listen to anybody who wants to stir internal strife among them, for we are facing a very critical stage, especially as the enemy still occupies a part of our lands and its agents are still trying to destabilize our internal front.

And always remember Imam Ali saying: “Fear Allah (SWT) in his servants and lands, for you are responsible even for the trees and animals”.