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Lectures > 2006 Speeches > 19/05/2006

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, the Merciful.

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque,19th May 2006, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Restrain anger for it corrupts belief


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Anger corrupts belief

Allah says in His Glorious Book: When those who disbelieve had set up in their hearts zealotry, the zealotry of the Age of Ignorance, then Allah sent down His peace of reassurance upon His messenger and upon the believers and imposed on them the word of self-restraint, for they were worthy of it and meet for it. And Allah is Aware of all things.

In this Holy Ayah, Allah asserts the moral differences between the believers and the unbelievers. The latter live a state of instinctual anger that makes them lose their minds, and do not study issue from the point of view of being good or bad, beneficial or harmful. This is the state that controlled the ignorant people before Islam who used to be driven by fanaticism.

As for the believers, Allah has sent down his tranquillity on them, and gave them the mind that does not behave in an emotional manner but studies all things carefully to determine if they are good or bad, beneficial or harmful. He has bestowed on their hearts the tranquillity that fills them with love and good, and the movement that knows from where it starts and to where it is going. That is why all their actions are marked with piety, since they think about God in all their actions and feelings, making sure that all of them please Allah, the most Exalted.

The Prophet and the Imams have talked about the harmful effects of anger in several domains. We know that people get angry when they face problems and when others hurt them. They might be angry at home, in workplaces or in the society at large where fanaticism is dominant. This anger might drive them to behave wrongly. It is said in the traditions.: "Who does not control his anger, does not have a mind". The Messenger(p.) says: "Anger spoils belief, just like vinegar spoils honey.

Imam Al-Baqir says: "When a man gets angry, he will never be content until he enters hell". Anger might drive him to kill or destroy anther human being, and he will end up in Hell. That is why the Imam provides us with a way to calm down our anger –saying- that if a man gets angry while he is standing, he should sit down, and when he is angry with one of his close relatives-son, daughter, wife, brother, husband, father …etc; he should draw near him and touch him, for this calms down the anger.

Imam As-Sadiq says: "Anger is the key of evil". An angry man could kill himself, kill another person, destroy his house furniture … etc. he might also unveil his secrets or that of others.

Controlling anger defeats Satan

Imam As-Sadiq related that he heard his father saying that a Bedouin came to the Messenger(p.) and asked him to teach him the most important advice.

The Messenger(p.) told him that he should not get angry. Imam Sadiq added: My father used to say that there is nothing more severe than anger.

A person might get angry and kill someone unlawfully or slander chaste women. Imam Al-Baqir says that it is written in the Bible that Allah told Musa, that if he does not get angry on those whom Allah made him their ruler, Allah will not be angry on him. Imam As-Sadiq said that Allah told some of his Prophets that they should remember Him when they get angry if they want Him to remember them in His anger.

Imam Hussein narrated that a man came to the Messenger asking him for advice. The Messenger told him. Go and do not get angry. The man then went to his people and found them getting ready to go to war. He put on his armour, but then he remembered the Messenger's advice and decided to go to the enemies of his people offering them blood money. The people said that they have forgiven and that they no longer want anything. Thus the people reconciled and the anger disappeared. Imam Al-Baqir says: that Anger is a satanic fire that is ignited in the heart of man.

He adds that when man gets angry Satan will enter him. So if you do not want Satan to control you, you should not become angry.

We have to think and act calmly, so as to know where we are going. The Messenger said: "He who holds his anger on people, Allah will hold torture on him on the Day of Judgment ".

We live in a stage of political trouble, poverty and deprivation, which makes us always in an emotional mood. Therefore, we have to educate ourselves on being calm and rational, so that we could turn our society to a society of good and tranquillity that is based on love and piety.


The Second Sermon


A new May 17 accord

Israel, as well as America, is still planning and pressurizing to bring Lebanon to conclude a settlement with it, whether under insulting conditions as in the 17th of May accord, which was signed under occupation, said which aimed at ending the country's independence.

In this respect, had it not been for the popular movement and the internal opposition represented by the stand of the Muslim scholars and the Resistance, the accord of humiliation would have been established on firm ground, especially after the parliament majority voted in its favour.

Now, and on the anniversary of this accord, we have to face the latest American pressures for a new agreement that promotes the enemy's interests. We have to prepare ourselves to confront the new American Israeli plan that aims at disarming the Resistance and considering Syria as the new enemy instead of Israel, and concentrating on Iran as the axis of evil, because it supports the causes of freedom and independence against the enemy.

We ought to understand that although resolution 1559 may be different in from than the May 17 accord, but it meets with it in that it aims at safeguarding the Israeli interests by weakening Lebanon and turning it into a pressure card against Syria and returning Lebanon to the historic theory that claims that Lebanon's strength lies in its weakness, since it is not in the interest of the Israeli US that Lebanon should rely on its strength in its confrontation with the Zionist enemy.

Using resolutions as a pressure card

Moreover, America, along with Britain and France, are still using the Security Council as a pressure card in an issue of national sovereignty of states, that of demarking the border, and Establishing diplomatic reactions between Syria and Lebanon, an issue that has nothing to do with the jurisdiction of the Security Council.

It is a matter of bilateral agreement . Nevertheless, we believe that such an agreement will evolve at the end, but not in this way of international pressure and political defamation.

We ask the Security Council and the states that imposed Resolution 1680: What about the implementation of Resolution 194 that gives the Palestinians the right to return, and Resolutions 242, and 338 that demand the Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders. Why haven't these resolutions been implemented, and why did not the Security Council leave the issue to be discussed between the two countries without pressuring one of them and standing with the other?

We emphasize the need for distinguished relations at all levels between the two countries, on the basis of the freedom of each country and mutual respect and common interests, so that the strong ties between the two countries would not violate the independence of any of them.

The problem lies in the American – Israeli alliance, that Europe has yielded to, and that subjected most downtrodden nations as a result of various economic, political and military pressures.

On another level, peoples should not be a victim of the international plots that appropriates its vital interests, as in the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq to safeguard the American interests and as in the pressures against Iran regarding its peaceful nuclear project, since the US does not want Iran to possess the scientific knowledge that turns it into a force to be reckoned with.

Arab yielding

In Palestine, Israel did not want the anniversary of the Palestinian disaster (Nakba) to pass in peace. It once again marked it with Palestinian blood, killing 7 martyr's and wounding 18 by its raids on Jinien and Kabatieh.

But despite all these daily killings the world is merely watching, and the UN is issuing resolutions that serve the interests of Israel and that target Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Statistics show that the number of Palestinians outside Palestine has reached in the end of 2005 about 5 millions, yet the world does not ask why they do not return to their land, because it only thinks about Israel's interest. The enemy's prime minister will travel soon to meet the American President to receive his blessings for all his atrocities and dislocation against the Palestinians to build the settlements and the separating wall.

As for the Arabs, they will not hear from the Bush Administration except the talk about the Palestinian terrorism and the disarming the Intifada, just like they want to disarm the Resistance in Lebanon. Meanwhile, the Arab officials have shamefully yielded to the American policies against the Palestinian people and their democratically elected government.

Iraq, this bleeding Arabian Islamic wound with the Takfirrri butchers killing and abducting Iraqi civilians under the nose of the American occupying army, since its prolongs its stay. In the meantime, the Iraqi political club continues to fail the attempts of forming a national unity government due to the sectarian demands that conform with the plan of the American Embassy in Baghdad.

A coup attempt

In Lebanon, the debate over reform plans continues in party and sectarian meetings, but it has not yet evolved in a comprehensive plan that turns the country into a homeland and not a farm. The dialogue too did not achieve any results in the vital and national issues that empower the country with the elements of strength and devise a strategic plan to defend itself against Israel.

And despite all the poverty and deprivation of the people the government wants to impose new taxes. And some of the members of the political club are busy honouring those who have no relations with the Arabs and Arabism , because they have always been promoting Israeli interests. Some of the Lebanese political leaders went as far as honouring the American representative in the Security Council and taking part in Jewish conferences that aim at establishing a new alliance between the minorities and against the Arab Lebanon, for they have a historical complex against the Arabs in the entire region.