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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 18th May 2007, 29 Rabi'II 1428 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Restraining Anger and Forgiveness


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Restraining anger

In detailing the virtues of the pious whom He promised His Garden, Allah says: who restrain anger, and pardon (all) men;- for Allah loves those who do good;-

This virtue, restraining anger, is a social one that is demonstrated in the relations among humans, whether individuals or groups, whereby one can resort to cursing hitting or even killing the other, as an expression of his anger. In familial relations, for example, we can see that when the man would divorce his wife, if he is angered by some of her actions, by destroying the entire family.

When a man gets angry he loses his mind, and deviates from the straight path, and becomes totally controlled by his instincts, which call for revenge. Satan too might interfere to suggest that if the man does not take any action when he is offended, then he will be humiliated.

But Allah wants the Muslim not to be controlled by this anger or by his instinct. He wants him to act as his mind suggests to him and calculate the good and evil in any action he is going to take before he decides on his reaction towards the offences he had encountered. That is why the Quran describes the believers as those "who turn evil with good" and those who "repeal evil with what is best".

But restraining one's temper is not an easy undertaking, since if one does not avenge, he might be accused of being coward and accepting humiliation.

The Morals of Ahl-el-Beit

Imam Zein Al-Abidien was once sitting with his companions when one of his relatives who hated him came to him and said some improper things. The Imam kept silent until the man finished cursing and left. The Imam then told his companions: let's go and settle our account with him. The companions probably thought that he was seeking their help but when they heard him recite the Ayah who restrain anger, and pardon (all) men;- for Allah loves those who do good. They knew that he meant no harm, when he reached the man, he said:

Brother: I heard all that you said to me. If what you said is true then I ask Allah to forgive me, but if it were not then may Allah forgive you. The man felt how wrong he was and said: Allah knows where he put His Message.

Imam Zein Al-Abidien was abused by one of his enemies but the Imam neglected him. The man was outraged and said: I am talking about you. The Imam told him “and I am avoiding you". These are the mortals of Ahl-el Beit, the morals of perfection in spirituality and piety:

There was a man in Medina who used to curse Imam al-Kazim , and distort his image, to the extent that the companions of the Imam asked for permission to kill him, but the Imam used to forbid them from hurting him. Then one day the Imam (a.s) went to the man’s garden. When the man saw him, he said: Do not step on my plants, for he was so hateful that he did not even have the courtesy of welcoming him. The Imam continued to move towards him. And when he reached the man the Imam asked him: How much did you pay for your plants, and how much do you expect to gain? Adding the two sums together the Imam gave him the money and said:

Take this money and you still can sell your corps, and he started talking to him in a very pleasant and kind manner. The man felt guilty and changed his attitude towards the Imam. The next day the man went to the mosque. When he saw the Imam (a.s) coming he said: “God knows where he puts His Message". Asked what made him change his mind, he said that it was the way the Imam dealt with him. The Imam then asked his companions: which is better the way you wanted to deal with this man using violence or my way

These are the morals of Ahl el-Beit who inspire the Quranic teachings in all their behaviour. They are the talking Quran. That is why the people used to hear the Ayah that call for restraining anger and find it embodied in their behaviour and in that of the Prophet (P.).

Let us hear how did they understand this and how did they apply it.

The Messenger (P.) says: "One of the best ways to reach to Allah is restraining one's anger by forbearance, and being patient in the face of catastrophe." Imam Zein Al-Abedien says that he admires the man who controls his anger, such as the man is angered by his wife or children or an employer, who is angered by his employers, or a neighbour who is angered by other neighbours…

When he is angered in any of these cases he will keep his calm. Imam Al-Baqir quotes the Messenger(p.) as saying:" Allah, The Most Exalted, loves the shy (when the situation calls for bluntness) the forbearing and the chaste, especially towards the belongings of others." Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) says: "The servant who restrains his anger will be rewarded in both this world and the Hereafter by entering heaven." Which is better to burst out in temper or to restrain your anger and win a place in Allah's garden. Imam Al-Rida says: "A man will not be a worshipper until he becomes forbearing …".

These are the pillars of Islamic moral values. And this is what makes man win Allah's satisfaction and earns the reward of Heaven.

If Satan tries to lure you to release your anger, remember that it is better to restrain it and win a place in Heaven where man will enjoy absolute happiness, and the bliss of Allah's satisfaction.


The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


America is trying to beset the Arab reality

The American vice president's visit to the region aims at urging the Arab states that America calls moderate to complicate its relations with Iran. His talks may have involved asking these states to help America in its war with Iran if it decides to wage an aggression against it, especially that the man is one of the advocates of such a war without taking into consideration the danger it could inflict on these countries.

But according to the White House statements, Cheney's visit aimed at studying the situation in Iraq where America has found itself in an impasse and trying to deploy some of the states that have fallen under the American hegemony in finding solutions. But everybody knows that the problem is bigger than their abilities. Moreover, some of these states are sending the Takfiri terrorists in Iraq to get rid of them and stop them from executing violent operation in their countries. Furthermore, if the American Army and the multi-national forces could not solve their problem in Iraq how can these countries help them?

The Iraqi impasse compels America to negotiate with Iran

On the other hand, if Cheney considers Iran a problem to the American occupation of Iraq, and warns the states of the region against its political and security plans, he has found himself and his administration compelled to negotiate with Iran to find a way out from his impasses, but he did not want to discuss the other issues, that have to do with the American political and security pressure on Iran, especially the peaceful nuclear Iranian project, which the US seeks to impose additional sanctions against Iran and pressurize the EU and other countries to support the sanctions that are not based on any legal grand.

We also notice that Cheney has neglected in his visit the Palestinian question, considering that the so-called Israeli-Palestinian peace cannot be attained, for there are pressing US interests that cannot be delayed, just because other problems have not been solved.

Failing to besiege Iran

The visit of this terrorist who pressurizes the American President to take all these aggressive political and military decisions aimed at destabilizing the region and especially American's allies…. He tried to convince the United Arab Emirates to pressurize Iran economically by confiscating its companies and undermine the economic relations between the two countries in general. But he was not successful due to the historical relations between the two countries that the US plots cannot undermine, since it might lead to political economic and security complications the Emirates cannot tolerate.
Moreover, the visit of the Iranian President to the Emirates was instrumental in strengthening the bilateral relations and thwarting the American plot.

The problem with the American envoys that come to the region lies in that they do not care about the regional interests of the countries they visit. They only seek to promote their own interests even if it means undermining of the leaders of the so-called moderate states, for what America wants form them, is to carry out American plots against Iran, even if it is against their countries’ interests .

Palestine: Back to the security whirlpool

On another level, Gaza is once again, in a security whirlpool, as evident from renewal of the clashes between Fateh and Hamas. The national unity government could not control this bloody situation which suggests that the Palestinian officials were not able to base their government on a firm ground that could protect their people from chaos or watch out for the Zionist intelligence that penetrates through certain Palestinian security officials accused of dealing or cooperating with the enemy to prevent any Palestinian faction from confronting the Israeli aggression by launching missiles against its settlements.

We call on the Palestinian Mujahideen out of love and responsibility to maintain the right direction their guns should aim at. It is impermissible, under any consideration to target any Palestinian, especially, the women, the children and the elderly. All guns should be pointed at the enemy. And the Resistance is the only solution for occupation. The enemy, along with the US, will not allow any national unity government to succeed, especially if the Intifada functions are part of it. It will deploy all those who cooperate with its intelligence to instigate chaos that will make the people lose their trust in their rulers.

The Palestinian question is passing through one of its most difficult stages, being neglected by the international community and the Arab and Muslim world rulers who are afraid that the Resistance will move to their own countries and threaten their rule.

Israel is preparing for another round on Lebanon

Israel has begun an extensive training on long-range air raids in preparation for any war it is planning for with the US on Syria, Lebanon and probably Iran, so as to avenge its humiliating defeat in the war on Lebanon and Hizbullah, for this country's political and military history has always aimed at defeating the Arabs to remain the strongest country that subjugates all others and ensure that they continue to be under the American hegemony. Yet it is unfortunate that some in Lebanon and in the Arab world, want to disarm the Resistance that defeated the enemy, although the Lebanese state does not have the force to deter any Israeli aggression, and although that they all know that the Resistance will not use its arms in any internal civil war, or to establish an internal state, and will remain dedicated for fighting the enemy.

The Lebanese political club including both the majority and the opposition should know that the Lebanese people want the just and strong state that is free from any sectarian considerations or foreign tutelage.

The world is watching the Iraqi's tragedy

Iraq remains a bleeding wound in the heart of the nation with more martyrs and wounded falling, and innocent civilians are forced to leave their country and turn into refugees to flee away from the occupation forces and the Takifris… The world is watching from the sidelines without being able to find a solution to this tragedy despite all conferences including that of Sharm el-Sheikh that was held to solve the American problem and not that of Iraq. We are feeling the pains of the Iraqis in our hearts and minds, and we want them not to be preoccupied with political or sectarian differences, since the problem is bigger than all these differences, especially that the occupation does not want any government or parliament or any other political institution to succeed. It only seeks to promote its own interests in usurping the national Iraqis resources and controlling its strategic location. What should be done is to widen the American impasse so as to besiege the Administration in its own country and speed up the withdrawal from Iraq under internal political pressures.

Lebanon: dispersing the national unity

In Lebanon, the on going political debate has lost much of the manners of speech. And is no longer concerned with the country's political security and economic problems. Furthermore, national unity is disappearing as the sectarian language dominates. Election is not longer a national issue, it has become a sectarian one, with the demands that the Christians elect their deputies and Muslims elect theirs, without having a role in electing the president. It is as if the country has become a federation of sects with every party living in his narrow inner circles.

As for the united and unified Lebanon, and the Lebanese citizen who is concerned with all the issues of his country, he has been denounced by all parties and the only role left to him is to sing the national anthem that comes out of their lips only and not their hearts and minds, since the singers have to go back to their sectarian bases.

Thus the Lebanese begun to flee their institutions which they themselves frozen. The UN have become a substitute for the Lebanese state, the international judiciary has become a substitute for the Lebanese state, the international judiciary has become a substitute for the Lebanese one, and the international community is the one the Lebanese look up for to solve their problems. The Lebanese media has been left to the ambassadors and envoys, while the Lebanese media is full of cursing deployment and charges of treason, creating a future generation that has nothing to do with morals.