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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority, Ayatullah Al Ozma Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Safar 8 1426 H, March 18 2005 A.D. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Imams Hassan and Hussein: The Unity of the call in all situations

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful  

One of the Members of this House is Imam Al-Hassan, the first child of Imam Ali and Fatima Al-Zahra: He enjoyed, along with his brother Imam Al-Hussein, the love and sponsorship of their grandfather, Prophet Muhammad, who used to hug them, carry them and play with them, saying they are his children. He also said: "O God, I love them, I ask you to love them and love those who love them. It is also known that he has described them as the "masters of the youth in Heaven".

Imam Hassan spent his childhood with his grandfather, the Messenger, his mother the purified Fatima Az-Zahra, his father, the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (a.s.), and he inspired from all of them much of the purity of his spirt, the profoundness of his thinking and the greatness of his morals. Then in his youth, he lived with his father Imam Ali (a.s.) and learned how to elevate his mind and heart as well as how to take the right stand and reach the right decision.

The Imam used to rely on him in difficult situations and discuss with him what should be done towards every development.

The Responsible Imamate

The Imam became the leader after his father's death, he faced a lot of difficulties as a result of Muawiah's aggression, conspiracies and plots that he had to make a truce to preserve the security of his companions that he was preparing to from the opposition of the corrupt rule, and to be the base Imam Hussein would rely on in his movement. That is why it was said that the movement of Imam Al-Hussein was an echo to Imam Hassan's truce.

It was not a matter, as some have said, that Imam Al-Hassan was a pacifist while Imam Hussein was a revolutionary. They both had the same goal to defend Islam, making peace if the interests of Islam required so and going to war if the wellbeing of Islam could not be maintained in any other way.

Thus, they took their decisions with one goal in mind to serve the line of the call to Islam as well as to enjoin good and forbid evil. They also were a role model in their morals, for they opened their hearts on all Muslims and all people. It is said that they once saw an old man performing Wudu’ (ablutions) in a wrong way, they wanted to teach him, and since he did not know them, they thought of way to tell him how to perform Wudu’ without offending or hurting him, so they said to him: "We want to perform Wudu’ in front of you, so as to tell us which one of us performs it correctly. When they performed their Wudu' in exactly the same way, yet different than the way he performed it, he understood that they aimed at teaching him the right way, and thanked them for their good deed. We learn from this incident how to tell some one that he is wrong in the way that is best and that does not hurt his morale.

Once Imam Hassan was walking in Medina, with some of his brothers and sons, when he met a man who has learnt from Muawiah that he should curse Imam Ali (a.s.) even after his death so that they carry this message to the coming generations. This man saw Al-Hassan and started to curse Ali and his son.

Al-Hassan's family and relatives were very agitated, but the Imam left him until he finished and said in a very kind and understanding way: "I believe that you are a stranger. If you are hungry we will feed you… and if you need anything we will help you…

Then, he ordered the people around him to take him home and be hospitable to him. Seeing this, the man said: "Allah knows best whom He trusts with His Message".

The Imam thought that this man was wrongly educated and as a result brought up to curse Imam Ali (a.s.) and the Members of the House. How would we solve this matter? We would give him the chance to understand the issue as it really is. Taking him to the Imam's house, the house of the Prophet, the Imamate and the spiritual and moral values, would let him reach the truth.

What do we benefit from this story? We lean from this story that many people might accuse you, just because they were told bad things about you.

Those people should be treated with patience and kindness that will enable one to explain to them the truth of the matter.

I personally have suffered from such accusations as those that accused me of being against Fatima Az-Zahra and her husband, Imam Ali (a.s.). But I forgive them because I know they been educated on this by some of the big players.

Those good and pious people have been brainwashed a phenomenon that is also present in political and social life.

Teaching and recommendation.

In this occasion, we would like to review some of the teaching and advice of Imam Al-Hassan: On conferring, he says: "Every time people confer, they will be guided…"

This is the Islamic principle in running things that has been written in the Quran when it talked about conferring as the means to run the affairs of Muslims. Therefore, we should learn that we should not, whether at home or in social and political life, be tyrannical and resort to conferring as a means to reach the right decision.

In one of his sermons, the Imam says in the context of telling man how to live this life: "Keeping away from what Allah has prohibited makes one a worshipper, and be content with what Allah has given you, you will be rich, and be good to your neighbor, you will be a Muslim.

And treat people in the way you like them to treat you, you will be just… There were, before you, peoples who used to accumulate wealth, build palaces and have a lot of ambitions but what they gathered turned into an infertile land, their work became conceit and their houses became graves. O man! You begin to ruin your life from the day you are born". You are the eldest the day you are born and then with each day you lose a part of your life. "Therefore take what you have now (wealth and power) and use it to what is still to come, (The Hereafter). For the believer supplies while the unbeliever spends what he has on his lusts".

These are some of the teachings and guidance of Imam Al-Hassan, who was martyred on this day by the poison given to his wife by Muawiah.

Peace be on him and on his brother Imam Hussein, and their father, Imam Ali, and their mother Az-Zahra and their grandfather, the Messenger of Allah.

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

American Democracy oppresses freedoms

America is destabilizing the region in the name of democracy. It has created several political and security earthquakes in the name of fighting terrorism… It has tried to reproduce the UN Security council resolutions after it reconciled with the EU. They have done all things with such a deal that carried various threats to the countries that dare not carry out the resolutions but in an arbitrary way, just as its wars in the region were primitive and selective.

America in its democratic call refuses any demand that Israel should be democratic and refuses to give the Palestinian people its rights; this people is still under occupation and its barbaric practices, assassinations, demolishing of houses and bulldozing farms, building the racist wall… without any American condemnation or without any European concern. The problem is that America supports what it sees as an Israeli right to keep the large settlements and prevent the Palestinians from going back to their home land and perhaps even in keeping the separation wall, all according to a previously drawn plan, which we do not know what it conceals.

America also refuses to implement all UN resolutions concerning the American-Israeli struggle and it continues to pressurize Syria and Lebanon through UN Security Council resolution 1559 to ensure the interests of the Israeli security especially concerning the arms of Resistance and that of the Palestinian camps.

Our opposition to the US politics does not stem from a complex against it, but from the American commitment to Israel's interests at the expense of the Arab and Muslim peoples. Thus, our position is one of self-defense and not one of aggression.

America talks about freedoms, while it denies them to the downtrodden, and talks about democracy to protect contain dictatorships.

This is why the downtrodden peoples feel a deep down hatred to America, and oppose all its projects in the region. America will not be to change its image in this world unless it changes its arrogant policies.

We call all people in Lebanon and the region to study what is going on in the world carefully especially the American increasing pressures against Lebanon, Syria and Iran… They want the region to put down its arms and succumb to the demands of America and Israel… But we notice that America is moving from one crisis to another especially in Iraq where the American soldiers have sunk in the Iraqi quick sands.

We also call upon the Islamic world to follow up the plot the Jews are executing to make 100 thousand people invade the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem without any American or European condemnation to this aggression on the Islamic sacred shrines, and the threatening of the Islamic future there.

Iraq: Protecting National Unity

In Iraq, we are very concerned with the political development, the raising of the issue of federalism and the debate about which region is a part of the Kurdish area… suggesting that a semi-independent Kurdish state in Iraq is in the making. We, therefore, warn against this game that is led by America and Israel… They seek division and fragmentation in the name of unity while the responsibility of the National Assembly is the protection of the unity of Iraq especially in this critical period.

Lebanon: lying does not save the country:

Lebanon is still witnessing additional divisions as a result of the emotional discourse, and the show of strength with each party throwing further accusations against the others.

The question is: What is the future of this country. Are those who are ruling it will carry it to the safe shore… Are those who are proposing change, but who were a part of its corruption, really seeking a solution, or is the political row is screening the voices that are looking for truth?

Lebanon needs a mind that studies the major issues that the Lebanese differ about… It needs a dialogue about the various points of view without any conditions especially that the people who have the real interests in this country do not see clearly as a result of screening clouds.

Mutual deceit will not save the country and will not reach a decisive result. The danger that the country is subjected to as a result of political tension especially in the street, will lead to fall of the economy, especially in the monetary field, because the vital social services have already been confiscated by the previous governments.

We say to all parties: Don't try to win points against one another, but look at the state, the citizens and the new generations. Freedom is the soul of this country, but there is a difference between those who are trading in its name and those who are making its humane value… The people are afraid of the outcome of this game, and they want the officials to act in a responsible way that ensures security for the entire country as we wait for the future.