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Salient features of Ahl El-Beit (a.s.): Commitment, spirituality and revolution

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 17th August 2007 A.D, 04 Shaaban 1428 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.


The First Sermon

Allah says in His Glorious Book: “Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House! And to purify you a (thorough) purifying”.

Blessed occasions

On the third of the month of Shaaban, we meet with the birth anniversary of Imam Al-Hussein Bin Ali (a.s.), who was born in the third year after Hijra. Then, the fourth of Shaaban marks the birth anniversary of Abul-Fadhl Al-Abbass, and the fifth marks the birth anniversary of Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein (a.s.). On these occasions, we have to inspire from their lives and history to learn how to emulate them in their piety, spirituality and commitment to Islam.

First, we have the anniversary of Imam Al-Hussein, who lived, as a child, with his grandfather, the Prophet of Islam and with his mother, Fatima, and his, father, Ali, who educated him and gave him their knowledge, spirit, and their willpower to struggle for Allah's cause. All Muslims have read what the Messenger (p.) said about him: “Al-Hassan and Hussein are the masters of the Youth in Heaven” and: “Al-Hassan and Hussein are Imams, whether they sit or stand (meaning whether they revolt or not)”. After the death of his father and brothers, Al-Hussein took over to teach the people Islam and open up their minds on Allah, the Most Exalted. The period he lived in Medina was the stage in what he followed his grandfather’s example in teaching and guiding the people, especially on the need to reject wronging and establish justice. He wanted to prepare the Muslim community to distance itself from the line of deviation of the Umayyads, whether that set by Mu’awiyah, who usurped the caliphate from Ali, or that set by his so,n who forced the Muslims to pledge loyalty to him.

The Hussaini slogans

As an Imam, Al-Hussein had the duty to establish reform in his grandfather’s nation. That is why, when there was a chance to act, he did, so as to serve the Message and the nation. He acted, seeking to establish good and forbid evil: “And I am not taking up arms in order to make merry, or be ecstatic over what I possess. I am not making mischief, nor exercising oppression. But, I am ready to fight for the sole goal of seeking reform of the Ummah of my grandfather, the Prophet of Allah I want to enjoin good and forbid evil”. Thus, the movement of Imam Al-Hussein was peaceful one and war-like: “whoever accepts me, not for myself but, by accepting the truth, then Allah is higher than the truth. And whosoever rejects me then I will bear patiently until Allah judges between me and them, and He is the best Judge”.

But those who were deviated and submitted to injustice imposed violence on him and wanted him to accept injustice, but he responded by his eternal words: “By Allah! I will not submit to you the submission of the meek, nor I will avow to you the avowal of slaves”. On the other hand, he used to try to provoke the feelings of the nation and try to make the people more sensitive to the right and wrong, saying: “Yazid , the natural son of an illegitimate has placed me in a dilemma,drawing my sword and fighting or being humiliated by allegiance to him .But it is impossible for us to be humiliated. God, His messenger, thebelievers and my respectable family would not prefer obedience to meanpeople over dying with glory”.

He also used to conduct dialogue with those who confronted him calling them to Allah and to adopt the right, saying: “Have you not noticed that the right is ignored and the evil is not forbidden? This is sufficient for making the believer's desire for meeting Allah rightfully. I consider death as happiness and life with the wrongdoers as boredom”, but they have had their minds shut, telling him that they cannot understand what he was saying. Nevertheless, he continued his march against tyranny and injustice... He then was martyred along with his companions and children, but he accepted this fate since it was seen by Allah and for the cause of Allah.

Although the Imam was martyred, his revolution, as well as its slogans and goals, continued to live in the conscience of the coming generations, and it eventually turned in the various stages of history into revolutions against all arrogance and tyranny to ensure that Allah's word has the upper hand. Thus, the Imam remained a light that lit the minds, the souls and the hearts, calling on the nation to be free and steadfast in the face of the arrogant and the unjust.

Al-Abbass and As-Sajjad

Al-Abbass represented belief in its highest forms, and courage and sacrifice in their most noble and firm manifestations. He stood up with Hussein till the very end, saying, after his right hand was cut, that this will not stop him from defending the true Imam, the son of the Prophet, till the very end. Citing his role and position, Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) used to say: “Our uncle, Al-Abbass was deep in his insight”. To visualize his personality, let us go back and read his visit (Ziyarah): “Assalum Alaikim, O good servant, who obeys Allah, His Messenger, the Commander of the faithful, Imams Hassan and Hussein, what a good and comforting brother you are”.

Imam Zein Al Abideen, Ali Bin Al-Hussein, filled the era he lived in with knowledge, piety and spirituality. He taught the people many aspects of the Islamic culture, whether the Islamic concepts or laws or the spirituality of Islam which he taught through his supplications. We read in his supplications sayings such as: 

I showed sincerity by cutting myself off from everything but Thee.I
approached Thee with my whole self.
I averted my face from everyone who needs Thy support.
I ceased to ask from any who cannot do without Thy bounty.
I saw that the needy who seeks from the needy
is foolish in his opinion,
and misguided in his intellect.
How many people have I seen, my God,
who sought exaltation through other than Thee
and were abased,
who wanted wealth from someone else
and became poor,
who tried to rise high
and fell down low!

And he also used to teach people the guidelines they should adopt in their political and social choices, saying:

Preserve me from imagining any meanness
in someone who is destitute
or imagining any superiorityin someone who possesses wealth,
for the noble is    whom obedience to Thee has ennobled
and the exalted  whom worship of Thee has exalted”.

He also used to guide the people to the straight path they ought to follow, explaining for example the meaning of fanaticism, saying that “it is not fanatical to love your people, but to see the evil among them better than the good among others”. He adds that “fanaticism is not to love your own people, but to support them in wronging others”.

Meaning of Wilayah

Dear loved ones… Ahl El-Beit (a.s.) are the representatives of the Imamate, the Message and the movement of the right. That is why when we pledge our loyalty to them, we must read all their heritage and learn all their knowledge, since they wanted our minds to open up to the truth and to maintain love and unity among us, following the straight path that Allah has set; the path of good and justice. Imam Ali (a.s.) said that the friends of Muhammad are those who obey Allah, although they might be unrelated to him, and those who disobey Allah are the enemies of Muhammad, no matter how related to the Prophet they are.

The impermissibility of hurting or disturbing others

Finally, I would like to point out to the fact that we issued a fatwa that deemed impermissible to burn tires, for it damages the environment and hurts the people. We also prohibited firing arms whether to express joy or grief. We have also deemed impermissible all kinds of fireworks that disturb the people. In this respect, we have noticed lately, that many people are still firing arms even though some people are wounded every time.

I want to emphasize this Fatwa and say to all our brothers and sisters: Shooting to express joy or grief, as well as burning tires and fireworks are all absolutely prohibited (Haram). They also reflect a backward mentality. Arms should only be pointed to defend oneself and the nation. As for protesting, you are not allowed to protest in a way that hurts others. We have to stand against these bad habits that do not honor our society, but rather hurt it. We have to be among those who believe and do good deeds; those who cling to the right and those who advise one another to be patient.

The Second Sermon

Is there A British awakening

In Britain a new view towards the region seems to be emerging. The foreign relations committee in the British House of Commons has issued a statement in which it said that London and the International Community's refusal of conducting a dialogue with Hamas has caused more harm than it did good.

And that isolating Gaza will further endanger peace. In addition, they called on the British Government to consider having a dialogue with moderate elements in Hamas and opening up on Syria to promote stability in the Middle East. The Committee criticized London's stilling in calling for ceasefire to end the war on Lebanon last year, and said that this has undermined the reputation of the United Kingdom.

It also called the government to start a dialogue with the moderate MPS of Hizbullah.

Such statements suggest that the Committee has begun to overstep the outlines of the British foreign policy that were drawn by the US, which indicates that Britain could be moving towards a realistic moderate and independent policy that could have an impact or the policies of the EU that the Americans have been pressurizing.

The Israeli official's apprehension was rather evident, since they have tried to warn the Europeans against having a dialogue with Hamas considering it a "Fatal mistake".

It is interesting that the British Foreign Ministry was quick to respond to the committee claiming that the British Government worked hard for a ceasefire to end the Israeli war, citing the fact that hostilities did not break out again. But we notice the Blair's government – along with America-waited for 33 days for Israel to win the war against the Resistance, but when it could not, it made the Security Council pass a resolution that talks about ending hostilities and not a ceasefire, which by the way, has not been declared yet. The British Government watched the Israelis destroy the Lebanese infrastructure and kill the civilians, without any laudation.

Instead, it encouraged Israel to continue, permitting the Americans to use British airports, to provide Israel with more bombs and advanced weapons.

This British awakening continues to be loyal to Israel, asking the Palestinians to recognize Israeli occupation without recognizing their own freedom, and with out demanding that Israel would draw its borderlines. That is why the EU refused to recognize the Palestinian national unity government and stopped all aid to the Palestinian. They do not respect the Arabs who have yielded to the International Community that is dominated by America, France and Britain in the Security Council.

Some political Advice:

The problem with the western Administrations is that they want to impose their conditions on the Arabs and Muslims as if they have the right to interfere in all their political economic and security conditions. And this is what we are facing in the stand against the Iranian nuclear project, which the EU and the US could not prove that it seeks to make a nuclear bomb. The sanctions are based on mere suspicions that conceal the real motive of depriving Iran from the opportunity of possessing nuclear know-how even for peaceful purposes, like that of power, which even the countries that are allied with America, including the Gulf countries have been contemplating especially that oil might run out in the coming decades.

We advise the EU states not to submit to the American policies, since they have an interest in establishing good economic relations with the Middle East states especially that these relations were historically in favour of the European interests, although colonialism has ended.

Misguiding the Palestinians

Israel continues its aggressions and massacres against the Palestinian people in Gaza, as well as detaining them in the West Bank. But we do not hear any Western condemnations for the fall of victims by means of American weapons, except some shy statements that are worthless. Similarly there are no denouncements by the Arab states that have started to establish good relations with Israel even to the extent of mutual political and security planning, to the extent that they now are trying to find the best means of containing their peoples and preventing them from being committed to the line of Resistance and opposition. If this trend continues Israel might become an active member of the Arab League.

If there are those who are talking about peace in the region and about the conference president Bush has promised to convene, we refer them to the talk of the head of foreign relations Committee in the House of Representatives who said that he does not except any sound achievements from this conference.

Moreover, the foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons has said that the Road Map has become to a large extent inapplicable, although we should preserve its goals.

Adding to all this is the fact that the man appointed for the peace talks, Blair, is a good friend of Israel and not the Arabs. Moreover, some Western officials are stating clearly that nothing can be achieved during Bush's tenure… The proposed conference will only waste more time, as the Arab states are used to with their relations with the American Administrations.

The future is for the Mujahideen:

We say to the Palestinians, you have to make every effort to retrieve your national unity, through dialogue among all parties... We have to do this even at a time Israel is pressurizing the Palestinian Authority to prevent it from establishing any dialogue with Hamas.

We say to those in the PA who might think that America will liberate their lands that they have to go back to reason and understand that America works for Israel in the fields of politics security and economics, at the expense of all regional states. Iran wants Israel to be strong and all the other states to be weak.

This is what we want our Arab and Muslim peoples to understand. The future will not respect those who do not respect their freedom and fate, and those who leave others who only seek to deviate over the entire region, determine their fate for them. We say to them what Imam Hussein said: Be free in your lives".

Washington destabilizes Lebanon:

America and several other European and Arab states are blocking any realistic attempt to forge a solution to the Lebanese political impasse.

A number of European countries who tried to solve the crisis and restore stability have gone back on their suggestion, as a result of direct and indirect US pressures. In addition, a number of Arab states, which had earlier undertaken mediation efforts to solve the Lebanese deadlock have also stopped their efforts under American pressure. Political rows dominate the country, leading to deep rifts that could develop into the chaos President Bush had planned for. There might be two governments or a political vacuum, which could lead to additional dangers that Lebanon does not have the means to overcome, especially with the international interventions that do not want Lebanon to reach the shore of safety.