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In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, the Merciful.

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque,17th March  2006, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Imam Al-Rida:
A Role Model in Knowledge
Worship and love of God

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Imam's Knowledge and Wisdom:

God says in His Glorious Book: Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless..

On this day, the 17th of the month of Safar, as most historians agree, Imam Ali bin Musa Al-Rida(a.s.) died.

The Imam filled the era he lived in with his knowledge, wisdom and guidance. People used to visit him to learn the facts of life and Islam. He was such an outstanding and unique scholar that when other religious scholars could not answer a question they would tell the people to go to the Imam and ask him “for he knows what we do not”. One of his contemporaries said:

I have not seen any one more knowledgeable than Ali bin Musa Al-Rida.

Any scholar who saw him came out with the same testimony.

Al-Ma'moun gathered a number of the best theologians and jurists to contest him, but he beat all of them. His companions, complied the questions he answered and they reached about 18 thousand answers. His father, Imam Musa bin Jaafar, used to tell his children: This is your brother Ali bin Musa the scholar of Muhammad's family. Ask him about your religion, and learn what he tells you.

Imam Al-Rida was at the summit of the Muslim world to the extent that when Al-Ma'noun wanted to punish the Abbasids for choosing his brother, he chose to appoint Al-Rida as his successor, for he did not find any one better then him in knowledge and morals.

The Imam refused at first, for he did not want to take part in this struggle, but he then accepted to take advantage of this opportunity to teach the people the righteous and authentic Islam. Al-Ma'moun asked the poets of that time to praise Al-Rida but Abu Nawas, the famous Arab poet, hesitated. When asked he answered in a beautiful poem in which he said that he could not praise an Imam whom Gabriel was a servant to his father.

One of the companions of Imam Al-Rida described his social manners saying: "I have never seen the Imam rude to any body. And he never interrupted any body's talk. And he never refused to offer a favour he knew he was capable of doing … He never cursed any of His slaves… He never laughed in a high voice. Has laugher was but smiling.

Real kinship

As to his respect of the poor and especially to the servants and slaves, traditions have it that he used to sit with them at the same table refusing to let them sit at a separate one for we have "the same god, the same father and the same mother. And Allah rewards we people for what they do"… we are all the children of Adam and Eve and the servants of Allah. The only difference between us is in what we do.

He also said to one of his companions, who wanted to stress the importance of being related to the Messenger. "I do not think that I am better than this (black slave) because I am related the Messenger except if I have done good deeds". This gives us a general role in Islam that the linage no matter how great it is, does not make an individual better than others. Imam Ali(a.s.) says: Verily the lover of Muhammad is the person who loves Allah although he might be far from him in relationship. And verily the enemy of Muhammad is the person who disobeys Allah even if he’s a close relative".

Imam Ali bin Al-Hussein was seen crying in his prayers despite the fact that his grandfathers were the Messenger (p) and Imam Ali (as), while his grandmother was Fatima (as) and Al-Hussein (as) was his father, he told him that Allah created heaven for those who obey him even if they were slaves and he created hell for those who disobey him even if they were from the nobility of Quraish (the most noble Arabian tribe).

. This is the righteous Islamic line that Allah taught the Imams then emphasized.

Following the teachings of the Quran

Imam Al-Rida used to ask the people to read the Quran in a profound manner to understand its concepts and follow its commands. He described the Quran as, the words, of God which should not be surpassed, "nor should you seek guidance anywhere else lest you will be deviated”. He also quoted his father citing Imam As-Sadiq as saying that the Quran was eternally new because Allah did not send it for one people or for a certain age . It is valid in all times and for all people until the Day of Judgment.

Helping the weak is the best charity

This saying by Imam Rida was intended for those who believe that such an act is not a part of charity, He meant to explain to the people that charity is not only giving money to the poor, but also giving the weak any kind of strength. This is better than giving them money. Giving some money in charity might solve a limited problem but providing with strength is like giving a new spirit that will allow him to face his troubles.

He also wanted man to befriend his mind, since the mind is what distinguishes right from wrong. It is thus; a grace that makes you accountable before Allah, and it is also an internal messenger.

He also told some people who entrust their money with someone who will then betray their trust: "The trustworthy did not betray you it is you who chose a traitor”. Choosing those who are worthy of trust is our responsibility not only in money but also in all aspects of life including choosing the political and religious leadership.

In sum, you have to study the people before you entrust them with anything because Allah will hold your responsible for your choices.

What worshipping is

Some people might think that worship is performing a lot of praying and fasting, but it is not so according to Imam Rida who Maintains that worship is” thinking about God". He also wanted the people to call for Islam . One of his companions relates the following story : imam Rida said once: "May the Mercy of Allah be upon the servant who keeps alive our commandment". I asked him how the one could keep your commandment alive. He said: "He (can) learn our sciences and teach them to people. In fact, if people knew (the merits) and goodness of our speech, surely they would follow us."

The Imam wanted the people to know the meaning of listening to others. He quoted the Messenger as saying. "Who listens to a spokesman would be worshipping him".

Those who listen to spokesman of Allah worship Allah and those who listen for a spokesman of the devil will be worshipping the devil.

The greatness of Ahl el- beit is that they knew God and the Messenger , and that they were unique on their knowledge , worship and loving people. That is why we have to abide by their teachings and follow their model with our hearts, souls and minds. May Allah bless the Imam the day he was born , the day he died and the day he will return to life .

The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Palestine, the perpetual victim

In Palestine, the Zionist stormed a prison in Jericho where some Palestinian militants are detained, as well as barracks for Palestinian security forces, killing and wounding several people with the blessing and support of the British and the Americans. The stage in their view is one of Zionist elections that needs Palestinian victims, and humiliation of Palestinians that perhaps could make Kadima win the elections.

This proves how much the American and the British in their hatred coordinate with Zionists, to the extent that the excuses these two states made are but a joke…

Moreover, it is curious that most of the Arab officials remained silent and did not protest.

This attitude makes us conclude that the Arab regimes, especially the ones that made peace with the enemy either diplomatically or in actual practice, intersect with the International Community, including the Security Council, in keeping the Palestinians under the mercy of Zionist shelling and hatred.

Arab's defeatism

It is the age of shame and defeatism in which the Arabs and the Muslims stand at the edge, to be ordered by the Security Council and others to jump into the unknown, or to be forced by the American Secretary of State to succumb to Israeli demands as in the call on Hamas to recognize Israel to guarantee the peace in the Middle East that could not be achieved even through the Quartet Committee, except according to the Israeli conditions that leave no room for a viable Palestinian state.

Call on Iraqis to be cautious

It is also the age of suppression in which the nation is slaughtered in the name of sectarian slogans, while many parties in Iraq and else where are warning against civil strife between the Shiites and the Sunnis, as a consequence of the massacres committed by the occupation and the takifirryoon (those who accuse others of unbelief) that consider the killing of Muslims who follow Ahl el-Beit as lawful, leading to bloody reactions in one way or anther.

Moreover, the political differences in Iraq have prevented the establishment of a national unity government leaving Iraq at the mercy of political and security anarchy, which provides an excuse for the occupier to stay, although they have stated on several occasions that they will not remain for long in Iraq, the milting cow, and the strategic location.

We urge the Iraqis to be aware of the arrogant games, and not be preoccupied in their partisan and sectarian differences, and call them to be cautious towards those who create the tragedy everyday.

Iran and the West

The Iranian peaceful nuclear issue will be discussed by the Security Council which contains America and its allies that gave the Zionist Enemy all the help it needed to make the nuclear weapons and prevented anyone from punishing it for they believe the Israel is above any accountability.

Although the military option is being used as a threat, we believe that we are still in the phase of media pressure, since all parties know that a war against Iran will burn the entire region. The world will also face a lot of problems as a result of the economical war that will change several equations. Therefore, the states of the region should think about how to protect themselves from the American and European adventures that have already sunk in Iraq.

Is it made in Lebanon?

As another round of the Lebanese dialogue, which gave the political leaders a chance to get to know one another is about to start , ends, we hope that it will achieve some positive and practical results. We would like those leaders to be serious and honest in proving that the dialogue is made in Lebanon, since some embassies are trying to exercise undue influence, especially concerning international resolutions that some, like resolution 1559, were made in Israel, to call for disarming the resistance under the cover of establishing internal security, leaving Lebanon defenceless against Israeli attack.

Many Lebanese are making fun about the presidential elections. They feel that the role of the Lebanese is to listen to what is being told to them by Arab and international powers, and elect whom these powers agree on.

On the other had, we call for a dialogue on the economic issue, starting with the budget which lies under a big deficit that might lead to imposing additional taxes on the poor.

Then there is the debt that consumes all the national products and people's savings.

We ask both the majority and the minority. What plans do you have to solve this economic problem? And save the country from collapse?

Are you waiting for Beirut -1-, which is surrounded by the entire internal crisis?

Then why are using this negative language towards the Arab brothers treating Israel and America as members of the camp of friends while the Arabs as enemies, do all the parties have the same image of sovereign Lebanon! Or is it preserving the old Lebanon with some formal changes only?