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Lectures > 2006 Speeches > 17/02/2006

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque,17th February 2006, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumuía prayer.

Dealing in the best way is a comprehensive program


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The best deeds

God says in the His Glorious Book :Blessed is He in Whose hand is the kingdom, and He has power over all things,

He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed: and He is the Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving;-

He also says: That which is on earth we have made but as a glittering show for the earth, in order that We may test them - as to which of them are best in conduct

In these verses, God wants to emphasize to all people that one should live in this world in competition with others on doing good deeds. The motive should not be trying to become the richest or boosting that you are the most beautiful, but to uphold the responsibility Allah has entrusted us with towards ourselves, the others and towards life. One should live to do the best deeds in all fields whether in knowledge, production, emphasizing human rights, or supporting the right and helping the poor and standing against the wrong and the unjust.

This is the story of life and death. God has brought us to life to learn how life moves through practice. And then when we die and return to Him, we will have to submit our good deeds. These good deeds will be rewarded in the Hereafter, which mirrors our actions in this world. That is what we should think about, since money and beauty and power will punish with man, but man's deeds will stay and enter the grave with him. And it will stay with him until the Day of Judgement, where he will be rewarded or punished : And obey Allah and His Messenger; and fall into no disputes, lest ye lose heart and your power depart; and be patient and persevering: For Allah is with those who patiently persevere and Enter into it, then bear (it) patiently, or do not bear (it) patiently, it is the same to you; you shall be requited only (for) what you did.

Orphan's Money

Doing good deeds and acting in the best way covers all expects of life including how we deal, for example, with the inheritance of orphans we are entrusted with. Come not nigh to the orphan's property except to improve it, until he attains the age of full strength; and fulfill (every) engagement, for (every) engagement will be enquired into (on the Day of Reckoning.
Try to save and increase the orphan's money, until they are mature adults :Make trial of orphans until they reach the age of marriage; if then ye find sound judgment in them, release their property to them; but consume it not wastefully, nor in haste against their growing up. If the guardian is well-off, Let him claim no remuneration, but if he is poor, let him have for himself what is just and reasonable. When ye release their property to them, take witnesses in their presence: But all-sufficient is Allah in taking account.
Allah has warned us from the consequences of usurping the orphan's money who cannot defend himself, as in the case of elder children taking the money of their younger brothers and sisters :Those who unjustly eat up the property of orphans, eat up a Fire into their own bodies: They will soon be enduring a Blazing Fire!


Greeting too should be returned in the best way :And when you are greeted with a greeting, greet with a better (greeting) than it or return it; surely Allah takes account of all things.

Traditions have it that Greetings is of two rewards, 69 for the one who offers it and one for the one who returns it, but he who returns in a better way will earn ten rewards.

Calling for God

Allah says in His Holy Book: Call to the way of your Lord which includes everything that Allah wants man to believe and work by ,with wisdom and goodly exhortation(wisdom is putting things in their place in while goodly exhortation is what penetrates the heart and drives it to open up and reach with love and tenderness.

and have disputations with them in the best manner; surely your Lord best knows those who go astray from His path, and He knows best those who follow the right way . Use the style and the words that endears people, the words that unite and not the ones that disperse.

Thus, you have to prepare all the conditions and the words to convince the others in what you believe in.

As for their guidance, you are not responsible of this aspect-since it has to do with several subjective and objective elements and not only a word you say or a speech you give.

Allah also commands us to "say what is best"Ö When we talk to others
(your husband, your wife your children ) try to choose the best words; study what your are about to say, and how it would be received, and choose the best words those that concentrate love and good relations so as not to let Satan exploit the situation to create dissention .

Say to My servants that they should (only) say those things that are best: for Satan doth sow dissensions among them: For Satan is to man an avowed enemy.

This is Allah's call to His Messenger, to educate the Islamic nation or using good words so as not to give Satan a chance to create enmities. How to conduct a dialogue

In dialogue too, and in discussions with those of different religions, especially the Christians and Jews whom the Muslims were discussing matters with, Allah wants us to argue with them in the best way except those who inflict wrong for those don't believe in any dialogue And dispute ye not with the People of the Book, except with means better (than mere disputation), unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury): but say, "We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one; and it is to Him we bow (in Islam)."
for Muslims believe in the Quran, the Bible and the Torah and in all Messengers.

Rebel with what is better

We also read in the Quran how Allah guides us to solve the problems or the feuds that we might fall into like those between the husband and wife, and parents and children or at larger level between tribes or between political parties. How do we solve these problems? God says that there are two ways: violence and tolerance or lenience.

But God says that goodness can't be equal to evil, and violence cannot be equal to evil, and violence cannot be equal to lenience. Repel with what is better. Then will be between whom and there was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate. Choose the way that turns you enemy into a friend for Allah wants us to befriend the world. He wants us to broaden the scope of friends and reduce the number of our enemies. But we should not compromise our principles, but rather seek to earn the friendship of others to our causes and religion.

Allah emphasizes that such an option requires an intellectual cultural and spiritual effort as well as a strong will power "And no one will be created such good new except those who exercise patience and self-restraint. And this is what was asserted by the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s.), when he encouraged us to increase our friends saying: "The most incompetent is he who cannot make friends, but he loses the friends he had already made is even more incompetent.

Furthermore, God also wants us to listen to all sermons political stands or social positions, and only follow what is best after we thoroughly study what we had heard "Those who listen to the word and follow the best".

In this respect, Allah tells us that in all our life the best word is the world of Islam: Who is better in speech then the one who calls for Allah, works righteousness and says I am a Muslim. This is the world of man who asserts his Islam and his call to God, and adheres to righteousness. And emphasizes in every act or saying he does or says that he is a Muslim.


The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Failing Hamas

In Palestine, Israel continues to bombing Gaza, killing assassinating and destroying without any objection from the International Quartet Committee.

Moreover, Israel decided to annexe Jordan rift valley which constitutes about a third of West Bank's area, having almost finished the construction of the Western separation wall. Thus, Israel is destroying the last component of an independent Palestinian state, preventing it form any future expansion, and denying the Palestinians any chance for agricultural and industrial development, and depriving them from an outlet on the Dead sea.

The Western States are also exerting pressures on Hamas that was chosen democratically and freely by the Palestinian people. They are demanding that Hamas should recognize Israel first, without pressurizing Israel to recognize Palestine, the land, the politics and the economy, since the Zionist state does not conceive any right for the Palestinian people whether in their land or in self-determination.It only accepts giving them what it is left of the shattered land as an act of charity.

We also notice, that America and the European Union have announced that they will sanction the Palestinians if Hamas rules, since their aid was not meant for the people of Palestine but to allure then to their Israeli oriented policies of dominating all Palestinian land, prevent the Palestinian refuges from returning and turn those in Palestine into a work force in their factories and farms.

America is planning along with Israel and all its allies, to fail Hamasís experiment in ruling, but we believe that it will be successful in government as it was in Jihad. It will prove to the world that it will remain committed to all the causes of its paper.

We ask the Muslim and Arab world to bear its responsibility in supporting and financially aiding Hamas for the benefit of the entire Palestinian people since such aid will support its struggle for freedom and independence.

On its part, the United States is still planning and working on consolidating its power over the entire world.

It accuses any state or movement that tries to liberate its lands and will from the arrogant hegemony of terrorism.

Thus, America and the European Union are trying to deny Iran the nuclear technology it needs for peaceful purposes. They have declared war against Iran and accused it of planning to make the bomb, while we all know that America and other major powers have thousands of nuclear heads.

America, and Israel, represent the most barbaric kind of terrorism. The international media, including the American media, are talking about the torturing the detainees in Iraq Guantanmu and all the Americam prisons in the world.

America the biggest terrorist

Moreover, the Americans are torturing the Iraqis in the big prison of occupied Iraq, which turns the American talk about human rights into a ridiculous joke. The only thing they care for is the human rights of the Americans and Israelis.

This is what all the world, especially the Third world, should understand so as to be able to protect itself from the war against it under the pretence of fighting terrorism, at a time everyone knows that America supports the terrorist regimes and movements in all the world and fights the free regimes and movements.

Consolidating foreign tutelage

This is what we notice in its Lebanese policy of tutelage: The American President and his secretary of state interfere in every Lebanese affair and even in the issue of the presidency.

It incites its people in the Lebanese political club to destabilize the situation and shake the coexistence formula, serving the Israeli project. It also demands the implementation of the international resolutions that the Zionistas announced that they are behind it, especially the once that have to do with the resistance which has never interfered in the internal front but has always been a reserve army to protect Lebanon.

We say to the International Community: The Lebanese will accept to implement the international resolutions if Israel agrees on implementing all of them.

The international legitimacy you demand cannot be divided. We want the freedom, independence and sovereignty for Lebanon.

No Lebanese accepts to succumb to a foreign dictates that will deprive him of his freedom whether from our near or far away power. The rhetoric of the Lebanese should be wise, calm and moderate so as to rise the level of the Lebanese awareness and not arouse their instincts . They should keep away from the inciting language that does not serve the country or build the future.

O Lebanese: Have mercy on your country and do not kick it around like a ball to score personal points, while you should all seek to accumulate additional points for the country and for all parties. The international community, that is dominated by the US and planned for by Israel, wants to use your country as a card to exert pressure somewhere else.

You have suffered enough from the game of nations, and you should not allow it to direct you instead of seeking to promote the interests of your own country and build its future .