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Lectures > 2006 Speeches > 15/12/2006

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque,15th December 2006, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The Social and Ethical
Role of Enjoining Good and Forbidding Wrong


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil

Allah says in His Glorious Book: And from among you there should be a party who invite to good and enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong, and these it is that shall be successful.

In this Holy Ayah and in several other Ayahs and Traditions, God and His Messenger(p.) emphasize that enjoining good and forbidding wrong is one of the religious duties. The Good in this case encompasses all what Allah wants man to do, because it benefits man, while the wrong is all what Allah wants man to leave because it hurts his private or public life.

Thus enjoining good and forbidding evil is a religious duty just as any other religious daily, such as praying, fasting and pilgrimage.

It also has, like other duties, an execution procedure, determining how to perform it. Through this social duty Allah wanted the nation to act as a watcher over itself by asking a party of the nation to monitor all what is happening in the community in order to determine how much the community is committed to what Allah has ordered them to do and what he prevented them from doing, so that they would correct any deviation from the Right path using all possible means.

The Nation's Issues

This duty of enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong is not restricted to personal or individual issues in man's behaviour. It also includes all social defects and deviations, including when people happen to be influenced by sectarian incitations which threaten the unity of the nation over its vital and crucial causes, as well as its religion. In such cases, the entire community should thwart causes, as well as its religious. In such cases the entire world should thwart the attempts to incite civil or sectarian strife and confront those who incite them. They should try to mediate between the people when they differ and confront all rumours that weaken the nation and undermine its immunity.

This is also true with respect to the nation's economy: When people start to unlawfully taking the rights and money of the others, ignoring what Allah has prohibited, or if the merchants start to monopolize goods, especially the vital materials…In such a case, we have to execute this religious duty that calls for standing against the monopolizers and the cheaters or those who make mischief on earth this is also what Imam Ali said in last will in which he told his sons Imams Hassan and Hussein as well as all those whom his message is conveyed to: "Be adversaries to the wrongdoer and supporters of the wronged.”

Thus, the duty of enjoining the good and forbidding the bad is a duty that encompasses all social aspects of life and one that deals with any social deviation on all levels. This means that the nation should educate itself and learn what is permissible and what is prohibited and what is good and what is bad. One can not enjoin the good and forbid the bad if he does not know what is good and what is bad. Thus the entire community should learn all about Islam to stand against any deviation.

Facing wrongdoing

Allah says in His Glorious Book Those who disbelieved from among the children of Israel were cursed by the tongue of Dawood and Isa, son of Marium; this was because they disobeyed and used to exceed the limit. They used not to forbid each other the hateful things (which) they did; certainly evil was that which they did.

Prophet Muhammad says: You should enjoin good and forbid the bad, or Allah will let the bad among you rule over the good. Then when the good among you would supplicate they will not be answered. If we ignore this duty, the bad among us who support arrogance wrongdoing and mischief will increase.

This religious duty also applies on the political levels, whether against an arrogant leader or those who support the arrogant and the occupier.

If the arrogant players were free to act as they see fit, they would undermine all the vital and critical issues of the nations.

Therefore to oppose any political deviations of the rulers or within the political circles is a duty of every Muslim man and women, since Allah wants the nation to attain the rights of the downtrodden usurped by the arrogant, and if it fails to do so the arrogant and the wrongdoer will dominate… And this is what the Muslim nation is living in several places, because it no longer performs the duty of enjoining the good and forbidding the bad with people saying I have nothing to do with the affairs of others, or with the decisions of the rulers. Being neutral or indifferent is what makes the wrongdoers and tyrants take control of the society. Imam Al-Kazim says: Convey what is good and say what is good and do not be an Umaa, which is to say I am with the people and I am like any of them. He added: There are two spheres that of Good and that of Bad. Don't make the realm of bad be more to your likening than that of the good.


The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

America and world Conflicts

Political and security conflicts have been accumulating in the Arab and Muslim worlds, as a result of the Western plan that America leads to dominate over the region's recourses, especially that most of the Arab and Muslim countries have yielded to the Western influence and lost any effectiveness in running their affairs and solving their problems…

America has been trying to create problems between regional states and internal sectarian strives inside these states in which a Muslim would fight his brother Muslim as a result of a Takifiri mentality.

A case in point should be what is happening in Iraq where we have always maintained that the daily killings whether initiated or as a reaction are but crimes in any Islamic criterion. It is impermissible for a Shiite to kill a Sunni or a Sunni to kill a Shiites, as it is impermissible for both of them to hurt anybody who made peace with them or any innocent man for that matter.

The situation in Iraq has escalated the sectarian and confessional sensitivities in many parts of the Islamic world to the extent that the people felt that ground is shaking under their feet.

In this stormy atmosphere the American and European West has interfered deep in our internal affairs to increase the complexity of the problems while those in charge do not have any role in solving their problems or running their affairs. This is what we have noticed in Palestine that remains a hostage of the Western and American plan that aims at enabling Israel of achieving its strategic goals, as well as keeping the blockade against the Palestinians preventing them from establishing the national unity government and leading them to engage in a civil war that enables Israel to complete its settlement strategy.

In Iraq, that witnesses escalating daily killing, the internal political struggle is also escalating in a way that no government will be able to settle the situation and no reconciliation efforts will succeed as long as the occupation intends to stay.

All what this occupation cares for is solving its own problems and how to get out of its impasse but it does not think about the interests of the Iraqis.

In Afghanistan, the NATO was unable to provide security and stability to this country. On the contrary, it made it enter into a state of security and economic confusion and turmoil.

In Sudan, the Americans are trying to interfere in their internal affairs through the United Nations, while Somalia is plunging into a state of chaos that drains its internal resources.

As for Iran, America and the EU are trying to impose sanctions on the Islamic Republic, and deny its right of possessing nuclear power for peaceful purposes, at a time the enemy's prime minister announces to the entire world that it possess nuclear weapons, while the Security Council permanent members do not feel that this represents a threat to the region and the world.

On the other hand, the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, says that Iran constitutes a strategic threat to the entire Middle East.

The West will not solve the Lebanese Problem.

The West and certain Arab countries do not accept the opposition's right in expressing itself by peaceful and democratic means.

Instead it pressurizes to serve the interests of one party. This posses many questions regarding their goals, and suggests that America still uses Lebanon as a bas to execute its plan in the region that cares only about the Israeli interests.

This is what the Lebanese should understand: the West will not solve any problem, since it supports one party against the others, with Israel is taking the same position from the internal Lebanese conflicts.

Faced by this, we praise the stands of all those who call for Islamic unity – especially the religious scholars, for they are concerned with the unity of Muslims as a basis for the unity of the Lebanese.

And we call on all parties to join them in their position that opens up on the issues of the nation.

We want the Lebanese people to return to its rationality in facing their problem without inciting sectarian or confessional sensitivities. This is the only way to solve their problems, a way that is based on citizenry and mutual interests and by means of a realistic understanding free from any foreign pressures. And relying only on the free will of the Lebanese.