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Lectures > 2006 Speeches > 13/10/2006

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 13th October 2006/ 20 Ramadan 1427 H, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

On the Occasion of the Martyrdom of the knight of Islam
Let us follow his path in adhering to unity and defending the Right


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Loving God

Allah says in His Glorious Book: And among men is he who sells himself to seek the pleasure of Allah; and Allah is Affectionate to the servants. This human being, Ali (a.s.) has sold himself to God. His mind, heart and all his being was to God, from the day he was born in one of the Houses of Allah until he died in another house of Allah.

This is his secret, the secret of the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib whom we are recalling his martyrdom, when he was stabbed by Ibn Maljam, as he was praying at dawn in the mosque of Kufa. And this is why he said: In the name of Allah and on the religion of His Messenger. By the Lord of Kaa'ba, I have won. This is what he always thought about: to live his entire life serving the cause of Islam and to die adhering to the line of Islam. And this is what he told the Prophet when the latter told him that he was weeping for what they will do with you in this month.
The Commander of the Faithful asked "O' the Prophet of Allah, will that be for the safety of my Faith".

He replied, "Yes, it will be with the safety of your Faith. He was glad because that was all what he cared for.

And this also why Imam Hussein (a.s.) said when he was about to be martyred , that he does not care how or where he gets killed as long as it is for the cause of Allah.

The Knight of Islam

When we remember the Imam in this month, we remember the champion of the battle of Badr, for he played a vital and heroic role in this battle that occurred in this month, and through which Allah wanted to tell the Arabs of that time that there was another power in addition to that of Quraish and that they should not be afraid of Quraish when they wish to join Islam. This was the battle of Badr in which the Imam killed half of the infidels who fell in that war, although he had had no previous combat training. His strength was a product of his belief. That is why Gabriel said according to historians.

There is no hero except Ali (a.s.). There is no sword except his sword Zulifqar.

Ali (a.s.) was also present in the conquest of Mecca which also occurred in this Month. The Messenger(p.) was planning to open Mecca peacefully without spilling one drop of blood. That is why when the man carrying the banner said: Today is the day of Slaughter there is no security today, he gave the banner to Ali (a.s.) ordering him to say: Today is the day of Mercy and forgiveness. This tells us that Imam Ali (a.s.) fought when the Islamic interest demanded fighting and made peace when it required peace.

This is what he inspired from the Messenger when he asked the Meccans after opening Mecca: What do you think I will do to you? And when they told him, relying on his sublime manners, that he was their honourable brother he said: There is no blame on you today, and left them all free.

Thus Ali (a.s.) was the knight and hero of Islam. He was also the teacher for the Messenger(p.) used to day: "I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate". While the Imam used to say: "The Messenger taught me one thousand branches of knowledge of each one thousand branches are opened for me. The Messenger(p.) also said: Ali (a.s.) with the Right and the Right is with Ali. It turns with him wherever he turns. Ali (a.s.) describes his sufferings as a result of adhering to the right in saying: "The Right has left me with no friends". For they wanted him for themselves, while he wanted them for God. He stayed with Islam even he was denied his right in the caliphate after the death of the Messenger(p.) . He expressed his stand in this wise statement that shows how dedicated he was: I will keep the peace as long as the affairs of Muslims are sustained and the only injustice falls on me in particular.

Following his Lead

When we remember Ali (a.s.), we have to learn from him how to be with the Right, how we defend Islam and preserve its unity and that of the Muslims. Especially in these difficult circumstances in which the world of arrogance and unbelief wants to undermine the strength of Islam and Muslims, we have to stay with Ali (a.s.), with his heroism, his Jihad and learn how to be with the Messenger and with God, for Ali used to love Allah and His Messenger and was loved by Allah and His Messenger.

Being of his Shiites means adhering to his thought, his beliefs and following his lead in all his actions. May Allah bless him the day he was born, the day he was martyred and the day will be brought back to life.


The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


The American Arrogance and the World

As a result of the American Administration vicious plots that aim at promoting its own interests at the expense of the interests of all the nations of the world with our region in its forefront, the entire world, including the Islamic world, is still suffering from local, regional and international problems.

We have seen the latest phase in fuelling these problems in the visit of the American Secretary of State that summoned several Arab foreign ministers she considers moderate to form a political alliance against those she considers extremists.

She aims at destabilizing the relations between these “moderate” countries and between Iran, Syria and the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. But, although she promised to produce some positive results in Palestine, she was not able to attain anything for the Palestinian people, for she does not have the means to pressurise the enemy's. The role she played was trying to incite the official authority against Hamas in an effort to fall the government. Such escalating tensions might lead to the catastrophe of civil war and this is probably the gaol the enemy in seeking.

In Iraq, the daily tragedy of barbaric massacres committed by the occupation and its allies, whether directly, goes on and on. In addition, the state of sectarian killing abduction and displacement continues aiming at creating a de facto partition that is supported by the occupation.

Iran faces the Arrogant project.

Iran is still being falsely accused of planning to produce the atomic bomb. But what America and its European allies really aim at is to deny Iran – the scientific nuclear technology that enables it and the Islamic world to serve the causes of economic development and prosperity.

America wants the Islamic countries to remain in need of the West on security economic and scientific fields.

Meanwhile, America talks about the sanctions that will be imposed on Iran, but Iran will confront all these threats, for it is fighting for the cause of freedom and dignity.

The North Korean Shock

The North Korean atomic test constituted a major shock to the Arrogant powers who exerted extensive pressure, to prevent it, especially that America, and its allies, wants to monopolize the possession of the bomb, but this does not include Israel that is said to have 200 nuclear heads, on the grounds that it is threatened. Such a claim is a black comedy that makes a widow laugh, for Israel is the one that constitutes a threat to the states of the region due to its strategic alliance with the US… Then Washington had to accept the Fact that both India and Pakistan possess the bomb. And now its North Korea's turn, for America did not offer the Koreans what they asked for regarding non-aggression.

Defying the US Policies

The challenges that the US face whether from states, liberation movements and those it calls "fundamentals" has made the US stumble in the countries it occupies directly, Iraq and Afghanistan, and indirectly – Palestine.

We believe that this arrogant state will be met by the nations’ rejection and confrontation of its policies.

In addition, problems are already facing the President of this administration inside his country, as a result of the various scandals that are besieging him.

God wants us to reject arrogance and to stand against all the unjust and to face all aggression pressures. He wants us to be free and dignified, for this is an integral part of the faith of unifying Allah that rejects any kind of slavery.

Lebanon in the political maze

Lebanon is still living in a political maze as a result of the rows that emerge every now and then and the accusations, both the loyalists and the opposition throw at one another. The calls for a dialogue might not be fruitful, for the Lebanese politicians are not the country decision makers, because there are foreign forces that are manipulating Lebanese decisions through embassies and international envoys.

Meanwhile, most of the Lebanese are living below the line the poverty, since their appetites can not be satisfied by holding Ramadan iftars, and making speeches that will only provide them with confusing statements. May Allah help the weakened in this country that is still in the hands of the well – off who have made their riches at the Lebanese people's expense, and by stealing the budget through the corruption system that plagues the so-called Lebanese state.