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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 09th November 2007 A.D, 29 Chawal 1428 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The Moral and Social
System of Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.)


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


The Imamate is the Continuity of the Prophet's Message.

We are still commemorating the death of Imam As-Sadiq. This Imam who opened up on all Muslims and all people. He tried to let Islam enter the minds and hearts of all people and all life.

All the Imams talked in the same way Imam As-Sadiq did, narrating what the Prophet said to prove that they are not jurists who could be either wrong or right in their judgment, but that their Imamate was a light from Allah and His Messenger, that is why the Imam used to say: My sayings are those of my father, Muhammad Al-Baqir, and his sayings are those of my grandfather's sayings and those are of Al-Hussein while those of Al-Hussein are the sayings of Ali(a.s.), and the sayings of Ali are the sayings of Muhammad (p.) who heard them from Jibril who conveyed Allah's, The Most Exalted sayings .

The Imam was a universal encyclopaedia… Muslims never faced a problem which had to do with history, the present and the future, which the Imam did not have an opinion on, since he felt that the Imamate is an official authority whether the Imam held an official post or not. It is the trust of Prophets and the Imam has to spread Islam as it came in Allah's Book, explaining it and enlightening the people's minds and hearts, being the commands and sayings of Allah, The Most Exalted.

This is the meaning of the Infallibility of Ahl el-Beit who are infallible in everything they say or do, since they are the light that guides the people, with the light of the Book and the Sunna of His Messenger (p.).

The Ethical System

In all his heritage, Imam As-Sadiq was establishing an Islamic ethical system that has to do with what the individual and the society behave. He instituted that on both his personal sayings as well as those of the Messenger.

Thus, we call upon all those who are Islamically knowledgeable, especially in Islamic morals to study the ethical system detailed by Imam Jaa'far As-Sadiq.

The Muslims have lost a lot when they distanced the Members of the House (Ahl el-Beit) from the positions of ruling and replaced them with others who are neither knowledgeable nor infallible. Had Ahl el-Beit ruled they would have continued the Messenger's thrive to build a Humane ethical society whose ethics are of a degree cannot be attained by the people in their ordinary culture.

Let us read some of the Imam's saying in this aspect. Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) said that three are the closest to Allah on the Day of Judgment: A man whose rage did not lead him to be unjust towards those who are weaker than him – like the husband towards his wife and children, or the employer towards his employees which a state that needs training and education – a man who is absolutely just when he judges between two partners and a man who would always tell the truth even when it is against him. Those three are the nearest to Allah on the Day of Judgment.

In another saying, the Imam says "May I not inform you about the most important duty Allah has imposed upon His creation?" I said: "Please do." He said: "To treat people justly, equal to yourself, and to grant preference to your brother; and to remember Allah in every situation. And by remembering, I do not mean chanting: 'Glory be to Allah' and 'Praise be to Allah' and 'There is no god but Allah' and 'Allah is great', altogether it is a part of remembering. But to remember Allah in every situation means to be invincible in matter of obedience to Allah or sinning against Him."


Piety and justice


The imam also says in the context of revealing to the people what a good Muslim actually is: Allah revealed to Adam: I will gather the good, as a whole, in four words: one is for Me, one is for you, one is between you and me, and one is between people and you. The word that is for Me is that you should worship only Me without associating (partners) to Me or obeying others. The word that is for you is that I will reward you in your most critical need (The Day of Judgment). The word that is between you and Me is that you should supplicate and I will answer. The word that is between people and you is that you should accept for yourself whatever you accept for others and hate for them what you hate for yourself.

In another saying the Imam comments on those who criticize those in power for being unjust, but they wrong who are less strong. He says: fear Allah and be just, for you are criticizing those who are not.

These words of Imam Jaa'far As-Sadiq enlighten the minds, open the heart, put man on the straight line, and make for the Muslims a society that is both just and humane. This is what we should learn from Allah's Book and the Sunna of His Messenger (p) and the Imams of Ahl el-Beit. Peace be on Imam Jaa'far As-Sadiq the day he was born, the day he died and the day he will brought back to life.



The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


America runs from the failure in Iraq

The American President continues to advocate for democracy and freedom in many parts of the world especially in our Arab and Islamic region. But when we examine his political and military strategy, we notice that he is destroying the will power of the downtrodden to promote his interests and extend his dominance over all parts of the world, especially in our region, that is rich in oil, as some generals in Iraq has stated. In addition, there is this chaos that the occupation has created in Iraq by dealing in a complicated dubious manner that prevents the political process in Iraq from becoming stable, especially with political fragmentation plaguing parliamentary blocs.

The American Administration is also running the affairs of the region in a negative way, trying to achieve victory for its troops in Iraq and cover its security and administrative failure. This is what we notice in the pressures against Syria and its instigating chaos in Lebanon and threatening every now and then to wage a war against Iran claiming that it wants to make nuclear weapons, although Iran repeatedly denied that. Moreover the head of the Atomic Agency has declared that there is no evidence to sustain such claim.

But America, Israel and some European countries refused that because they want to continue to use the dossier to promote their colonial projects.

Anarchy in Pakistan

If we look at the American Allies that are aided politically and financially, as well as with weapons, we find that most of them have confiscated the freedoms of their peoples, and do not run their political processes in a way that lets the people feel that they are choosing their president, ministers and MPS in a free way. This is what we notice in Pakistan whose president is a staunch ally of the US in the war against “terrorism,” and in confronting the national and Islamic opposition to the American policies. He has declared a state of emergency, which instituted military law and led to the detention of hundreds of those who oppose his policies and to crash the demonstration with American weapons. All this led to make Pakistan a country whose security chaos is spread in the tribal regions and in the religious locations and in the war that is going on between the people and the Army… In addition to the military operations that the NATO is continuing in both Afghanistan and Pakistan that led to the killing and wounding of scores of Afghanis daily which is increasing the violence in the region as a result of the American mismanagement of the situation in the region.

In this respect, it is funny that an American official has talked about his Administration refusal of democracy in the region, since the freedom it gives to the nation might produce terrorism (that is opposing US policies). This logic means that they should encourage dictatorship that promote the strategic interests of the US Administration and crushes any opposition.

American Commitment to Israeli Security

The Zionist Enemy with all its aggressions against the Arabs, the Muslims and the Palestinian people is still appreciated by the American officials and many European ones. They consider it as the only real democracy in the region. Therefore, they are committed to its absolute security at a time it commits various acts of killing, dislocation, detention and destroying the Palestinian infrastructure, as well as stealing their water. Nobody is doing anything to stop these acts, to the extent that these brutal actions have become part of the daily life of the Palestinians. Thus, the conference President Bush called for under the title of planning to establish a Palestinian viable state, and forced the Arab state to attend, will only be an ordinary meeting with no opportunity for any real initiative, and will only lead to additional Arab normalization with the enemy.

Reviving the Intifada

The officials in most of the Arab countries have given all their cards to the Israeli enemy, and offered it major concessions under American pressures, turning the Arab strategic cause into an Israeli Palestinian conflict, at a time the Palestinians have no cards to play with, on the negotiation table. Some of the Arab officials have come to consider the Israeli enemy as a friend, and that the Resistance in Palestine and Lebanon is the problem that hinders finding a solution, to the extent that the enemy's foreign minister has declared that Israel's security comes before the Palestinian state; an issue that will not be negotiated on except after the Intifada has been crushed.

We call on the Palestinians to revive the Intifada so that everybody would know that the current issue is not the Palestinian government but the continuation of the Resistance on the road of the coming liberation by Allah's will.

Lebanon in the International waiting room

In Lebanon, Washington is looking for a political victory that would cover up her failure in Iraq, in the framework of its bigger plan in the Middle East which does not take into consideration the heavy burden shouldered by our small tired country.

The meeting In Istanbul did not formulate any mechanism of a solution, since it was led by Secretary Rice which writes the text that everybody sings, as well as Paris that is looking for a solution that protects its influence in Lebanon…

The Lebanese are still suffering from deadly confusion between solution and no solution and between constitutional vacuum and legal elections.

The Lebanese are afraid of statements delivered by those who live in darkness ... and talk about the possible flare-up of a sectarian strife. Such statements are aimed at serving those who do not believe in the presence of a hungry and deprived people who fear the future but believe in the US secret that dictates to the Lebanese what to do and what to discard.

Everybody is in the waiting room which nobody knows the location of.