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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Ayatullah Al Ozma H.E. M. H. Fadlullah delivered two khotbas (at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque) Safar 10, 1422h /May 4, 2001 (Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer).

Imam Al-Hassan: The Imam who won peoples` Hearts and Minds.

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

Raised by the prophet

One of the Members of the Prophet’s house whom Allah purified is Imam Hassan the firstborn of Ali and Fatima Al-Zahraa and the first grandchild of the Messenger. The anniversary of his death was 3days ago on the 7th of Safar.

Imam Al-Hassan lived the early years of his childhood with the Prophet (p) who used to kiss him, hug him and spend a lot of time playing with him.

It has been narrated by Ahmad bin Hanbal quoting Abu Hurraira that the Prophet (P) said when the Imam ran towards him and hugged him. “Oh God, I love him. Oh God love those who love him”. He used to say the same thing after the birth of Imam Hussein: “Oh God I love them, Oh God love those who love them”.

The Imam’s Importance

Since the Messenger (p.) wanted to emphasize the unique positions and the responsibilities that the Imams Hassan and Hussein held, he told the Muslims that “Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein are the Masters of Heaven’s youth”.

He also said:” Al-Hassan and Al-Hussien are Imams whether they decided to fight or to make peace”. He wanted to ensure that the Muslims understood that the Messenger in conveying what is revealed to him concerning the Imams is not expressing his own feeling, but rather what God has ordained.

The worshipper

Historians as well as the Imams who followed Al-Hassan have described him as the “most pious worshipper of his time” as reported by Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq quoting his father Imam Mohammad Al Baqr who in turn quoted his grandfather Imam Ali-bin Al-Hussien. He was also the ”least materialist”, despite the fact that he had a lot of money. For being materialist is not related to the amount of lawful money you might have, but rather to whether or not you become a slave to this money and lead of life of passions and pleasures to the detriment of your principles. According to the Imam Ali (a.s) : “God said that not being materialist means that: You do not regret what you have missed and you are not too overjoyed with what you get”. He was also the “best” man in his time, being the Imam who is nearest to Allah, and whose Knowledge and manners were outstanding. The Messenger used to say that the Imam was the one who resembled him most both physically and morally.

Moreover, the love and the respect the people held for him was greater than that of anyone else other than the Prophet (P). Whenever he sat outside his house people wouldn’t pass by so as not to go in front of him. When he learnt about this, he stopped sitting outside, because he did not want to cause people any inconvenience. And when he went to perform the pilgrimage, usually on foot, people used to dismount as a token of respect.

He might have been let down in his claim for the imamate, but he was nevertheless, loved and respected by all the people. This is the difference between the Imams and those who were in power: The people obeyed them out of love and respect, while the rulers had resort to force.

The Imam`s Insight

When the Imam concluded a truce with Mua’wiyah, he did so out of considerable insight with the long-term interests of the Muslims in mind. He also knew that the army that was fighting with him was not faithful and would ultimately let him down.

Yet some of his faithful companions who wanted to die for the sake of the cause believing that this the only way could not understand his long-term planning. They even went as far as greeting him with the words: ”Assalamu Alaikum, O humiliator of the faithful”.

The Imam knew that they did not have any ill intentions, and that they did not understand that the truce was needed to safeguard the Islamic leadership that could lead the Muslims along the right path. But he was proven right by the subsequent events, since those who supported Imam Hussein did so as a result of the opposition Imam Al-Hassan and his followers gave.

We know that the Imam was poisoned by his wife, who was approached by Mua`wiyah and promised that she would become the wife of his son Yazid. Mua’wiyah had promised the Imam that he would become the caliph after the former’s death, but he wanted to break his promise and appoint Yazid even it meant killing the Imam.

When the Imam was dying as a result of this conspiracy, he asked his brother not to fight for the sake of burying him near his grandfather’s grave, for he knew that the Umayyads would not agree. Thus, the Imam continued to safeguard the Muslims` interests even after his death.

The Imam’s Teachings

The Imam emphasized the importance of consultation (Shawra) in all the domains of life, whether in his house, his work or the in the wider sphere of the community. He maintained that consultation is the means of reaching the right decision and called upon people not to become opinionated.

He also advised some of his children (and through them all mankind) that when you want to befriend someone you ought to know about his principles, his political and social relations and his righteousness first. A man came to the Imam once and told him: I want to become your companion”. The Imam agreed but had three conditions: “Do not praise me, because I know myself better than you, do not lie to me, and do not backbite anybody in my presence”.

Furthermore, the Imam used to remind the people that neither power nor money or any other material possession would earn you respect or a superior position. Obeying God is the only means to be proud and earn your self-respect as well as that of others.

This is what the Imam and all the Members of the Prophet (P)`s Household have taught. They Guide us along the straight path that leads us to Heaven.

Let us follow them by following their lead in our actions, and not by being emotionally attached to them. Their greatness emerges from their love and obedience of God that set the example every believer should follow. Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir says: ”To follow us is to follow God and conversely any enemy of God is an enemy of ours.

Piety is the only way to be one of our followers.”

 The Second khotba 

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

Worshippers of Allah (S WT)! Be pious in everything you say or do, whether in your homes, your work or your social and political positions. Do not support any politician or organization, unless you are certain that it works for the good of the people.

 Finding Real Solutions to the problems of the working class

Labor day is an occasion in which the workers pause to think about their conditions and problems and voice their rightful demands, being the class that gives the nations their food, strength, viability and order.

The problems workers face here in Lebanon are numerous including unemployment, inflation, poverty and the lack of unity as a result of sectarian and partisan influences.

Under these severe conditions, which are getting worse as a result of the on-going lay-offs that many companies and factories are resorting to, I call for adequate and effective solutions to the problems of work and workers in Lebanon.

The Uprising :Incredible Sacrifices

We should not forget on this occasion, the Palestinian workers who lost their jobs and who continue to live in hunger as a result of the enemy’s economic blockade, as well as the lack of Arab aid, despite all the summits and resolutions.

The workers in Palestine who have endured all these sacrifices and they are still participating in the Uprising are the pride of this nation. And their struggle aims at achieving freedom for the whole of the Arab and Muslim nation. We call upon all to support these heroes and provide them with the means to ensure their survival and steadfastness.

American Distortion of the facts

The American policy that supports the brutal Israeli crimes and exerts pressure on the Palestinians to ”end the violence”, in reality seeks to end the Intifada because it knows that this is the only source of strength the Palestinians have. And that they would have no alternative in the end other than accepting the Israeli conditions of living with no freedom or any other political, economic and security rights whatsoever.

Those who oppose American Interests Are Terrorists

America has accused the Mujahideen in Lebanon and Palestine of being terrorists, and Iran of being a sponsor of terrorism. In doing this, America has considered all liberation movements that do not serve its interests as being terrorist while considering “Israel” as a country that is protecting its security. It even considered the Israeli Prisoners in Lebanon as hostages and described the Lebanese detainees in “Israel” as prisoners, although “Israel” itself has declared that some of those detainees, such as Sheikh Ubeid and Hajj Dirani, are held in order to be exchanged with the Israeli pilot Ron Arad.

Thus, America is being more Israeli than the Israelis themselves.

On another level, the Israelis are trying to get out of the impasse they are stuck in by sending their foreign minister to some of the Arab countries as well as the US to pressurize the Palestinians.

It is regretful that the foreign minister of the Arab country that heads the “Islamic Conference” met the Israeli foreign minister, which suggests that their relations are still continuing despite all that it going on.

The Arab and Muslim peoples should exert pressure on their governments to exert a counter pressure on the American economic interests, and reactivate the political and economic boycott of the enemy for this is the only language they understand.

Back to Lebanon

The current debate and the recent political communiqués and meetings do not provide any solution at the current stage, for they could be interpreted as being sectarian.

Therefore, those who have the best interests of the country at heart should come up with new alternatives especially as the country is on the verge of economic collapse, despite all the hard work of the government