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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority, Ayatullah Al Ozma Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Sha'ban 5 1426 H,September 09 2005 A.D. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The Imams of Ahl el_ Beit (a.s) represent the continuation of the Message

The First Sermon 

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

God says in His Glorious Book: Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House! and to purify you” (33:33)

In the beginning of this month (Sha'ban) there are three occasions concerning Ahl Beit (a.s). On the third of Sha'ban, Imam Hussein bin Ali (a.s.) was born, Al-Abbas, was born on the fourth, while today (the fifth) is the birthday of Imam Zein Al-A'bideen, Ali bin Al Hussein (a.s.).

Imam Hussein: :The Message in practice

In these occasions, we have to open up on those Holy personalities that were faithful to God and sacrificed their lives for His cause. They opened up on Islam as a whole, and were faithful to it whether in the call or in practice.

We meet first with the anniversary of Imam Hussein (a.s.) who was loved by the Messenger (p.) since the day he was born. Muhammad(p.) wanted the Muslims to love Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) and Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.), for both reached the highest levels in knowing God, being faithful to Him, and fighting for his cause. All Muslim sects have cited the Prophet(p.) as saying: "Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein are the masters of the youth in Heaven".

This spiritual position, emphasizes how close to Allah (s.w.t) they have become.

About Imam Hussein, the Messenger(p.) says:

"Hussein is a part of me and I am a part of Hussein, May Allah love those who love Hussein".

This kind of integration between Al-Hussein (a.s.) and the Messenger (p.) is not a result of kinship, but of the Message itself .

The Message was embodied in both creating a kind of interaction and complementation between the Grandfather and the Grandson.

The Imam was raised by the Prophet (p.) as well as his brother , Imam Ali (a.s.) and his mother Fatima (a.s.).

He lived with his bother, Imam Hassan(a.s.) and became the Imam after him and held the responsibility of Islam as a whole, and faced the Islamic reality with awareness, strength, dedication and sacrifice. This is what he meant when he said:"I rose to seek reform in my grandfather's nation. I want to enjoin good and forbid evil". Since the role of the Imam is to lead the nation in all fields so that it will follow the right path whether in religion or life.

The Nation should enjoin the good and forbid evil , so that the reality of Muslims will turn into an embodiment of Islam.

The Imam revolted to reform the government and the ruler, and to reform

the people so that they can confront evil.

The Revolution of truth and Reform

Imam Hussei(a.s.) faced those whom Yazid enslaved by his money and Ibn Ziyad by his tyranny, asking him to humiliate himself and pledge loyalty to Yazid . 'Verily the illegitimate (person) (i.e. 'Ubaidullah bin Ziad), son of the illegitimate (person) (i.e. Ziad bin Abih), has given me only two choices: fighting or humiliation and subservience; humiliation and subservience is certainly far from us!'''

He offered himself, His family and his companions as a sacrifice for Allah, the most exalted, and Islam.

In the memory of Hussein (a.s. ) we should adhere to his slogan and , confront evil as he did and support the right as he did :

'I have not risen (against Yazid) disrespectfully, or recklessly (without a reason), or to de injustice, or to do corruption, but I have risen to seek to reform the nation of my grandfather. I wish to enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong (evil)… So, whosoever accepts me in truth then Allah is more worthy of the truth'.

The revolution of Imam Hussein (a.s. ) was not that of a mere tragedy, although it had all the makings of a tragedy.

It was the revolution of truth, reform, and if we want to be faithful to his birth life and to martyrdom, we have to carry his revolution in our hearts and minds. We ought not to hit our heads with the swords, but to use all our weapons to hit the heads of the enemy to prevent him from wronging and oppression and depriving them from their power.

Al-Abass :Firmness of belief

Al-Abass was a great Islamic hero who gave all his life to Islam and sacrificed it in the end for the sake of Islam. He pledged to continue to fight for the cause of Islam as well as the Imam of the nation even after his right hand was cut, for he was fighting to defend the rightful Imam and not because Al-Hussein was his brother.

Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) says: "our uncle Al-Abass was insightful… " He had the profound awareness and thinking that enabled him to reach the core of truth especially that of Islam,”and a firm believer”. He was never afraid of any blame if his stand was for the cause of God and truth. Where Shimr bin Al-Jawshan called for him to offer to keep him alive, not only did he refused the offer but he even refused to talk to him, had it not been for Imam who wanted him to respect the blood relationship with Shimr.

Then when the Imam told his family and his companions that they are no longer committed to their pledge of loyalty, he refused to leave and insisted to fight to the end. He then fought like a hero and became a martyr.

Thus, Al-Abass represents through his faithfulness and awareness the heroism of Islam. In Ashoura, he represented the leader of the army of Imam Hussein (a.s). Thus, when we remember him, we should talk not only about his heroism on the battlefield, but also in the fields of spirituality and Islamic knowledge, so that Al-Abass would become a role model for our youth in facing falsehood oppression and arrogance.

Imam Zien Al-Abidien (a.s.).

As for Imam Zein Al-Abidien (a.s.) he was the son of the daughter of a Persian king. He lived with his father all what happened in Karbala.

But his father did not allow him to fight because he was sick and because Al-Hussein wanted the Imamate to continue through him.

The Imam lived and was able to contribute to all the fields of Islamic knowledge to the extent that many of the teachers of Islamic culture of his age were among his students.

The Imam opened up on all the fields of knowledge including theology, jurisprudence, philosophy and ethics. He left us in his supplications a spiritual fortune, which opens up the Muslim on many political, social and spiritual horizons.

Thus we have always said that the believers should not stop reading Al-Sahifa Al -Saujadiah that provides us with spiritual values as well as Islamic and social culture. We read in one of his supplications that constitute the daily duties of a believer:

O God,
          bless Muhammad and his Household
          and give us success in this day of ours,
          this night of ours,
          and in all our days,
          to employ the good,
          stay away from the evil,
          give thanks for favours,
          follow the Sunna's norms,
          avoid innovations,
          enjoin good behaviour,
          forbid the disapproved,
          defend Islam,
          diminish falsehood and abase it,
          help the truth and exalt it,
          guide the misguided, assist the weak,
          and reach out to the troubled!

These principles elevate man's soul and enable him to strive to uphold his responsibility in life on the basis of Islam.

These memories should increase and strengthen our belief, awareness and our resolve to struggle for the cause of Allah, for this is what we have to adhere to when we remember these great Islamic leaders. This is what following Ahl el-Beit (a.s.) means: To follow their lead in our actions and to adhere to their line, for they are Allah's arguments to His creations, as well as being entrusted by Him to safeguard man and ensure that he follows the right path.

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Arab and Islamic Yielding:

Israel plans to enlarge the settlements, yet some of the Arab countries, prepare to welcome Israeli officials. And Turkey acts as an intermediary to establish relations between Israel and some of the Islamic countries, although those in charge know all about the Israeli usurping and terrorist role in Palestine, which draws a question mark about how Islamic is the party they belong to, and suggests that the Turkish role is subjected to the American role, as a result of intensive political pressure.

In addition, other Arab countries establish secret and unofficial relations with the Jewish state, which proves that they have forgone their Arab and Islamic identity, as a result of the American pressure, as they have, according to the Israeli media, received Israeli businessmen to promote Israeli High tech products.

In this respect, the Pakistani President made a comic-tragic statement in which he claimed that his talks with Israel comply with the Islamic teachings since it is a form of inter -religious dialogue, as if it was a religious issue, and not one of usurpation and occupation of Palestinian land. He said that Islam is a religion of peace and that it has lived in peace with other religions for centuries, but he forgot that the peace Islam lived with the Jews, was not on the part of the Jews who allied with the West, occupied the lands of Arabs and Muslims, and committed unprecedented brutal massacres that even the Nazis did not commit against the Jews, despite all the Jewish exaggeration.

The Arabs received the Jews and protected them at a time there were persecuted in the West. But they responded by driving Muslims, as well as Christians, out of their country, and establishing one of the most brutal occupations in history.

And even when they had to withdraw, like their withdrawal from Gaza, they did so in a manner that aimed at maintaining their military authority over the entire strip, especially the crossings, and continuing to practice all kinds of violence against the Palestinians.

Americanism instead of Arabian

The problem the Arab and Muslim world faces is that they have replaced Arabism by Americanism. To them, Zionism is a friendly phenomenon instead of being the enemy. Yet Arabism did not achieve any political or security gains, and Islam did not gain any advanced positions. On the contrary, they have conceded vital and strategic concessions without anything in return… Thus, those who are in charge of Arabism and Islam do not respect their history, future and their nation. They are dead and as such no additional wound can pain them.

Most of them have been deployed by the CIA to imprison their peoples under the law of emergency and the rule of security and intelligence agencies, that would enable them to execute the American plans in the great Middle East, turning the entire region into one dominated by the American arrogance and hindering any economic, academic or security development, so that it will be dependable on the arrogant, even in its vital needs.

On another level, we notice that the security situation in Palestine is becoming more and more unstable which could turn into civil war, that could justify the enemy's talk about disarming the resistance and forbidding the Mujahideen from participating in the coming elections under the pretense of protecting the Palestinian authority.

That is why we call on all Palestinians to promote their national unity and forego the means of political and security assassinations, for it enables the enemy to take in peace what it could not in war.

Iraq: The Islamic spirit lives

Iraq that has overcome the tragic catastrophe of the Imam's Bridge, is still dominated by the occupation who commits daily massacres against innocent civilians and the debate regarding the draft constitution and determining Iraq's unity and identity. We would like the Iraqis to reach a national consensus, by means of a realistic and objective dialogue that studies the future of Iraq and its effective role in the region as a strong historical component that opens up on the major Arab and Islamic cases especially the Palestinian cause, and that confronts the pressures of international arrogant who might resort to an official partition of Iraq whether on the basis of religion or race.

We want the Iraqis to be aware of all what is going on in this critical stage so that they will solidify their Islamic unity that was demonstrated in the solidarity between Shiites and Sunnis in the Bridge tragedy, to the extent that a Sunni Muslim sacrificed himself to save six Shiites. It proves that the Islamic national spirit is still alive in the conscience of the Muslim Iraqi youth. And we hope that this will lead to their meeting together to ensure the future unity of Iraq.

Lebanon: it is the regime

We look forward to a Lebanon whose sects are united in facing the Israeli occupation and supporting the resistance.

Lebanon should enjoy openness to the civilized Arabism to confront world tyranny and be free from any American or European tutelage.

This should be the case so that Lebanese people will enjoy freedom and sovereignty far from international plots cooked in the caves of embassies that are intervening in everything.

On the other hand, the school season has begun to challenge the poor who wonder about where they could get the money to teach their children. In addition, the deadly unemployment is pushing the youth to immigrate to find a decent living outside their country.

What is the state doing to those who are surrounded by corruption and squander? How can these politicians who used to be the rulers talk about change and reform without being held accountable for what they did?

We do not want to judge them. If suspicions have pushed the judiciary to interrogate suspects, we wonder if the problem only resides in the security regime, since it is responsible for security crimes or in the political and administrative regime where officials have presented their satanic image as that of an angel.