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Lectures > 2006 Speeches > 08/09/2006

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque,8th September 2006, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Islam : the Religion of Justice


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Justice for all

God has sent all Messengers and Messages to achieve one goal to establish Justice:We sent aforetime our messengers with Clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance (of Right and Wrong), that men may stand forth in justice).

Therefore, justice is the basis of all messages. It unifies their concepts and laws. Even believing in the oneness of Allah is an act of justice, because we are honouring Allah’s right in being the only god who has no partners, and whom none other, should be worshipped or obeyed.

Our relation as Muslims with the Messenger(p.) is also one of justice, since it is the right of the Messenger(p.)- whom Allah sent as a Mercy to mankind and who fought and was hurt for the cause of Allah like no other prophet- to be followed and to let His Message be their guide and the law and the principle they follow. They should adhere to the essence of this Message through the meaning of the two testimonies that declare that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger. Moreover, Allah has associated between the people's love to Allah and their following of the Prophet, when He told His Messenger to say: "If you love Allah then follow me".

Justice also is basis of relations among humans whether Muslims or not, for justice is for all; it is the basis of religion.

One of our Imams narrated the following story Allah the Great, the Almighty, enjoined one of His prophets liv­ing in a country under the rule of a tyrant: 'Go to this tyrant and tell him that I did not make use of you (grant authority) to shed the blood (of the people) and gather wealth. I made use of you to soothe the cries of the wronged, because you should not neglect their plight even if they were disbelievers'. Allah does not want us to wrong the unbeliever, just as he does not want us to wrong the Muslim. He wants us to give every human his rights whether close or not and whether weak or strong, and this is meaning of justice.

Rejecting injustice

The Messenger(p.) says: There is no wronging more severe than that in which the wronged finds no one to help him but God.

This wronging of the weak… This kind of wronging is the most severe and cruel wronging. The Messenger(p.) also says that wronging will lead to the darkness of the Hereafter. Allah wants to uproot wronging from within us and avoid it in our behaviour and speech. Imam Jaa'far As-Sadiq says: "Those who wronged and who support or accept the wronging are partners". For those who accept the wronging might end up in practicing it themselves. And those who find excuses for any wronging are supporting the wronging.

Imam Ali (a.s.) says: Know that injustice is of three kinds - one, the injustice that will not be forgiven, another, that will not be left unquestioned, and another that will be forgiven without being questioned. The injustice that will not be forgiven is duality of Allah. Allah has said: Verily Allah forgives not that (anything) be associated with Him ... (Qur'an, 4:48,116). The injustice that will be forgiven is the injustice a man does to himself by committing small sins; and the injustice that will not be left unquestioned is the injustice of men against other men. The retribution in such a case is severe. It is not wounding with knives, nor striking with whips, but it is so severe that all these things are small against it. You should therefore avoid change in the matter of Allah's religion for your unity in respect of a right which you dislike is better than your scattering away in respect of a wrong that you like.


Education on Justice

In the light of all this, we have to educate ourselves and our children on justice, since Allah founded Islam on the basis of justice. We have to make every effort to unite in facing the unjust and the arrogant, and be just with the weak. We should not wrong our spouses, children employees or anybody we might have certain power on. Allah wanted the Muslims, to establish the society of justice, being the society of Islam.

To establish justice, we have to enhance Muslim unity, although we might have our differences which we should solve through dialogue, we should be united against the arrogant, for Allah Surely loves those who fight in His way in ranks as if they were a firm and compact wall.

The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

What is New?

As for the American President, he is holding the Lebanese government accountable for letting the Islamic Resistance be present on the Lebanese borders which has led to take war of July 12, as a result of kidnapping the two Israeli soldiers and crossing the blue line. But he does not hold the Zionist enemy accountable for violating the Lebanese borders for all the past years, several hundred times, and kidnapping scores of Lebanese whether from their homes or even in the sea. He does not also talk about the advanced American weapons that Israel possesses and that threaten Lebanon leading the Resistance to shoulder the responsibility of protecting its land and people and putting the issue of a national defence strategy on the table of the national dialogue. The problem of the American President is that he uses only one eye which sees the Israeli security and does not see the security of the others.

Moreover, the American President raises the level of his threats to Iran and its president whom he calls a tyrant, and considers that the Shiite extremism represents a danger to America is equivalent to the Sunni extremism… The White House also published the new strategy for fighting terrorism, that no longer focus of al-Qaida alone , but also Iran and the "small groups like Hizbollah and Hamas”. The new strategy considers Syria a state that supports terrorism and accuses Iran of planning to posses the bomb giving it a "chance to extort the world and pose a greater threat to the American people".

Faced by this, we wonder who the tyrant is. Is not he who sends all his military power, including the NATO to occupy Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism to commit daily massacres against the civilians? In Iraq too, security chaos demonstrated by the daily massacres is overwhelming the political atmosphere. The occupation is indirectly supporting those who commit these massacres to prolong its stay so that it could carry out its strategy of using Iraq as a base to pressurize the neighboring countries. We should not also forget its domination over the Iraqi oil resources that consists a step in its goal to put its hands on all oil resources in the world.

Once again the question poses itself: Who is the tyrant?. Is not he the American president and his Administration that planned with Israel the war on Lebanon that destroyed its infrastructure and killed children women and the elderly under the slogan of fighting Hizbollah.

Is not tyrant who builds an air bridge to provide the Israelis with bombs to kill more civilians?

The war on Lebanon was an American – Israeli war. As America continues to try to compensate Israel for its defeat by using the Security Council to pass more resolutions that are vague enough to be exploited by the enemy as it did to impose its blockade. The Security Council has not even decided to call for a ceasefire.

America, and Israel, still impose a political blockade on Lebanon as part of vicious plan to turn it into a front to continue its war of axis that serves its strategic interests. This means that this country will not enjoy any stability, as long as the Americans continue to play their game that is spearheaded by their ambassadors, their envoys and the internal party that serves the American political goals.

The Hypocrisy of the Western States

We are also following the statements and moves of the Western leaders that ally with the US and are under its pressure. Those leaders pay lib service to democracy and human rights, while some of them are guilty of spilling Iraq blood, while many of them turn a blind eye towards Palestine so as not to see the open daily killings of Palestinian civilians.

As for Lebanon, these states have urged Israel to continue its war to destroy the country and praised its efforts to eradicate the so called Islamic terrorism, even as they watched the picture of the massacres of Lebanese children in Qana and in other villages of the South and Biaq and the southern suburbs and the pictures of systematic destruction of life in Lebanon.

This war was an international war on Lebanon led by the US, which aimed at ending the Resistance and intimidating the Arab and Muslim worlds. But Israel was flatly defeated… and if the International Community has deployed its forces to come to Lebanon and put it under international surveillance, it does not want to protect Lebanon, rather it aims at protecting Israel which made them yield to the Israeli conditions regarding its deployment and its armor.

We say to President Bush: You were able to become the supreme model in tyranny, since you continue, with your extremist and hateful administration, to threaten the Middle East and accuse any party who dares to oppose your policies with multiple accusations. In this respect, it is sarcastic that you should talk about the danger Iran represents on the Americans, while everyone knows that the dangers is that of the Arrogant America that plans for additional primitive wars in the aftermath of nine eleven.

America waged the war on what it calls terrorism, under the influence of nine eleven but it did not define what terrorism is. Thus, it considered the resistance against the occupier in Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan as terrorism.

But we know that the most brutal form of terrorism is that of state terrorism practiced by Israel and the US, which the world should unite to save humanity from its evils. As for Bush's talk about Sunni and Shiite terrorism, it is not balanced, since what he calls extremism, is but a reaction of American extremism against Muslim and Islam including the American Muslims.

No Neutrality in Lebanon

In Lebanon, we call for enhancing national unity and returning the dialogue to the political objectivity that could open up Lebanon on freedom, independence and sovereignty, away form any American or European tutelage.

We call on everybody to join in building the state that is capable of deterring aggression, and not the state that resigns claiming it is neutral in the struggle between the enemy and the Resistance…

Moreover, We have to legally and practically plan for an administration that punishes the corrupt in the past and the present.

The people want the officials to practice their responsibility on the basis of justice and integrity with no one above the law. Thus people will not fall under the influence of sectarianism or partisanship and Lebanon will be a homeland for all its citizens without discrimination. Can we dream of such a state?