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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 07th September 2007 A.D, 25 Sha'aban 1428 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Let us prepare spiritually
for the Month of Ramadan


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Allah, The Most Exalted, is your host

Today is the last Friday in the Month of Sha'aban, because it has been jurisprudentially proven to us that next Thursday, September13, is the first day of the month of Ramadan. In welcoming this blessed month, we will review the Messenger’s (p.) speech in the last Friday before Ramadan in which he guides the Muslims as how to prepare practically and spiritually to receive the month of Ramadan in a way that opens up on God, good and repentance.

It says:

O people! The Month of Allah is drawing near to you with Blessing, Mercy and Forgiveness. It is a month which is the best of the months to Allah there is no better month.

Its days are the best days, there are no better days, its nights are the best nights, and its hours are the best hours- all days, nights and hours of this month are better than others.

It is a month in which you have been invited to the Hospitality of Allah- which is his forgiveness and satisfaction, and we read in Daa Sahar the following: “And I am your guest, therefore, make my banquet tonight to be Paradise, O the Bestower of Paradise. O the Bestower of forgiveness, who there is no strength or power except in Thee” and you have been assigned to be amongst the dignitaries of Allah, since Allah will grant us Paradise as an award for our good work in this blessed month and put us among His dignitaries.

In it, your breathing is praise (to Allah), and your sleep is worship (of Allah) - even your sleep is a kind of worship in this month- and your deeds are accepted (by Allah)-which might not be accepted in other months, and your prayers are answered.

Therefore ask Allah, your Lord, with honest intentions and purified hearts to give you success to fast the month and recite His Book. Is this spiritual atmosphere Allah will answer your prayers, so benefit from this opportunity, sine it the time Allah is most forgiving.

For the wretched, is he who is denied the forgiveness of Allah in this Great Month- He will be like those who have not harvested their crops, since it is the time forgiveness that only the wretched will be denied this forgiveness.

Then, the speech talks about the hunger and thirst in this month. Man should feel hunger in this month, he should eat as he eats normally to feel this hunger to be reminded of the thirst and hunger on the day of judgment that is equal to one thousand years.

By your hunger and your thirst in it remind yourselves of the hunger and thirst of the Day of Judgment- which should drive you to do good work, because those whom Allah are pleased with, will not suffer from thirst and hunger on the Day of Judgment.

Give charity to the poor and the destitute- those who do not find food and waters and do not enjoy a decent life.

Charity will be first received by Allah. And it will be as if it is meant for Him although He does not need it.

Revere your elders -because they became Muslims before you and because they have more experience-and have mercy upon the young, because they do not have the some experience or broadmindedness you do.

Keep your ties with relatives- because it makes you live longer and pleases God- and preserve re your tongues- Do not say what hurts others.

Close your eyes from that which (you are) not allowed to look at and cover ears from that which (you are) not allowed to hear- Do not listen to what is prohibited.

Sympathize with the orphans of the people; your orphans would be sympathized with. Imam Ali says in his will: Fear Allah in matters concerning orphans. Attend to their nutrition and do not forget their interests in the middle of yours- because you will die and leave orphans who need to be taken care of by others. So if you have sympathized with other orphans Allah will make others be good to your orphans.

Repent to Allah for your sins

Remember all of your sins and repent from all of them because with yours Allah will forgive you, and raise your hands to Him in supplication during the times of your prayers- because these are the most spiritual times in their nearness to Allah for they are the best hours . . . as during these times Allah looks at his worshippers with mercy. He answers them if they call Him in their intimate discourse and He responds to them if they seek Him, and He gives to them if they request from Him, and He answers their prayers.

The Path of Paradise

O people! He who improves his manner and behavior in this month, with his wife, children and all others that would constitute a permission to pass through the Sirat (the path to Paradise) on the day that (others’) feet would slip off (the Sirat)- He will walk firmly to Paradise.


He who lessens the burden upon those under his authority in this month, whether as employee or wife and children, Allah would treat him lightly when called to account. He who prevents his bad deeds or harm from reaching others in this month, Allah would prevent His wrath from reaching him on the Day of Judgment. He who honors and venerates an orphan in this month, Allah would honor him on the Day of Judgment. He who keeps his (family) ties in this month, Allah would keep him to His mercy on the Day of Judgment. And he who breaks his (family) ties in this month, Allah would break His mercy from him on the Day of Judgment. And he who volunteers (an optional) prayer, Allah would write for him (a guarantee of) security from Fire. Whoever performs a religious duty it would be rewarded by seventy times the reward in other months. And whoever asks for Allah's blessing on His Prophet will also be rewarded, just like those who would recite one Ayah of the Quran. They will be rewarded by the reward of those who have read the entire Book.

"O people! The gates of the paradises are wide open in this month, so ask your Lord that He would not close them to you, and the gates of Fire are shut, so ask Allah that He would not open them to you. And the hands of Satan are tied, so ask your Lord that He would not enable them over you."

This is the spirit of the Month of Ramadan whom the believer should prepare himself for both spiritually and practically. He should be ready to do good in all fields of life. We ask God to let us enter it with obedience and forgiveness. He is the Most Merciful.


The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


In Israel, the enemy is talking about waging a wide aggression on Gaza and liquidating the leaders of the factions of the Palestinians Resistance as well as imposing sanctions and submitting a complaint to the UN Security Council regarding the launching of rockets, which suggests that Israel is about to launch new massacres against the Palestinians.

Everyone knows that the Palestinians Resistance is reacting to the Zionist Enemy and its massacres that are the result of the shelling of its American made planes and tanks. This enemy wants the Palestinians to accept all its aggressions without any protest. They want the Palestinian people to surrender unconditionally, and accept all the Israeli's harsh and humiliating conditions including that they stop any mentioning of their right of return, acceptance of humiliating treatment on the road blocks, and confiscating their lands, as well as controlling their electric and water recourses. All this puts the Palestinians even in Gaza in a permanent jail, just like they are in the West Bank which is nominally under the rule of the Palestinian Authority whose head is holding meetings with the enemy's Prime Minister that are practically useless, and have not led to any change in the Israeli barbaric practices… Meanwhile, the envoys of the so-called international community are preparing for the international conference that the American President Bush has called for.

He is using the EU to prepare the atmosphere for the illusion of peace which the Israelis will not accept unless its impossible conditions which ensure its dominance of most of Palestine are accepted.

Isolating Hamas

What America and the International Community want is for the Palestinian to stop demanding for his land and freedom, at a time they insist on leaving Hamas out of the Political process by giving the Head of the PA the chance to issue decrees that will isolate it and by threatening him by stopping all aid if he resumes his relations with the Resistance factions.

We warn the Palestinians on whom occupation is imposed and who are prevented from achieving national unity, against trusting this Conference which the Arab regimes that had fallen under the influence of Israel and America are running after. It will not achieve any of their big goals of freedom, independence, return of their lands and viable state.

They should know that stopping resistance operations that was imposed by the PA on certain factions will not stop the Israeli storming and assassination operations…

Therefore, the future needs a unified and strong stand that opens up the only way to undermine the occupation strategy of the enemy.

America's failures:

In America President Bush is still suffering from the political pressures of both the general public opinion and the Democratic majority in the Congress. They are demanding a withdrawal of the troops from Iraq at a time his British Partner is completing its withdrawal from Basra in admission of failing to protect the security of his soldiers and the Iraqi public. This is what drove Bush to visit Iraq and declare that it is possible to reduce his own troops as a tactical move to rescue himself from the impasse of opposition, by means of claiming that such withdrawal is taken from a position of strength and not one of weakness, and warning that any overdoing will increase the risk of attacking the American homeland. But we know that his administration has failed in occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, which made the region in a state of confusion and instability. That is why it is planning to run forward by attacking Iran and bombing its nuclear sites. But this is an act of psychological warfare that includes military muscle flexing by deploying aircraft carries in the Gulf. Any real war could burn its bases in the region as well as the region resources which cannot be tolerated by the Gulf countries that Iran is trying to establish normal political and security relations with.

We call on the Arab and Muslim peoples to be steadfast in the face of this war that America is waging to strengthen its dictatorship and leadership of the world, through intimidating the downtrodden nations who actually have a lot of strong elements of force to face American schemes and plots under the pretence of fighting terrorism, while actually it is a war against all those who oppose American policies in the Muslim World. We might have to exercise more patience and forbearance of the acute pains and sanctions that are imposed on us, as a result of America's war and economic besiege. The war of freedom against arrogance takes a long time before it yields the ultimate victory.

Lebanon’s crisis

In Lebanon where the victory of the Lebanese Army was able to end the mad war of terrorism, the Lebanese political crisis is poisoning the lives of the Lebanese who are besieged by the complex nature of the Lebanese polities, foreign intervention in Lebanon’s internal issues, the daily partisan and sectarian political statements and the links to the regional conflict and the international projects which consider Lebanon an open front for its international games…

In addition to all this, there are the politicians who do not want to help to put an end to the crisis and subsequently, try to topple any international or local initiative, because they are afraid that their role will be reduced if a realistic solution is reached. Those politicians do not care about the Lebanese as much as they care about fulfilling their own interests and continue to increase their wealth that they accumulated when they "served" in the public domain.