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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 06th October 2006/ 13 Ramadan 1427 H, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The Reward for good morals


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

In the speech he made to welcome the Month of Ramadan, the Messenger (p.) talked about an important issue that has to do with what the Muslim should adhere to and abide by throughout his life, and especially in this month, that serves to concentrate a spiritual and moral provision which will extend to all the other months of the year to come.

We know that there is sirat that people will walk on, on the Day of Judgment. Those who are close to Allah will walk firmly but those who are far will slip and fall in hellfire. O' People! anybody who may cultivate good manners, in this month will walk over the 'Sirat' (Bridge) in 'Qiyamat', the day feet will slip.
The Messenger(p.) wanted to emphasize that those with good morals will walk with firm feet and will go to Heaven.

The Prophet has held us in one of his renowned traditions that the basis of Islamic law is to emphasize good morals. He says: "I was sent to perfect the sublime morals". Allah has sent all His Messengers with a moral Message that defines man's relations with himself, his relatives and all others.

All Messages have carried this message with each message adding an important part until it was culminated by the Message of our Prophet, Muhammad (p).

Educating ourselves:

The Prophet wanted the people to know that morals in Islam is not a matter of exchange of favours but it stems form the depth of the soul.

And this is what Prophet Mohammad said: "Should I tell about the best manners in both worlds to give who denied you and to forgive who wronged you…; meaning that your morals should stem from your own personality by giving those who denied you and forgiving even those who wronged you. Imam Zien Al-Abideen(a.s.) says in one of his supplication (sublime morals)

O God,
bless Muhammad and his Household
and point me straight to
resist him who is dishonest toward me
with good counsel,
repay him who separates from me
with gentle devotion,
reward him who deprives me
with free giving,
recompense him who cuts me off
with joining,
oppose him who slanders me
with excellent mention,
give thanks for good,
and shut my eyes to evil! 

It has been said that good morals is equal in its reward to fasting and praying and that it melts sins like the sun that melts the ice… Therefore, we have to educate ourselves on good morals especially in the month of Ramadan. Those who think that fasting justifies being mad at one’s children and wife and subordinates are wrong.

The role of fasting is to strengthen your willpower to struggle against yourself, to become a person who obeys God, does not commit sins and treats all people with good and honor.

There are also those who live under the authority of some one they are in need of and they might be weak before him. The way to deal with these people in the month of Ramadan is to relief them of some of their responsibilities, especially that their fasting makes them tired. Anybody who may take light work from his servants (male or female), in this month Allah will make easy his accounting on the Day of Judgment. And Anybody who does not hurt others in this month, Allah will keep him safe from His wrath in Qiyamat.


If you can not give people of your good then at least do not hurt them, especially in the way you talk or deal with them, like cursing of hitting them and the like.

The Orphans

Anybody, who respects and treats an orphan with kindness in this month, Allah shall look at him with dignity in Qiyamat. The Islamic conception of the orphan, is that he is Allah's trust that the society is responsible of, since he has nobody to take care of him and provide him with his basic needs of food shelter, education …etc. Thus Allah wants the entire society to be responsible of the orphan, but in a way that preserves his dignity and humanity.

Thus, we have to take care of the orphans in their homes and in the orphanages that provide them with these needs. Because this is the way that preserves their dignity, and turn them into good citizens, that serve the society, especially in these tragic circumstances created by the Israeli aggression that left a lot of orphans, We should take care of them to win the Grand prize of Allah's Mercy, the day he meets us.

The Messenger(p.) goes on to say: Anybody who treats well his kinsmen, in this month, Allah will bestow His mercy on him in Qiyamat while anybody who maltreats his kinsmen, in this month. Allah will keep him away from His Mercy, in Qiyamat.

Whoever offers Sunnat (recommended) prayers in this month Allah will give him a certificate of freedom from Hell. Whosoever offers one 'Wajib' (compulsory) prayer in this month, for him the Angels will write the rewards of 70 such prayers, that were offered by him in any other month.

Whosoever recites repeatedly 'Salaat-o-salaam' on me, Allah will keep the scales of his deeds heavy, when in Qiyamat the scales of others will be tending towards lightness, Whosoever recites, in this month, only one 'ayat' (verse of the Holy Quran) he will be rewarded in a manner as if he had recited the full Quran, in other months.

O' People! the Gates of Paradise remain open in this month. Do invoke that the gates may not be closed on you; while the Gates of the Hell are closed, do invoke Allah that these gates may never be opened.

The Commander of the Faithful, Ali (a.s.) got up and said, "O' the Prophet of Allah, the most Exalted,: what is the best deed in this month?"

He (p) replied," O' Abul Hasan! abstaining from the matters forbidden by Allah, the Majestic, the Glorified, is the best deed in this month."

Then the Prophet (p) wept.

Ali (a.s.) asked, "O' the Messenger of Allah! What makes you weep?"

He replied, "O' Ali I weep for what they will do with you in this month.
The Commander of the Faithful asked "O' the Prophet of Allah, will that be for the safety of my Faith".

He replied, "Yes, it will be with the safety of your Faith

That is why the Imam said when he was stabbed by Ibn Malgam: In the name of God and on the religion of His Prophet, I swear by the Lord of Kaaba that I have won."

He was sure that he has won because he looked for it all his life and found that it was spent in the love and obedience of Allah and His Messenger(p.) struggling for their cause until he was martyred.

The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

America turns against democracy

In a show of confusion, America that used to talk about democracy, human rights and the freedom of expression to condemn the regimes that it calls totalitarian, has changed its policies and turned against those who came to power by popular vote, like Iran, Hizbuallah and Hamas.

Thus America has turned against democracy when it found that it does not fit its arrogant policies, calling those who struggle for freedom, like Hamas and Hizbullah, terrorist groups, the fact that they were democratically elected notwithstanding.

As for Iran, America considers it a rogue state and accuses it of supporting terrorism, because Iran supports the liberation movements in Lebanon Palestine and Iraq, and stands against American arrogant policies.

Thus we saw the US Secretary of State using in its trip to the region, the new terms of moderation and extremism hoping to play those she considered moderate against whom she calls extremists like Iran and Syria, as well as some liberation movement like Hizbullah Hamas and Al-Jihad al-Islami.

She aims at creating a new axis of America's friends to further destabilize the region.

American – Israeli Attempts to fall Hamas Government

Secretary Rice who wanted the head of the Palestinian Authority to fall Hamas Government because it did not recognize Israel, and because it was not able to solve the Palestinians problems, but it did not mention that these problems were caused by the economic blockade that is imposed even by the Arabs as a result of US pressure.

The bloody events that Gaza witnessed following the return of the head of the Palestinian Authority form his trip to the US, might have been a result of American encouragement to destabilize the situation leading to the painful results of spilling Palestinian blood. The Americans and the Israelis continue to execute their plan of inciting internal strife to suggest that the Palestinian government has failed in holding its reasonability.

An Anti-Iran Arab Axis

We also saw the US Secretary planned with its friends in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt and Jordan to create an anti-Iranian axis to pressurize Iran to halt its peaceful nuclear project, claiming that Iran is seeking to produce the bomb. Nevertheless, none of these states talked with the Secretary about the Israeli nuclear arsenal that Egypt had previously called for its disarming because they know that this is an American taboo which they are afraid to raise.

The Sectary tried to talk with them about a final solution to the Arab-Israeli struggle by means of the two state solution the American President claimed, since, as usual, they tend to trust the American lies and deceits, since their strategy is based on realizing all the Israeli territorial expansion plans in Palestine leaving the Palestinian with no land to establish a viable state.

Secretary Rice did not forget to talk about Lebanon, whose heroic Resistance was able to thwart the American-Israeli goals as well as ending the legend of the evincible Israeli army.

The Secretary's visit calls for the following points:

Firstly: How is the American conception of Moderation defined: Is it to yield to the American strategy and execute all its plans in the region and fight those who oppose them? This is what we notice in the statements of these states regarding the Iranian threat, although Iran has opened up on all the Gulf states as well as Egypt and assured them that it is not planning to produce nuclear weapons, which means that these countries do not have an interest in antagonizing Iran.


It is naïve to thinks as some Arabs do, that the Secretary of State has come to the region to find some realistic solution that can resolve the Arab-Israeli struggle, especially at a time the Enemy's government suffers from a state of weakness as a result of the losses it encountered in its last aggression against Lebanon, and that the Israeli extremists reject any solution that gives the Palestinian people the right of self-determination.

Thirdly: America is still suffering from suffocating crisis in its occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and in some of the Arab and Muslim countries who oppose American influence. Therefore, the support of these countries to the American policies might create a lot of problems with its people, especially after it stood with the Israeli aggression and planned with the enemy against the Resistance.

We call on all free people in the Arab and Islamic world to move to thwart the American – Israeli plans with the appropriate means, since these plans are against freedom and human rights. We also call on the Palestinian people to be aware of the new conspiracy that aims at letting Israel gain without having to go to war, and we call on all the Mujahideen factions to go back to the resistance, since it is the only way that leads to Liberation.

The Hidden Plans

As for Lebanon, we call on the Lebanese people to be aware of the hidden plans being drawn by international parties to reshuffle the cards, incite sectarian strife and distract them from their vital concerns and forget the issues of corruption and squandering plaguing the country, since there is no one to pass judgements even, if the cases are presented to the judiciary that is being tampered with its honesty by means of sectarian partisanship.

Lebanon is still exposed to local, regional and international interests, while some Lebanese are preoccupied with personal, partisan and sectarian issues. How would Lebanon then live, if those people who always say long live Lebanon are digging its grave?