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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Ayatullah Al Ozma H.E. M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday speeches (at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Safar 6 1423hApril 19, 2002 (Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer).


The Anniversary of the Death of Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.): Let Us Fill Our Hearts with the Virtues of Patience, Right and Justice

The First Speech

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

Allah says in His Glorious Book {Allah’s wish is but to remove uncleanness far from you, O folk of the Household and cleanse you with a through cleansing). This Ayat refers to Ahl-el-Beit (members of the household) who are Ali, Fatima, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein (a.s.) while they were with the Messenger, covered by the same cover, untied by the same religion, and honored by their love to Allah (swt), their commitment to His worshippers and their strive to serve His Message. The Ayat affirms the infallibility of Ahl el-Beit as they were purified from doing, saying of anything wrong.

Raised by The Prophet

One of the members of Ahl el-Beit is Imam Al-Hassan bin Ali bin Abitaleb (a.s.) whose death anniversary is on the seventh of the month of Safar (Saturday). He is the first born to Ali and Fatima after the immigration to Medina(1) and he is the first grandson of the Prophet (p.) He enjoyed along with his brother Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) the best child raising a human could ever have, because it did not only provide love and physical care but it also nurtured the mind and the soul.

The Messenger (p.) raised his grandsons as he raised their father and mother before them… Thus, they were fortunate enough to enjoy the care and love of the Messenger twice, once directly and the other by inheritance… They lived their early childhood with the Messenger (p.) And it was the first time the Muslims saw the Messenger playing with children, something he did not do with any of his children before… He used to carry them on his back and play with them… He used to tell Muslims that he loves them and used to pray for them saying “O, God, I  love them and I ask You to love them and love those who love them”. 

They also enjoyed the love and care of their parents at home. It was an upbringing of nobleness and purity under the sponsorship of the Prophet (p.) who planted in them all the seeds of spiritual values that were nurtured and grown by Imam Ali and Fatima Al-Zahra (a.s.). Imam Al-Hassan (a.s) lived all the events, and tragedies his mother faced following the death of Muhammad (p.). 

He kept it in his mind but it did not fill him with despair. Rather he became aware of the flows and shortcomings Muslims lived at that time. After the death of his mother he was taken care of by his father who filled his mind and that of his brother with knowledge and filled their hearts with love for Allah, the Prophet and all people. He also taught them that they should dedicate their lives to serve the message.

 Thus Imam Al-Hassan grew up to be as if he were a copy of the Messenger. For it was said that he looked like the Messenger in both his looks and his manners. He also resembled Imam Ali (a.s.) because the Commander of the Faithful gave Al-Hassan all of his traits. Thus he grew up to be strong in his faith in God and knowledgeable of His message. He was also so firm in his stands that he was one of those who talked with Abu Zhar when he was exiled although the caliph banned the Muslims from saying farewell to him.

A Man Qualified for Tough Missions:

Thus, when Imam Ali (a.s.) became the caliph he was opposed by some of the people who were sick in their hearts, he sent his son to the city of Kufa(3) to solve this problem. He proved to be very wise and firm at the same time. Moreover the speeches and sermons he gave there were among the most pious and guiding speeches.

We also saw him helping his father in all his affairs and fighting all his wars and battles… Imam Ali used to refer to him so that the people will learn that he was the Imam to follow him. When Imam Ali (a.s) was martyred Imam Hassan (a.s) became the Imam by God’s command as it was evident by the saying of His prophet: “Al –Hassan and Al-Hussein are Imams whether they chose to stand (act) or sit (not act), and “Al –Hassan and Al –Hussein are the masters of the youth of Heaven” .Who among all Muslims of that age was awarded this medal, especially that Muhammad (p) does not follow his passions? When he says something then surely it was revealed to him from God, especially when he is taking about such a significant issue as a rank in Heaven. Who else besides Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein were awarded such a medal by a man who talks nothing but truth and who is believed in everything he says. But at that time, the Muslim community was plagued by various sorts of complications: intimidations, temptations and fanaticism as a result of the schemes and plots of Muawiah(2) who managed to destabilize the rule of Imam Ali (a.s) by his various wars, whether actual fighting or the wars of deception and money. After Imam Ali’s death, Muawiah(2) continued these wars with Imam Hassan and was able to destabilize his army, for he managed to buy some of heads of tribes and other weak people. Some of those wrote to Muawiah(2) saying: “If we want, we can hand you Al-Hassan, dead or alive” .In this period the Imam survived several attempts on his life. Thus, the Imam studied the situation and concluded that circumstances were not favorable to continue to fight with such a divided army. For it will only lead to the victory of Muawiah(2), who would take advantage of such a victory to eliminate all leaders of opposition of the companions of Imam Ali, leaving no voice that will rise to stand by the right. He also wanted to pave the way for Imam Hussein’s movement. For Imam Hussein’s revolution is an echo of Al-Hassan’s truce, since it was by no means a recognition of the legitimacy of Muawiah’s(2) rule, but a truce in which he imposed his own conditions. One of these conditions was that he will be the next caliph once Muawiah(2) dies. Needless to say that the Umayyad ruler did not respect these conditions, and planned to assassinate Imam Al-Hassan to ensure that his son, Yazid, will succeed him. He seduced Al–Hassan’s wife with a large sum of money and promised her to marry Yazid. She gave the Imam some poisoned food and he was martyred.

Concern for the Welfare of the Nation:

The Imam wanted not to shed any blood in his funeral. He knew that the Umayyad will not allow his body to be buried near his grandfather; that is why he told his brother Al –Hussein (a.s) in his will that he wanted to be buried at al Baqie’, and expressed his wish that he does not want any blood shed at his funeral.

But the Imam (a.s) wanted his body to visit the prophet’s grave before he was taken to his final destination.

This was opposed by Aisha(4) and some of her followers who started to cry: Al-Hassan would not be buried with his grandfather. But when Banu Hashim(5) tried to fight them, Imam Hussein stopped them, following his brother’s will.

The Role Model

The Imam was a role model in his manners, generosity and he   was greatly respected by all his cotemporaries. He preformed pilgrimage on foot 25 times. He was also a very charitable man whose money was dedicated for the poor and the needy. Moreover, he was also a great speaker who used to take every chance he got, to guide people in his sermons, speeches and sayings for the good and the cause of Allah.

In our meeting today, I would like to take a speech by Imam Hassan (a.s) that gives us the basic components that a good personality of a pious believer is composed of. The Imam, describing a pious brother of his said: He was in my view one of the greatest people. What made him such was above all that this life did not mean much to him. He did not consider the pleasures of this world as his first concern in a way that he will sell himself for these pleasures… His only concern was the hereafter and if this world meant anything it was to do good to ensure his place in the other world. He did not complain… He was patient when he encountered difficulties, He used to spend most of his time in silence but this is not because he was unable to speak, but because he decided not speak unless it was necessary, but when he spoke he would outdo all others… He used not to say what he did not do or do what he did not say. If he had to chose between two things he did not know which was nearer to God, he used to leave out what he thought was nearer to his desires. He did not to blame anyone for doing anything that there could be an excuse for. Describing “council”, the Imam said: “If people debate the issue among them they will surely find the right way”. The Holy Quran says that Allah wants His messenger, despite the fact the he is infallible to consult with them upon the conduct of affairs. And when thou art resolved, then put thy trust in Allah. Allah also described the community of believers as one {whose affairs are a matter of counsel}. Some traditions have it: “He who consults with others shares them their minds”. The Imam(a.s)  also wanted the people to be grateful for Allah’s grace’s because when you are thankful, Allah will increase what He bestows on you . Moreover, you should also thank other people when they do good because this will encourage them to be more charitable; that is why he says: It is mean not to be grateful.

He also said: “He who wants to be powerful and respected without being a member of a tribe or a ruler should move from the disgrace of disobeying Allah to the greatness of obeying Him”. Your obedience to Allah gives you pride and respect. His nephew, Imam Zein Al-Abedien (a.s), reaffirms the same meaning in his supplication when he says: “O God prevent me from thinking that those who are poor are low or those who are rich are honorable, for the honorable is he who is honored by obeying you…”

Praise be Imam Al-Hassan(a.s)  the day he was born, the day he was martyred and the day he will be brought back to life. O God let us be of his consistent followers in this world and of those whom he will recede for in the Hereafter… You are Hearing and answering.

The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, The Compassionate, the Merciful

All Zionist Governments Committed Massacres:

The Massacres of Deir Yassine(6) through that of Houla(7) and Qana(8)… to the massacres of Jenin and Nablis represent a constant attitude of all the butcher governments of the Zionist entity, which was established throughout its history, and even before the state, an attitude that was founded on terrorism…

As for America, it is also acting in a persistent way: It held the victims of the Qana(8) massacre the responsibility of the Jenin massacre, without even showing any humanitarian sorrow.

…For those martyrs-victims are but murderer’s according to Bush who expects the Arab rulers to define them as such. America does not recognize the right of the Palestinians to defend themselves or their lands against the Zionist occupier…  The Jews alone have an exclusive right to “defend” themselves by demolishing the Palestinian infrastructure and houses on the heads of its occupants whether children, woman or elderly.

America Is a Real Partner:

America, therefore, is equally responsible for all these massacres, especially when the US president describes Sharon the man who committed these massacres as a “Man of peace”…. For peace in his view is attained only when the Palestinians are deprived of any source of strength they may still possess, and when the Intifada stops. The Israeli security that America safeguards could not be achieved unless the Palestinians surrender unconditionally so as to establish  a Palestinian state that is dominated military, politically and economically by the Israelis without having any significant authority in any field… This is the kind of state Sharon wants and that Bush supports to the extent that he wants all the pro-Western Arab regimes to fight against the Palestinian war of liberation, which he calls terrorism. He is also threatening to make the war against the Intifada and even the Palestinian Authority a prelude to the second phase of his war against terrorism that would expand from Palestine to Iraq, as well as other Muslim and Arab countries. This threat takes the form of a political blackmail that says to all parties:” you are either with us or with terror”…

The American Secretary of State came to the region to threaten and intimidate, his diplomatic approach notwithstanding… He carried messages of threat to Lebanon and Syria in case the Resistance against occupation does not cease… He also threatened the Palestinians with additional massacres if they do not provide disgraceful concessions, and continue their resistance… The talk about the progress made in Powell’s tour by Powell himself and his president makes us suspect the presence of a secret American plot in the making that might have some Arab support..

It is quite ironic and absurd that America talks about the Israeli withdrawal as actually taking place… Everybody knows that Israel occupies a new village or town every day… If it withdraws from a city in the morning it will return in the evening or it will siege it from all sides and turn it into one big prison... If it is talking about a timetable it is the timetable for accomplishing all the crimes and massacres it wishes to perform.

An Arab Political Scandal:

We also have to raise the issue of these Arab successive visits to America which might suggest that the Arab-American relations are still friendly, despite the American active participation in destroying the Palestinian people… At a time we all know that America will pay some lip service to the Arabs and provide the Israelis with actual assistance.

It will also call the Arabs to continue their war against all those who oppose America policies in the name of fighting terrorism, just like that happened with the Arab initiative which was not respected by America and Israel and which was replaced by Sharon’s initiative that takes only the part of recognizing Israel… Thus America, along with Israel, leads the Arabs from one concession into another to renew the Arab defeat as Israel celebrates the so called “Independence day”.

 The Palestinians Are Writing a New History:

We believe that the Palestinian people who made a new history of Jihad, steadfastness sacrifice and resolve to the Arabs despite all their ever bleeding wounds and unbearable pressures, we believe that they will continue their march until liberation and independence… If the enemy is expecting them to yield, time will prove that it is mistaken.

Beware of internal Strife :

 We call on the Arabs, Muslims and freedom lovers everywhere: Keep up the pressure on the regimes to face them to take effective steps in supporting the wounded Palestinian people… Keep up your demonstrations of protest against America and boycott its goods as much as possible… So as to make the US understands that peoples too could punish their enemies. It is a decisive stage in which the future of the nation will be determined. Let us prove that we are up to it.

I would like to warn all Lebanese to keep watchful of the International plots especially those of America and Israel that is being planned against them.. They are trying to stir the differences among you on such issues as the Intifada, the Islamic Resistance, initiatives and regional conferences… The C.I.A. delegation that is going to visit Lebanon soon, will try its best to incite strife. Moreover, there are those who listen to them... So, take care and keep a watchful eye on the economic situation in the country that is becoming more and more catastrophic.

Finally, we have to support the stands and not the persons, for the political game may polish the image of certain individual to play a role that need not be patriotic or revolutionary… It could well be the opposite... We should learn from our past experiences and not fall in this trap once more.

1-Medina : The Messenger (p.)’s city in which he emigrated to from Mecca, it is located in Saudi Arabia

2-Muawiah: the first Umayyad ruler

3-Kufa: A city in Iraq

4-Aisha : The Prophet’s wife

5-Banu Hashim: The Prophet’s tribe

6-Deir Yassine: A Palestinian village  , scene of a brutal massacre in 1948

7-Houla : a village in South Lebanon

8-Qana : A village in South Lebanon where the Israeli plane shelled the UN headquarters killing more than  a 100 Lebanese civilians in 1996.