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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Grand Ayatollah H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer     sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Muharram  13 1425 h,March  5 2004,  (Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu'a prayer)

Imam Hussein: The Caller and the Guide

The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The virtue of Patience

Today also, we explore the other side of Imam Hussein (a.s.) that of the caller and the guide to the right path. This side is little known, since we tend, especially in Ashoura, to see only the tragedy that accompanied his martyrdom.

In his role as a guide, the Imam (a.s.) stressed on the importance of patience; he says: "Have patience towards the right even if it was bitter". He also says: "Have patience on what you hate in what the rights impose on you, and have patience on what you love towards what passion might lead you to”.

In these two sayings, the Imam (a.s.) points out to how men should act in their lives, whether in their relation with themselves, with others or with God. Such an attitude is not simply a matter of either seeking pleasure or avoiding pain, for one should always take the position that ensures his stability and success in the end. Things that seem pleasurable in the beginning might turn out to be painful in the long run.

Thus, man should examine all what he does, because the negative elements might be invisible and he would not feel them. This is what Imam Hussein (a.s.) meant when he drew a simile between seeking pleasures at the expense of principles and eating honey.

Since, when you finish eating, the effect of sweetness of honey would varnish.
The Imam (a.s.) calls on us, to be both wise and principled. He asks us to stick to adhering to the right regardless of the worldly losses such an act might generate, for the results would be in our favor, since they bestow on us God's satisfaction. On the other hand, going along with one's passions in disobedience of God, which although might yield temporary pleasure, will turn out to be painful and saddening in the end.

Based on this, the Imam's message was that man should always side with the right even if it was bitter. Moreover, the right is something that covers all aspects: In doctrine, it is the Book and the prophetic traditions. In politics, it is what promotes justice, while in society it lies in love and unity…

Patience when it comes to sin.

A man came to the master of martyrs, Imam Hussein (a.s) and said: "I am a man who can't resist committing sin, nor do I have the power to control it, so enlighten me".
Imam Hussein (a.s.) said:
"Do five things and commit any sin you wish to commit.
First, do not eat the sustenance that is from Allah, and commit any sin you wish to commit.
Escape the dominion of Allah, and commit any sin you like. Seek a place where Allah does not see you at and do any sin you please.
When the angel of death comes to take your soul, repel him from yourself and do any sin you desire.
Lastly, when Malik (the angel that directs Hell) makes you enter the fire, do not enter the fire (Hell) and do any sin you like.
It is as if he is saying that when you eat, you eat the sustenance that is from Allah, and that Allah watches you all the time. He has given you birth and he decides your death. He then rewards you or punishes you. How could you possibly sin then?

Doing good always

He told another man who he heard him say: "Donning good to those who do not deserve it would be a waste”, that this is no so. He added doing good is like rain, that falls on all; the good and the bad. When you act in accordance to your value you do not think about gain and loss, you just do what you believe in. This is the real meaning of humanitarianism that Islam stresses on in educating man. 

Being balanced

The Imam describes also an attitude that is common among many people and that is demonstrated by their willingness to apologize, he said:

Beware of your apologies; for a true believer does not sin, does not have to apologize, where the hypocrite commits sin, and apologizes everyday.

Having to apologize is an act of humiliation, while Allah, the most Exalted, according to Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) did not give the believer the authority to humiliate himself'. This is a very important teaching, since to avoid any apology you have to study thoroughly anything you do or say.

Then the Imam (a.s.) explains to us how a rational man should deal with others. He says that such a man would not talk to those whom he is afraid of not believing him. He would not ask for a favor from someone who might deny him. Lastly, he would not trust someone whom he is afraid that he would betray him.

In this respect, our Imams have asked us not be overconfident in general. Imam Ali (a.s.) warns us against loving someone too much for he might one day turn to an enemy. Conversely, he advises us not to hate our enemy too much for one day he might turn into a friend. Therefore, be rational and balanced when you love and when you hate, in friendship and in enmity.

Dear beloved: Imam Al-Hussein is the Imam of Islam whom we ought to open up on all the fields of his imamate. Do not be overwhelmed by the tragic and the revolutionary aspects. Like his father, his brother and his sons, Imam Hussein carried the message of Muhammad (p.) and the Message of Islam. This is the meaning of Imamate and this is the meaning of being an adherent to Ahl el-Beit.
We have to follow their teachings in all fields, for they are the teachings of Islam.

The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The occupation is responsible for the massacres

The new Ashoura in Karbala and Kazimiya is an extension of the historic one, whether in the brutality of the crimes, in the goal of inciting strife, or in abandoning spiritual values or support of the unjust.
As for the true and dedicated believers who follow Islam in the line of Ahl el-Beit whom Allah has purified, hundreds of them have fallen dead or injured without committing any wrong, just like what has happened in the original Karbala .
The Occupation has tried to acquit himself of the responsibility of these barbaric massacres, by accusing fanatical terrorist groups. However, no matter how much he tries, he would still be fully responsible.
It is the climate of occupation that made Iraq an open arena to all those who want to foul play.
Moreover, if the occupation troops did not commit this crime, then what about the CIA or Mosad agents, especially that the Israeli entity wishes to make sure that Iraq will remain constantly weak and divided, thus ensuring that what the Americans had done when they ended the status of Iraq as a potential formidable enemy will not be reestablished.

We appreciate the awareness of the Iraqis

In the midst of the tragedy and in the heart of their sorrows, the Iraqis were able to surpass the calamity and cling to their Islamic and national unity. They were victorious over the attempts to incite strife, and they thwarted the vicious attempts of occupation, its allies and all those who want to incite civil war.

We call upon all parties that in the face of these critical circumstances, they should be more vigilant and cautious. They should study the American plans to dominate the region and plunder its wealth. We ask all the Muslim religious authorities and all scholars in Iraq and the region not to resort to condemnation only. They should also seek to educate Muslims on the importance of Islamic unity as a major element that safeguards the destiny of Islam and the Islamic nation. They should also try to find the practical means to pursue this goal and continue to monitor and oppose all those whose blind fanaticism and ignorance would actually make their actions serve the plots of arrogant powers.

Pakistan: The need for more awareness

In addition to the massacres of Iraq, we should also talk about the massacres of the tenth of Muharram in Quetta and in the Punjab where more than 50 Muslims were killed and over 100 were wounded.
As we condemn this outrageous filthy crime, we hold the Pakistani authorities fully responsible, having not provided their Shiite citizens, the security they need to perform their religious celebrations, despite the fact that the last ten years have witnessed many bloody incidents in which thousands were either killed or injured.

Reliable sources have confirmed to us that they are letting dangerous criminals off the book while detaining those who work for unity like the religious scholar Sayyed Sajad Ali An-Naqqawi who has been in jail for over four months.
We call upon Muslim scholars in Pakistan to confront the bloody situation that paves the way for America to dominate over this good Muslim country. They should educate the Pakistanis on the importance of Muslim unity and convey to them that fanaticism does not benefit either the Shiites or the Sunnis.

It is the following of the instructions of the Quran regarding the referring of all differences to God and His Messenger that makes Islam and Muslims strong in facing arrogance and disbelief. We also call on the Pakistani government to uphold its responsibility in preserving the security of its people, and striking the criminals with an iron fist, for internal terrorism could be deadlier than the external one.

Palestine: Tribute to the steadfast people

Palestine is still moving from one massacre into another, from one detention into another and from plot or deception scheme like promising to withdraw from Gaza into another… Meanwhile, the settlements are expanding and the Americans continue to exert additional pressures.
And all this is topped by the international political indifference and the pressures of the Arab regimes that heed to the American pressures and withhold funds for the Palestinian orphans and martyr sons. The rich people who wish to contribute money to the Palestinian needy have become afraid that their assets will be confiscated, just as the Israelis did in the Palestinian banks.

We would like to salute the Palestinian steadfastness what was able to create several political, economic and security problems to the Zionist enemy and the Arrogant American power. And we are confident that the people will be victorious in the end.
As for the Arabs, they are neither able to reform their own conditions nor reach a unified position towards the project of American reform that wants to disrupt all the people's interests to the benefit of the American interests.

Some even call for accepting the American demands so as not to run after them tomorrow to accept what we refused today... It is blind slavery that is void of any will… It is the Arab league, which we are afraid that it might turn into a league of differences and conflicts.

Lebanon: When will spring come?

As Lebanon continues to sink into endless debates, while compromises between officials are reached that usually come at the people's expense, the country's economy is on the verge of collapse and the dept is constantly increasing. The poor are getting hungry and the contacts for services are divided between the influential parties, which means that instead of being executed they turn into a cake that is shared by the corrupt.
When will all this cold winds end? And when will this beautiful country receive the spring?