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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 04th May 2007, 16 Rabi'II 1428 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Islam's Moral Code:
A call for a coherent society
by staying from insult and abuse


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Allah, The Most Exalted, tells His Messenger (p.) in the context of guiding him to the way that makes people close to him and open their hearts and minds on his mind and heart :And say to My servants (that) they speak that which is best.

When a man starts his social life, it is the tongue that acts as the means to open up on others whether in his emotions needs or dialogue and the call to what he believes in.

It is also the means to pray to God and remember Him.

It is the way to ask God for forgiveness, and the way that raises man to Allah: To Him do ascend the good words; and the good deeds, lift them up

In the light of this, Allah wants the people when they talk to one another to study what they are about to say, and to know that people too have their own feelings, and that they respect themselves as he respects his, and that they want no one to hurt them, Allah says: you shall speak to men good words That is: tell them the best of things you would like them to say to you. That is why the Messenger's (p.) trait that the Quran highlighted was that the Messenger was that he was of a lenient tongue and a kind heart. Thus it is due to mercy from Allah that you deal with them gently, and had you been rough, hard hearted, they would certainly have dispersed from around you. It is this kind of good talk that gathers people around you and makes them listen to what you have to say.

Allah, The Most Exalted, says: And say to My servants (that) they speak that which is best.

If you want to say something, try to study the words you want to express, what you mean with. Some words have a negative connotation. Therefore choose the best words when you talk to others, just as you choose the best food and the best house, for words might have a negative effect on your life.

Do not abuse:

Thus, Islam was concerned with using polite and good words. Imam Zein Al-Bideen says: "The rights or the tongue is to consider it too noble for obscenity, accustom it to good, refrain from any meddling in which there is nothing to benefit from and speak well concerning them.

Islam has rejected abuse and saying what makes people shy. Let us listen to our Imams telling us about the negative results of such an attitude in this world and in the Hereafter.

The Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) quotes the Messenger (p.) of Allah as saying that Allah has made paradise prohibited to anyone who curses or abuses, who is impolite and does not care about what he says or what people say to him.

He would even curse his wife and children in a way that will make them feel shy or ashamed. One of our Imams was asked if there was among people a person who does not worry about what people say to him and he said: it is he who abuses others knowing that they will not leave it at that. That is: they will retaliate by doing the same.

Imam Al-Baqir says: Allah hates the one who uses obscene language. It was narrated that there was a friend of Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.). He always remained with the Imam (a.s.) wherever he went. He had a slave who was from Sind. One day, the person was passing through the market of shoe-makers with Imam (a.s.) while his slave walked behind. The master wanted to send the slave on an errand, but when he looked back the slave had disappeared. He looked back three times but could not see the slave. After some time, when he looked for the fourth time, he saw the slave. He was angry with him and said, "O' son of the adulteress! Where were you?"

The narrator says that Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.) slapped his forehead and said,
"Glory be to Allah! You are accusing his mother of adultery. And I was seeing some piety in you, but now I find that there is no sign of piety or religiousness left."

The companion protested,"May I be sacrificed upon you, his mother is an inhabitant of Sind (India) and she is a Mushrik (polytheist)." Imam (a.s.) replied,
"Don't you know that all people have their own type of marriage? Be away from me!"

The narrator says, "In the Imam's life-time, I never saw him walking with Imam (a.s.), again." Islam has accepted the marriage contracts of all nations and it does not consider the marriage of a non-Muslim as invalid.

The negative results:

Imam Al-Baqir quotes the Messenger (p.) as saying : "If obscenity is a model it would have been a model of evil. Imam As-Sadiq says: "The Messenger says: Of the most evil of God's servants are those whom you hate to sit with because of their obscenity". He also says: "A Jew once asked God for three years to give him a son. When he saw that Allah was not responding to him he said: Am I too far from you to hear me… Then when he was asleep he heard someone saying: "You have been calling Allah for three years with an obscene tongue, an impure heart and a dishonest intention. Stop being obscene and purify your heart and will. The man did this and he invoked Allah and a son was born to him… This means that obscenity, cruelty and a dishonest intention might lead to denying the mercy of Allah's response to your prayers. It is also said that those who use obscene language will be denied Allah, The Most Exalted, blessings in the sustenance.

One of Imam Sadiq friends narrates the following story:

I came to Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq who began the conversation, "O Sama!" what is it that I have heard between you and your camel driver? See that you do not become an abuser and curser."

Sama replied, "Yes! What you have heard is correct. He had been unjust on me."

Imam (a.s.) said, "If he has oppressed you, you have also become his equal and you oppressed more. Indeed this action is not from my behaviour and neither do I advise my Shias to do like that. Ask your Lord for forgiveness and do not repeat this act."

It is regretted that there are those who are used to curse the sacred symbols of others. You might not accept them which is understandable, but to curse them is something that will undermine the unity of the nation and might incite strife which is unacceptable.

Some people curse some of the Messenger's wives who might have committed some mistakes, but this does not mean that we should curse them, for we should, as one of our old scholar, Sayyed Mohammed Baqir Hujatulislam, says , treat them well, in honour of the one they are linked to.

We have to be polite with our families at home, with our brothers in the community and even with our enemies for Allah says: And say to My servants (that) they speak that which is best.


These are the Islamic morals that make the Islamic nation hold a sublime position as a result of saying and discussing what is best. This is what draws us close to each other and to Allah.



In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Second Sermon

Bush's Policy

The new report on terrorism by the American Department of State talks about a significant rise in the terrorist attacks in 2006. It added that Iraq was the bloodiest front in which the terrorists and the extremists used all means and weapons including chemical weapons. The report stated also that most terrorist attacks take place in the Middle East and South Asia meaning Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan.

Moreover, the report pointed out that Iran is still the most active sponsor of terrorism in the world, it accused the Revolutionary Guard and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security of being directly involved in planning and supporting terrorists attacks as Iran encourages Palestinian factions and Hizbullah in Lebanon to resort to terrorism to achieves its goals.

This report makes us wonder about what has led to what the US Department of State calls terrorism. And we notice that the Policies of the American Administration could be responsible for this violence in the region, as a result of the war it waged on Afghanistan to avenge for 9/11 victims without studying the circumstances of the people in this country and the political trends of the rulers. It was the American intelligence that deployed the people against the Soviet occupation, thus creating a state of internal anarchy and political extremism.

Then came the invasion, which was so brutal that it had killed mercilessly thousands of Afghani civilians. Thus, the Administration was not able to create stability for the people. On the country it increased its anarchy and violence. The Catastrophe of the Afghanis will not end unless the occupation withdraws leaving the Afghanis to determine their own destiny.

Occupation is the problem:

If we move to the war on Iraq, we will find that the Administration was unable to find pretence to invade Iraq, so it relied on the big lie of weapons of mass destruction. Then it tried to deceive the Iraqis by pretending that it wanted to liberate them from the tyrant ruler, the same tyrant whom America had used to execute its politics and discarded when he was no longer needed. Iraq sank in various kinds or occupation and Takfiris violence, in addition to the resistance factions that are associated with foreign and local powers.

The Occupation has fallen as a result of the blows it was hit by. It was also a failure in running the occupation of Iraq with all the security chaos as well as that of the vital services.

Occupation even became a problem to the American public opinion, with the Americans and the political circles unconvinced that this Administration is fighting terrorism in Iraq; it is really reinforcing it which affects the neighbouring countries that America accuses without any proof of spreading chaos in Iraq.

That is why calls for withdrawing have intensified, as a result of the increasing losses as well as the demonstrations in Iraq, the world and the US where the occupation has become a problem to the Americans as it is a problem to the Iraqis.

This Administration is also interfering in Sudan to usurp its natural resources using Darfour as pretence. It also wants to avenge its defeat in Somalia, promote anarchy in Lebanon as well as supporting the Israeli aggression. It besieges Syria and Iran claiming that the latter is seeking to make nuclear weapons. Moreover, the US considers liberation movements in Palestine and Lebanon to be terrorist movements and considers those who support them as supporting terrorism.

At the same time, it encourages Israel to besiege the Palestinians, killing them and confiscating their lands, destroying their infrastructure and threatening their internal security by means of their intelligence agencies, while at the same time Israel talks about the peace that will never come except after most of Palestine including Jerusalem and the West Bank have been Judaized.

America leaves the Palestinian people under the mercy of the Israeli barbaric acts of the enemy's army, and pressurizes the Arabs who have yielded to its policies to defend Israeli aggression instead of the Palestinians. It also pushed the Arab states to run after Israel seeking a humiliating peace, that it will not give to them unless they accept certain conditions that will not leave anything to save face with.

America who declared a war against terrorism, in the aftermath of September 2001, did not aim at fighting terrorism but at ending any opposition for its arrogant policies and monopolizing interests in the world and especially in the Middle East. But America does not talk about the internal terrorism it suffers form, that represents a unique condition unmatched in any other place in the world.

The Resistance Victory.

In "Israel", the Zionist government threatens the Palestinians by a major military operation in Gaza, in retaliation to the Resistance operations which are meant to avenge the terrorist acts that the Israeli Army performed in Nablus, Janin Gaza and other cities, at a time the Israeli state is living in an earthquake as a result of the judicial report that held the Zionist government responsible for the failure in the war on Lebanon. It considered it an unjustified war, because the imprisoning of the two soldiers was not a declaration of war, but a means to free the Lebanese prisoners.

In addition, the report confirmed the defeat of Israeli army, and the weakness of the Israeli military and political authorities in running the war on Lebanon, which made the Arab states that supported this aggression by calling Israel to continue it until it defeats the Resistance feel that their plans were defeated. It also shocked some of the Lebanese official parties who put their stakes on this war, hoping that it will disarm the Resistance.

We call on all parties to study this report and its impact in destabilizing the military and political situation in Israel, and consequently learn the value of the Resistance in protecting Muslim dignity. They should, therefore, consider it, as a basis for victory and not an internal or Arab problem especially that certain Arab states continue to view the Resistance in a negative way for they are afraid that the spirit of resistance will overwhelm their peoples.

Lebanon reaches a critical stage:

Lebanon has lived a difficult time following the painful incident that shocked the entire country, and threatened to turn into sectarian strife. But we noticed that the leaderships, the parties and the sects have adopted a responsible position by refusing to go along with those who tried in instigate strife, for they all know that such a sectarian strife will make the temple fall on the heads of all parties with no exception, whether a leadership a party or a sect.

Thus the Lebanese lived, at least on the surface, a state of emotional national unity that overcame the crisis.

But the question is: why do we need a tragic incident or a security problem to make everybody feel that there is a need for a positive dialogue on the higher levels, and for the kind of positive feelings that emerged as well as the talk to transfer positive intentions into plans for national reconciliation.

The problem in Lebanon has reached a critical stage that it can no longer bear a new tragic incident or one that will inflame the sectarian divide.

The country is divided into two parties that do not trust one another or try to positively interpret what the other party says. They are accusing each other of falling in the hands of either international or regional tutelage, while both parties deny such charges claiming that their motives are but the country's interest.

Going back to dialogue

The Lebanese citizens' economic conditions have become so bad that no copasetic operations of economic reform could do any good. Immigration of the experienced and qualified youth is increasing rapidly, whole the labourers who celebrated their international day find no jobs, with some of them even suffering from a day off, even if it were their national day, because it will mean that they will not find food for their children.

Moreover, the citizens are concerned for their future and businessman do not dare to develop their businesses in fear of security instability. Therefore, we believe that those in charge of the country's political affairs should study this difficult stage and resort to dialogue to establish a plan that leads to the formation of a national unity government that does not contain any internal mines and an a non-political international tribunal to establish a national unity that seeks to promote its internal national interests and not those of outside forces, whether far or near, for they seek to promote their interests which might run counter to those of the Lebanese.