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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque,7th March 2006, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.


Imam Al-Hassan (a.s) A Role Model in Piety and Morals


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Firm Stand:

God says in His Glorious Book: Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless.

On the seventh of this month, the month of Safar, Imam al-Hasan bin Ali (a.s.) died.

He did not die naturally, but he was martyred as a result of the poison his wife gave him acting under the instructions of Muawiah.

As we know, the Imam was the first baby born for Ali and Fatima (a.s.).

He was so much loved by the Messenger that Muhammad said: O God, I love him and I ask you to love him and love those who love him. He took take care of him and his brother Al-Hussein as if he were their father, hugging them, playing with them and praising them.

The Muslims quote him as saying:

Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein the masters of Heaven's youth.

After the Prophet(p.) died, Imam Hasan lived with his mother for a short period before she died too.

Then he lived his youth with his father Ali (a.s.) who used to rely on him when he became a caliph. He sent him to Kufa when it witnessed a destabilized situation. There ,he gave a speech which aimed at telling the people how great his father was describing him as the most pious, the most just and the most knowledgeable... The one whom Allah made related to the Messenger in two ways: by kin and by religion… He is the one whom Allah has made the Messenger(p.) need not go to war while the people were hesitant…The one who believed in him when others did not, and the one who fought with him when others were defeated. In these words, a clear image of Imam Ali is drawn from his own son, who knew him like no one else did.

A model in piety

Imam Ali (a.s.) educated al-Hasan both intellectually and spiritually, and we can take a glimpse of that education in his last will to his son. In this regard, we can also read his nephew's description, Imam Ali bin Al-Hussein (a.s. ), which constitutes a great testimony telling us who Imam Al-Hasan was: He was the most worshipful of all people (and the most austere of them (and the most virtuous of them -

whenever he would go for Hajj he would go on foot and sometimes even bare-footed)

and whenever he would remember death he would weep(

and whenever he would remember the grave he would cry)

and whenever he would remember resurrection he would wail and whenever he would remember the passage on Siraat he would shed tears

and whenever he would remember the accountability before his Lord the Most High he would sob and swoon

and whenever he would stand before his Lord in prayers his limbs would shiver

and whenever he would remember heaven and hell he would quiver like one bitten by snake and he would pray to the Lord for Paradise and for protection from Punishment of Hell-fire

and whenever he read in the book of God "O You who believe ......" he would respond by saying Labbaik Allahuma Labbaik .

and he was never seen in any state but he was steeped in the remembrance of God

His social position

One of the writers of the biography of the Messenger(p.), Muhammad bin Ishak says: no one reached such an honorable position, after the Messenger(p.) like Al-Hasan bin Ali (a.s.) . When he went out to teach no one will pass on the road until he went back to his house. Another historiographer narrates that once the Imam was riding on the way to Mecca, but he decided to continue the journey on foot . All the people who saw him descend descended too and started walking. Even Saad bin Abi Waqas descended and walked at his side.

This is how respected and honored the Imam(a.s.) was. He was also quite wise and full of love to people.

Once he was walking with his brother Al-Hussein. They saw on old man performing wudu wrongly.

They wanted to teach him the right way. They were young and the old man did not know them. They came to him and asked him to tell them which one of them was performing the wudu in the right manner. When the old man saw that both were performing it in the best way he knew that he was wrong and thanked them for teaching him how to perform wudu.

Thus, we learn from them the best way to teach some one something concerning his worldly or heavenly affairs. We have to respect him and teach him in a way that does not hurt him.

Use the way that is best

We know that Imam Al-Hasan was humble to God. He used to feel the value of the mosque being a house of God and not merely a place to pray. He used to feel the presence of God in the mosque, saying whenever he entered a mosque: O God, your guest is at your door. O virtuous one, certainly the bad door has come to you, so overlook the ugliness that I possess with the beauty that is with You. O Noble One.

His morals too were sublime; he used to forgive those who hurt him, and use the methods that turn the enemy into a friend.

One day he was crossing a street riding a horse. On the way, he came across a man who was one of the friends of "Muawiyah". When that man knew he was Imam Hassan (A.S.) he started using an un-respectful language. Imam (A.S.) stopped and listened to him and then facing him said, "I think you are a traveler and stranger and not a local person. You have been provoked by the enemies about us and their false words about us have made you cynical and pessimistic about us. If you have a need I may fulfill that need. If you are hungry, I will order to feed you. If you require a dress and clothes, I will order to dress you up. If you don't have residence to live in I will take you along with me to my house and extend hospitality and give you treatment. When that disrespectful person heard those words from the Imam (A.S.), he got very much ashamed and repented. He was so upset and uneasy about what he had done that he started weeping and apologized and said, "The words of your enemies had affected me. Before this (event) you and your father were the greatest enemies of mine among all the people. But now that I have witnessed this courtesy of yours, you are the most respectful and gracious to me among all the people.

I became aware that you are a family who has the capability of becoming the heirs of the Prophet (P). Till the time I am living I will be a friend and devotee of you and would defend your right..


If we were to analyze the attitude of Imam Hasan, to learn how do deal in our life what would we find? The Imam knew that the man had lived in a closed environment and that he was "brainwashed" by propaganda of hatred to Imam Ali and his children. Thus, he wanted to change his ideas on the basis of the Quranic teaching that calls us to "repel with what is better". Then will he between whom and you was hatred become us it were your friend. This is what the Imam did, and won the love of the man

Imams Hassan and Hussein adopted the same methodology.

When we review the problems Imam Al-Hasan had to face, we will find that he had to face a very difficult experience after his father's death. Muawiah bought a lot of the Imam(a.s.)’s friends and relatives as well as the heads of the tribes, and thus his followers were the few who were saved by God's Mercy. Therefore, he decided that the interests of Islam and Muslims lied in ending the war, so that he would protect the opposition of the followers of Imam Ali (a.s.) until the circumstances change. If some people say that he had different methodology than that of his brother, Imam Hussein, we believe that this is not correct, since they both had the interests of Islam and Muslims as their fundamental objective. Had Imam Hasan been in Hussein's place he would have acted in the same way. And this is what Imam Hussein did when he signed the peace treaty. Imam Hasan represented the Muslims' interests to the extent that he asked his brother when he was dying not to bury him near his grandfather for they (the Umayads) will not allow it and consequently blood will be shed .

Imam Al-Hasan represented the sublime human spirituality, which he shared with the rest of Ahl al-Beit who wanted people to open on Allah and obey Him. He says:

He who wants to be powerful and respected without being a member of a tribe or a ruler should move from the disgrace of disobeying Allah to the greatness of obeying Him



The Second Sermon


An irradiation war against the Palestinians.

In Palestine, Israel continues to pursue the policy of assassinating the Intifada leaders, bombing the Palestinian neighbourhoods in Gaza invading the towns of the West Bank, appropriating the lands to build the separating wall and threatening the Palestinian people by hunger and economic besiege as a punishment for choosing Hamas in the recent elections.

Moreover, the enemy's government threatens to use the iron first policy and bomb civilians if the Mujahideen dared to retaliate for the aggression.

The enemy, along with America Europe and the Quartet Committee, have given the Zionist army the freedom of committing brutal massacres, without giving any right to retaliate, lest they will be considered terrorists.

The West that planned the operation of dislocating the Palestinians move them half a century ago to establish the state of Israel is still lying and manoeuvring through the envoys who give empty promises to the Palestinian Authority while empowering Israel to continue to peruse its strategy of taking over the whole of Palestine.

The Arabs and the Zionist Enemy

It is shameful and disgraceful for the Arab and Muslim world to open up on the Zionist enemy both politically and economically more than they open up on the Palestinians. The huge funds they have in American banks benefit the Jewish companies over there. At the same time they do not provide any aid to the Palestinians, not even with a small amount of the interests on their funds. They are afraid from the anger of America whose Secretary of State has warned several Arab countries as well as Iran against helping them although some of the UN officials have stated that Gaza will be facing hunger in the near future. We are afraid that these countries will practice hypocrisy, offering the Palestinians some nice words while actually pressurizing them to succumb to the international pressures. What a disgrace!

American hostility to Arabs and Islam

America's arrogant policies continues to produce fear and hatred in the Arab and Islamic worlds, changing the region into a state of bloody anarchy in the name of fighting terrorism through the massacres that move from one place into another.

In this stage, America has changed more than ever into a state that is hostile to the interests of Arabs and Islam. The responsibility for such a deterioration lies mainly on the Bush Administration that currently faces a unique set of failures in the entire Middle East. The ideas that Bush and his top subordinates hold, in addition to the influence of the neoconservatives inside the Administration and outside it, have made it even pressurize states that are supposed to be America’s friends, and consequently wage a war against the entire world in the name of fighting terrorism.

Destroying Iraqi Unity

American has and still is trying to destroy the Iraqi national unity and inciting sectarian and racial strife. It has paved the way for the Israel: Mosad to tamper with the country and supported Sharon's policies in enlarging settlements and building the isolating and deliberately supported Israel's threats to Iran to bomb the Iranian peaceful nuclear reactor.

We warn the Arab and Muslim world from this American Israeli war as well as the pressures on the European Union and other states. We have to set a plan to conform this eminent threat on the entire region.

In the light of this, the Muslims should solidify their unity and deploy their elements of strength ,especially in the wounded Iraq that is drawn in a sea of blood which is planned to be transformed into a sectarian strife, as a result of the apostates’ hateful massacres and the reaction they draw, as well as the attempts to dislocate the Shiite from mixed neighbourhoods, like what happened in some of Baghdad's neighbourhoods.

We say to our brothers and sisters in Iraq: Find a solution to the current difficult situation before the temple falls on the heads of all of you. America has never sought the good of Iraq. The tyrannical regime was made in American and when its role finished, America sought to establish anothetr tool that would follow its instructions.

Citizenship in Lebanon

Lebanon is still living in the American atmosphere, following the visit of US Secretary of State who came to oversee the implementation of its plan in administering political chaos in Lebanon, making the Lebanese remember the horrible days of the civil war.

As for the dialogue the Lebanese are anxiously following, we hope that all parties will rise to the level of the actual problems of the collapsed economy and the anguishing security, as well as the fall under the influence of international tutelage. We notice that not all the issues the dialogue is supposed to discuss are in harmony with how the Lebanese envisage their future, especially when they remember the bloody civil war that is represented in some of its symbols, which means that they should all learn the lessons of the past.

The question is: Where is the new generation that has not been smeared with treason, and that did not joint the game of killing and destruction. We call on all of them not to fall under the influence of emotional and instinctual slogans. They should plan for a new Lebanon of truthfulness; trustworthiness, love of one's country and its people to create a system of citizenship and confessions. Lebanon is shacking as a result of the regional earthquake. Let us try to hold it in its place firmly and prevent the earthquake from destroying the Lebanese and their entity.