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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 2nd March 2007, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.


The Just Society is the ultimate
Goal of Heavenly Messengers


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Unity and Justice

Allah wanted the Messengers to convey a message of two broad dimensions.

The first is the unification of Allah in that He is the only God and the only one to be worshipped and obeyed. Any obedience of others stems from being part of His obedience.

The second is justice that has to be the norm is one's relations with God, himself and others. It is in the just relation with God that the issue of unification intersects with justice. To be just to Allah is to unify Him and ascribe no partners to Him. And that's why Luqman tells his son:

And (remember) when Luqman said unto his son, when he was exhorting him: O my dear son! Ascribe no partners unto Allah. Lo! to ascribe partners (unto Him) is a tremendous wrong

This is because there is a no bigger wronging than not giving God what is his right, being your creator, and the one who controls of all your being and fate.

Justice with people

Just as a believer should be just with Allah, he has to be just with himself. He should not firstly push himself to what could be the source of its corruption and punishment. Those who do so are wronging themselves and will bring upon themselves the wrath of Allah.

Yet Allah will not be wronging them for they - all those who practice injustice and disobey Allah, The Most Exalted, will be wronging themselves, since he who loves himself has to deal with his being in a way that ensures salvation in both lives. He has to create a state of balance between his instincts and desires and between his duties to be good. In such a balance, he has to give priority to reason at the expense of emotion and responsibility should be given the precedence over instinct.

Wronging others:

Man should also not wrong others, whether those close to him or the rest of the people. He should not wrong his parents: Thy Lord hath decreed, that ye worship none save Him, and (that ye show) kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age with thee, say not "Fie" unto them nor repulse them, but speak unto them a gracious word.


You should also not wrong your wife, exploiting her weakness and her need to you. The wife too should not wrong the husband in the rights that Allah has given him. Parents should not wrong their children in educating, and guiding them to what is good in both worlds. A child is not one of the things you have in his house; it is not one of your properties, it is true that he/she is your child, but God did not give you the authority to wrong and abuse him. It you do so people ought to save him from you. In short he is an independent being, just like you.

You should also not wrong your employees or subordinates or those whom you deal with. Moreover, you should not wrong your society by opening a business that corrupts it like gambling casinos, wine shops, pushing drugs and selling dead meat.

Many have of late have begun to sell dead meat since it is cheaper, thus cheating people to make more money. We have issued a fatwa prohibiting the dealing with anyone who sells frozen meat or the restaurants that serve them, for they are wronging the people when they sell them what Allah has prohibited.

This is also true with respect to opening clubs that encourage dissoluteness, especially in summer under the pretence of promoting tourism. They are actually destroying morals. A believer should not wrong the morals of others just as he has not to wrong them in their money, especially, if the money or property is that of an orphan, a weakened or one that it is owner does not have a document to prove that it is his. Some people might think that this is a clever behaviour that increases one's gains, but Allah knows how to take that money from you and leave you bankrupt.

On a bigger level, one has not wrong his nation, by acting as a spy to the enemies, especially America and Israel.

Those people are wronging the nation because they are empowering its enemies. It has been said in our traditions that on the day of judgement, man will be brought a bottle of blood and he will be told: this is your share of the blood of so and so.

The man will say: I did not spill any blood throughout my life, and he will be told: True but you heard so and so saying something and you conveyed it to the tyrant who killed him. This tradition is addressed to all those who spy on innocent people and provide the enemy with the information.

Forbidding wronging

These are the kinds of wronging, which was illustrated by our traditions. Imam Ali (a.s.) divides injustice into three categories: One that is not forgiven which is ascribing partners to Allah, and one that is forgiven, which the wronging of the servant to himself by committing trivial sins. The third kind is the wronging that could not be left unpunished, which is the wronging of others. The punishment of this kind of wronging is severe. It is not, according to the Imam, stubbing with knives or whipping with lashes, but it is something these kinds of punishments would look minor compared to them.

The Messenger (p) says: "He who is afraid of punishment would not wrong others" especially the weakened. Imam Al-Baqir says: When Ali bin Al-Hashim was dying, he hugged me and said: I will advise you with what my father advised me: Never wrong someone who does not find anyone to support him but God. Imam Al-Sadiq explained that wronging who has no other support than God is the most serve kind of wronging, whether its your wife, your child, your neighbour your employee…

There is no difference in this respect, between the wronging of a Muslim or a non Muslim, since wronging has no religion and justice too has no religion.

One of our Imams (Sadiq) narrated the following story: Allah the Great, the Almighty, enjoined one of His prophets liv­ing in a country under the rule of a tyrant: 'Go to this tyrant and tell him that I did not make use of you (grant authority) to shed the blood (of the people) and gather wealth. I made use of you to soothe the cries of the wronged, because you should not neglect their plight even if they were disbelievers'. Allah does not want us to wrong the unbeliever, just as he does not want us to wrong the Muslim. He wants us to give every human his rights whether close or not and whether weak or strong, and this is the meaning of justice.

On the positive side, traditions have said that those "who wakes up and does not intend to wrong anybody, Allah forgives him what he will sin on that day". This good will is rewarded by Allah's forgiveness of sins unless you spill the blood of an innocent man or usurp the money of an orphan. Moreover, there are those who do not wrong others, but they might accept the wronging of others or help them do it. In this respect, it was said: that the one who wrongs and the one helps and the one who accepts the wrong are partners.

The Messenger(p.) has asked us to repent if we happen to wrong someone with a word or an accusation and strive to ask him for his forgiveness, but if we could not then we have to ask Allah to forgive him for such an act is a Kaffarah, that helps us to earn Allah's forgiveness. Our traditions narrate the following story:

Two parties of litigation filed their case before Imam as-Sadiq (a). After he had listened to both of them, the Imam spoke: “It is quite true that he who seizes something by wrong means is not seizing goodness. Certainly, the oppressed party seizes from the religion of the wronging party more than that which the wronging party seizes from the oppressed party’s property. He who does evil to people should not show loathing towards the evil that is done to him. As a matter of fact, man will harvest nothing but that which he sowed. No one will harvest sweetness from the bitter, and no one will harvest bitterness from the sweet." When they heard this, they reconciled on the spot.

Allah wants us to oppose all kinds of wronging. Imam Ali says in his will. Be a foe for the wrong doers, and a help for the wronged. Let us build the society of justice that makes us close to Allah and earn His blessings and nothing but His blessings.


The Second Sermon

In the name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful


In Palestine, the Zionist Army broke into the city of Nablis, claiming that they want to arrest some wanted man, but made arbitrary unrests of scores of young men and stormed houses of innocent civilians. They also besieged the city and prevented the hospitals from performing their duties in treating patients.

Such actions are but a manifestation of the deep hatred that the Zionists maintain for all Arabs and Muslims, especially the Palestinians whose existence represents a challenge of the Israeli existence being a living witness on the illegitimacy of their occupation of Palestine.

That is why the rulers of this illegitimate entity seek to confiscate additional lands to build settlements. They are also building the racist wall and denying the Palestinians water resources, and even electric power to besiege them, at a time they release their army of monsters to torture them in a every possible way.

Nevertheless, we did not hear any protest from the International Community, since the US is legitimising all Israeli practices and aggressions as an expression of their close alliance that has exerted pressure on the Quartet Committee that began to impose impossible conditions on the Palestinian people and their national government, and not on Israel turning it, the Committee, into a tool in the hands of American arrogance.

In this respect, we have to view the meeting of the seven Muslim countries, of which some have recognized Israel and was subjected to its reconciliation process that did not make the Arabs achieve any political or economic gains. The other countries either practically recognized the Jewish state by establishing trade transactions or by adopting the same strategic line that Americans imposed in several Arab and Muslim countries…

These countries had to come up with that pale communiqué about the Middle East talking in an indirect way about the Iranian nuclear threats and touching upon other issues for consumption reasons.

Many political and Media analyses have started to talk about what joins between these countries, saying that they form a Sunni front in the face of Iran and the so-called "Shiite threat", which America still considers the source of danger instead of Israel, although Israel continues to confiscate the entire Palestinian people and represent a nuclear threat to the region, which is obvious from its threats to Syria and Iran, its aggressions on Lebanon and its cooperation with the Americans in Iraq.

The problem is that America has employed several Muslim and Arab countries to support Israel and consider it as a friend to the moderate powers against "Islamic radicalism".

Undermining the Freedom of the region:

Describing these states an Islamic is false since they hold no Islamic values in their means and aspirations. The only Islamic thing about them is their name. And they are oblivious to the fact that the American Administration seeks to destroy the freedoms of the Muslim people and spread chaos in their land to the extent that the American Administration has turned into an internal faction creating intend strife, especially in Lebanon, by calling some of its American party politician to Washington to receive instructions that freeze the situation and prevent finding a solution, and create further pressures on Syria, to serve Israel whom some have begun to consider that it no longer represents a threat to Lebanon, despite the previous aggressions and those it plans for it the future.

The international political devil has prepared its plan to burn the region with new wars that will destroy its security and economies and undermine its dignity. This is what the American vise president has been doing in his tour in Arab and Islamic countries propagating a war against Iran which everyone knows it represents a major catastrophe for the region especially the Gulf area. Yet no objection from the regional states has been heard. Instead we heard Chenny scolding the Pakistani President for not doing what he ought to in the war against what the so- called terrorism, with this president trying to apologize for the American Master.

The Islamic world is living in a state of a war that moves from one country to another: from Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan to Yemen and Somalia. There are also several other Muslim countries that are about to enter the so-called constructive chaos, which could be political – security or economic, whether by inciting sectarianism between the Shiites and Sunnis or between moderation and radicalism or Pan Arabism and Persianism …all this in an effort to launch the instincts and curb any rational endeavor to put away the element of strife and prevent any rational solution for the nation's political security and political problems.

Takifiris Complementary role

Iraq remains the bleeding wound of the nation whose people, universities, schools, mosques and markets are being exploded. The occupation forces’ role is complementing with that of the Takifiris in a way that leads to the perpetuation of the Iraqi tragedy which the occupation is mainly responsible before.

This state of affairs has made the Iraqi people resort to mass immigration to the neighboring countries and the West running for their safety.

Thus all political parties should rise to the level of the current challenges if they are convened with the safety of their homeland. They should freeze their differences, which the only beneficiary from is the occupation that tries to play one sect against the other.

In the meantime, the six states that voted in the Security Council to stipulate sanctions against Iran are now meeting to intensify the sanctions in response to the American desire to pressurize Iran to freeze its peaceful nuclear program although Iran has offered to provide guarantees to its peaceful purposes.

Thus what the Western states actually want is to prevent Iran form using the nuclear energy to securing its need of electric power. For they want the Islamic region to continue to rely on them to secure their needs.

Planning for a new Syrian – Lebanese war

Rumors have it in Lebanon that certain parties that were involved in the civil war, in addition to those planning to establish sectarian military forces, are making preparations to settle certain internal accounts on the one hand and execute the American plan to destabilize Lebanon on the other hand.

We are not sure that the demand for American military support for a war against Syria does not fall within this framework, but it suggests that there are those who are planning for a war between Lebanon and Syria. In addition, exchanging accusations regarding the responsibility for the assassinations, as well as fiery words that create tensions in the political climate, helps in making the military option the only way that certain parties would resort to dominate over their entire sects.

The Lebanese situation is being run in accordance with the American and Israel priorities, with the encouragement of certain official Arab positions. Where are they taking Lebanon? And where is Lebanon now? I pose this question to the downtrodden Lebanese silent and hungry majority, which the politicians are trading with to fortify their leadership and positions, and to invigorate the fire that is ignited by the outside, while the fuel is the Lebanese inside.