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Lectures > 2006 Speeches > 01/12/2006

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque,1th December 2006, Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

Fairness Is the Road to Win Allah's Mercy


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful;

Fairness and Sublime morals

How does Islam draw the basis of the humanitarian dealing among human beings in a way that makes them close to God, win His satisfaction and earn them a place in Heaven? Several traditions of the Prophet and the Imams of Ahl el-Beit have dealt with these issues, explaining how to deal with one's close relatives or within the community at large.

Imam Zein Al-Abidien (a.s.) relates a saying by the Prophet in his last speech. It was as if the Prophet ended this speech by these words so that they would be memorized. He (p.) says: Blessed is he who has good manners- the word blessed could mean a place in Heaven or a high position that is close to Allah.

But who are the ones that are blessed? They are those who apply good manners in their social life. They are the honest – truthful and trust worthy who open up on the grief of peoples to share with and let happiness enter their hearts – a pure soul – which gets rid of all vices and psychological illnesses – one who has good intentions towards all fellow beings, that is full with love and care for the wellbeing of others. Such intentions leave no place for hatred, malice cheat, or wronging… he who spends on others whatever extra money he has – he spends all what who does not need to ensure his sustenance, and pays all alms taxes khums and the like that are due, he who holds any necessary speech of lies, backbiting, falsehood and the like. Lastly the Prophets considered to be blessed too the man who is fair towards others, holding himself accountable in a way that leaves no need for others to ask him for their rights.

Imam As-Sadiq says: The best deeds are three: they are the three deeds that are the best deeds in the moral system that Allah wants us to follow to treat people fairly so that you want for them what you want for yourself – what do you want? You want the people to respect you and give you your rights and not to offend you. This is what you should commit yourself to when you deal with others… to console your brothers by money. To give your brother the money that you do not need when he is need for it. And in some other traditions the money that you need.

The third deed is the mentioning of Allah in all situations, so that whatever you are about to do Allah is there with you, preventing you from doing wrong and guiding you to what is best, Imam Ali says that mentioning Allah is not only saying subhanallah, (Praise be to God) or there is no God but Allah. To remember Allah is also to follow His commands and abide by His prohibitions. Allah should be present in you, when you fulfil your religious duties, you remember Allah and thus you perform what He ordered you to do. And if you were about to commit a prohibited act you would remember His wrath and refrain from doing it.

Establishing a humanistic concept Imam Ali says. Whoever is fair to others, Allah will make him more prestigious. Opening up on others, and trying to help them and seek to preserve their dignity will make you more dignified. Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) that three are the closest to Allah on the Day of Judgement: A man whose rage did not lead him to be unjust towards those who are weaker then him – like the husband towards his wife and children, or the employer towards his employees – a man who is absolutely just when he judges between two partners and a man who would always tell the truth even when it is against him.

Worshipping Allah in Being Just

Once a Bedouin asked the Messenger(p.) to teach him something to do that will make him enter heaven, The Prophet said: Do to people what you like them to do to your and abstain from doing what you hate them to do to you. Imam Sadiq said that Allah revealed to Adam: I will gather the good, as a whole, in four words: one is for Men's, one is for you, one is between you and me, and one is between people and you. The word that is for Me is that you should worship only Me without associating (partners) to Me or obeying others.

The word that is for you is that I will reward you in your most critical need (The Day of Judgement). The word that is between you and Me is that you should supplicate and I will answer. The word that is between people and you is that you should accept for yourself whatever you accept for others and hate for them what you hate for yourself.

Imam Baqir quotes the Messenger as saying: The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family, said: "Whoever has three qualities or one of them will be in the shade of the throne of Allah, the Great and Almighty, on the Day of Judgment, the day when there will be no shade except His shade. (These qualities are): He should treat people with justice. He should do no thing till he knows that (his deed) pleases Allah or angers Him. He should find no fault with his Moslem brother till he frees himself from that fault. For when he frees it from a fault, he finds another fault in it. It is enough for the person that his soul diverts him from the people."

This is the line of Islam and this is what the Prophet and the Imams have guided us to .We should strive to adopt this Islamic moral and humanistic course so that we will be close to Allah and closer to the people and thus earn Allah's love.


The Second Sermon

American stumbling

To contain the big failure of its policies in the region, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US Administration has sent its vice president to Saudi Arabia in an effort to form an alliance of the so-called moderate states in the region that will provide a political cover for the coming American or perhaps Israeli attack to the Iranian nuclear reactor that Washington views as a threat to its current hegemony on the Gulf region that contains a third of the world oil reserves.

President Bush too, has asserted in his trip the need for the American troops to stay in Iraq, until the strategic mission of achieving victory and preserving American interests in the region is accomplished. He has repeatedly talked about the Syrian and Iranian role in complicating his occupation in Iraq by inciting violence. In Jordan he sought to find a solution for his impasse in Iraq with the Jordanian king at first and then with the Iraqi prime minister by trying to figure out a way to confront Al-Qaida that sunk Iraq in a sea of sectarian blood.

At the same time, the American Administration is pressurizing Iran through its influence in the Security Council and the EU states to impose sanctions against Iran if it does not stop nuclear enrichment.

It also continues to pressurize Syria, besieging it politically and economically and isolating it on the international political level.

The Americans have failed in the entire region including Afghanistan despite the fact that the NATO has also deployed its troops in that country. Nevertheless, the Afghani problem is still unsolved, and it becomes associated with the Pakistani problem which too had not reached a solution that preserves peace and stability.

The Constructive Anarchy is behind the Violence

We believe that President Bush will not succeed in his trips because he is not acting in a realistic way of running the critical political and security situation in the region, which leaves the region in a shaking state of affairs. And if the American President is saying that the Extremists are behind the violence in Lebanon, we reckon that the reports of his envoys, especially from his Lebanese embassy are not giving him the accurate picture. For he is looking at one side of the story based on the views of those who follow his policies and not that all the Lebanese who still remember the Israeli aggression that America took part in through its arms and cluster bombs that destroyed the Lebanese infrastructure. They feel that America is more an enemy than a friend. And that the violence it foresees is a product of its policy of constructive chaos that was planned by the top officials and not those who are protecting Lebanon's freedom and integrity and who refuse the American tutelage.

America Authorizes Israel to kill Palestinians

On another level, the American President has authorized Israel to do what it wants in Palestine, and gave it all freedom of killing and bombing the Palestinians. He considers the Palestinians self-defence as terrorism, since they do not have a right to be liberated.

And if he from time to time talks about a two state solution or the Road Map, he is only gaining time while the Zionist policy of building the separating wall, new settlements and dislocating the Palestinians is being executed.

It is the same deceitful attitude he has been adopting since the first day he took office, relying on the full support of both the Democrats and the republicans, he is also certain that some Muslim countries support these polices, as well as the EU states that might be seeking to find a solution for the conflict, but they do not have the ability to impose it.

Occupation is the Cause of the Iraqi Tragedy.

As a result of this political and security confusion made by this failing administration and this limping president, Iraq continues to suffer from the occupation policies which created a state of chaos that covers all of Iraq. It is regrettable that Iraqi politicians are still preoccupied in their sectarian complications and the shares they will attain, which leaves no hope for peace or a realistic solution.

Moreover, everybody knows that the prolonging of the occupation is the root cause of the tragedy in the entire region. It will lead to the fall of America in the political and security quagmire.

This is what we want the Iraqis to work for so that they will be able to decide their own destiny.

As we face all these strong winds in the region we would like our Muslim and Arab peoples to be aware of how critical the current stage and the current challenges are. This means they have to unify their positions away from any strife or civil war that some of America's followers are foreseeing. They should stand against the American plots of political security and economic subversion, to be able to make the future of victory for the entire nation.

We want the Palestinians to be aware of the American – Israeli conspiracy against their future, exploiting the political differences and aborting the national unity government. If they do not plan for the future, the temple will fall on the heads of all of them. No regional or international axis will help, for all what they think of is Israeli interests.

How to save Lebanon

The Lebanese have lost the unity of position that unites them and unites their state, turning them into conflicting groups as a result of sectarian and partisan incitation and inciting speeches that accuse others of betrayal and treason. As a result, the country has lost its mind and instinct begun to dominate. Meanwhile, certain religious scholars who are supposed to be spiritual guides have turned to support this or that leader, and resorted to calling on the people by means of deceit to follow those leaders.

We believe that the current crisis might lead to several political security and economic whirlpools, especially that some leaders have failed to express their positions in a polite manner. We say to the officials: The country and the people will not be saved by supporting a regional or international axis.

Each axis is seeking to promote his own interests by exploiting the Lebanese complications that have opened the way for all those who want to dominate the country, especially that there is an American – Israeli plan to use the Lebanese front to further complicate the region's crisis, and to lead several Lebanese political parties to fall under the influence of the dangerous foreign directions.