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The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 1st June  2007, 15 Jamadi'I 1428 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

To earn Allah's satisfaction:
Remember the graces He bestowed on you


The First Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


All good things are Divine Graces

What are Allah's rights? Allah, the Most Exalted, is the one who gave us life, and we were nothing before that. He is the one who took care of us, giving us the means to exist and grow… to develop and assume our responsibilities… He bestows on us this favor in the morning and in the evening.

We act as He has ordered day and night. He is the one who bestowed on us every good thing in all aspects of life: And whatever favor is (bestowed) on you it is from Allah; then when evil afflicts you, to Him do you cry for aid.

And if you would count Allah's favors, you will not be able to number them; most surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

If we go back to consider the wisdom of the common man, and suppose that someone has given you 10 percent of what you need, what would you feel towards him? Do not you feel gratitude and a sense of having to pay back those who give us certain favors, or those who helped in curing us when we got sick? If someone was sick and he was saved by some doctors with their knowledge and experience, he would remain thankful for them all his life. Then why we are ungrateful towards all the graces that Allah has given us, whether in our bodies, or the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat…. Some might even think that they are doing Allah a favor if they pray or fast… although all these duties benefit only the one who does them, for Allah is not benefited by the obedience of those who obey Him nor harmed by the sins of those who don't. He does not need any of His creations". O men! you are they who stand in need of Allah, and Allah is He Who is the Self-sufficient, the Praised One.

Let each and everyone of us ask himself: Where does the money we earn come from? It comes from the mind Allah has given us and the means Allah has prepared for us. He has given us everything in life, but, as Allah says: "man is given up to injustice and ingratitude”. Imam Zein Al-Abidin talks about the relationship between man and God. He says: You befriend us with your gifts but we reward you by sins.

Your bounty for us is descending, but our mischief to you is ever ascending. God ordered us not to drink wine, commit sins and we insist on them, and from before until now your honored angel still brings you the means of our ugly deeds but this does not prevent you from continuing to sorrow do his with your grace… So, I glorify and praise you for the extent of your patience greatness and generosity as a beginner (of creation) and eventual claimer of the world.

Oh, people, this god ought to be loved for He is the source of all graces, yet we take other people into consideration but we do not and we do not think about God!!

There is something the Prophet and the Imams (a.s.) have warned us against.

It is about committing small sins like looking at what Allah has prohibited or listening and eating what Allah has prohibited, convincing ourselves that these are small sins. The Prophet wanted to give an idea to some of his companions about "trivial" sins.

He told his companions, to go and get some wood although this was very difficult in the desert, but some would be carried by the wind. They went and put it in front of him forming a big pile. When they did not know what the Prophet meant, he told them this is how the sins gather.

He then warned them of committing minor sins adding that everything will be written, and he cited the Quranic verse. Surely We give life to the dead, and We write down what they have sent before and their footprints, and We have recorded everything in a clear writing

Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) says: “Avoid minor sins that will not be forgiven”. He was asked: “What are such sins?” He said: “They are the ones which if a man commits them he says: I am prosperous if I do not commit any other sins.”

As-Sadiq (a.s.) also says: “Sins will not be minor ones if you insist on committing them, and they will not be major ones if you repent and ask for forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness:

In the light of this, if man commits any sin, major on minor, he should ask for forgiveness…

When one commits a sin he has to raise his head towards his god and thank Him for His rewards. Not by the tongue but through the actions. Some of our scholars said: "Don't look at the size of your sin, but look at whom you have disobeyed.

Belief means that we have to remember that Allah is watching us in every thing we do, we should remember all these graces, and prevent ourselves from committing any sin. Our only goal in life should be to earn Allah's satisfaction and nothing but His satisfaction, because we are going to meet Him tomorrow, when nothing helps except our good deeds.


The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Silence on the Israeli massacres

In Palestine, the Zionist occupation forces continue their brutal aggressions against the Palestinians, raiding the houses and the camps, and organizing campaigns to arrest the militants that included members of the government, MPS, mayors and municipality members in a blatant challenge of the so called the resolutions of international legitimacy and human rights. But the international Community does not take any actions against these atrocities, since it does not bear any human or legal responsibility when it has to do with the Palestinians. It stands with the criminal against the victim considering the former to be killing in self-defence while the victim is engaged in terrorist acts… The Arab and Muslim governments too do not take any actions or exert any pressures. Some may utter some verbal condemnations that are meaningless since Israel enjoys full American support while the Palestinians, in the American point view, are terrorists that ought to be isolated and fought, which means that America despises its allies who have become helpless and haplessly weak.

Meetings and conferences do not solve the problem in Iraq

In Iraq, a meeting took place between, the American and Iranian Ambassador to discuss the security situation of the country.

The two Ambassadors said that the meeting wars positive. But we wonder whether these negotiations can find a solution for the problem of security in Iraq and the security anarchy the occupation imitated by supporting the Takifiri factions who continue to kill the civilians in their mosques, markets, streets and everywhere workers, students and civil servants might be found, to the extent that the major task of the media is to count the victims that fall in many Iraqi regions… The question is who can control this barbaric reality that is void of any humanistic feelings? The entire world knows that the occupation is the one that created this stormy atmosphere that transferred Iraq into a base of brutal violence where some Muslims deem lawful to kill fellow Muslims, and lead certain neighbouring countries to send some of these Takifiris that are still planning for sectarian strife to kill the Iraqis in accordance with the drawn plan. As for resisting the occupation, we do not find that many of these powers include in their plans.

That is why we find the number of civilians being killed is several times greater that those of the occupation.

We notice that the meetings and the conferences did not give the Iraqis any solution for their problems because the parties concerned are looking for solving their own problems and not that of the Iraqis. This is also what America is thinking of, that is why it is asking this country or that to find solutions for its security problems in Iraq.

The problem is that the world stands watching the tragedy of the Iraqi people from the sidelines. It tries to export its problems to the Iraqis and plays several political games to avoid the threat that could expand to it from this wounded country.

The World should refuse occupation

What we want from this world, if it is concerned with the issue of freedom and human rights, is to reject all manifestations of occupation and pressurize the United States of America that is responsible for the tragedies of many states in the region, to stop confiscating the back trodden peoples, usurping their wealth and destabilizing their security before the temple falls on the heads of all.

A long time has passed since the UN decided to decolonize, America used to talk about freedom in the 1930s, and 1940s, but it then reinstituted colonialism whether directly or indirectly.

Peoples whose stands or interests differed with those of the US strategic interests or the Administration stands were subjected to occupation that would be granted legitimacy by the Security Council that became more like the US National Security Council. The US, and its European allies, are trying to make Lebanon a battlefront for regional conflicts and international interferences. It wants yet again to destabilize its political and security reality, especially by all this enthusiasm to provide the Lebanese Army with the weapons that they refused to give to face Israel's aggression which still sees in the Security Council's abstaining from declaring the ceasefire an opportunity to commit another aggressions against Lebanon.

America wants to turn Lebanon into a front for its political anarchy

We have always called for providing the army with the weapons that will turn it into a strong army that is capable of defending the land, the people and the state. But America does not accept.

And this is what we have noticed during the Israeli aggression when the Israeli warplanes were shelling the barracks and positions of the Lebanese army: the American Administration remained silent and did not even protest verbally.

The security situation in Lebanon, and in the North in particular is heading towards a dangerous position that is similar to what is happening in Iraq as a front for the struggle between America and its enemies in the war against the so-called terrorism.

This will turn this small and great county that is distinguished in its pluralism a front for American security chaos, having so far been a front for political anarchy. This is what the Lebanese should be aware of to repel the external dangers of the struggle of foreign powers in their country. They should study the elements of a realistic solution to get out of the suffocating impasse they are stuck in. They should seek to promote their national unity on the basis of building on the vital issues all parties agree up especially in this difficult stage in the entire region whereby problems are being exported to several countries.

Lebanon is in the throes of death

The problems in our internal political situation is that everybody suggests theoretical solutions without defining the mechanism to implement them.

Each party refuses what the other proposes out of lack of trust. Thus all solutions have been frozen and the country is still in a situation of severe security frightening possibilities.

We say to all Lebanese: The crisis the country has stumbled in as a result of internal and external complications will not save their homeland. It will not lead to political and economic stability. All those leaderships who act in a consuming manner while yielding to foreign tutelage and concerned with their personal interests or those of their sect will not solve anything. The question is: Do you want a motherland that embraces the coming generation, and build a strong future for its children. What you are doing will not bring back the country; it will not build a prosperous future or a strong and just state. On the contrary, it will turn to individual and sectarian cells where no light or clear air could reach its inhabitants.

The country is dying and those who have proclaimed themselves as doctors, do not have a prescription that could save it. No dialogue to reach an understanding, no government for salvation and no sincere dealing with the problems of the deprived people...

Instead, we are preoccupying it with fanatical sectarianism as its daily food that might silence the cries of hunger but will provide no solution.