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Q: If I want to travel by airplane to perform Al-Umrah Al-Mufradah and I am going to arrive at At-Ta’if airport and then I will head to Al-Miqat of As-Sayl Al-Kabir, is my Ihram deemed valid there? Can I perform Ghusl of Ihram at my home in Bahrain and then wear the Ihram clothes in As-Sayl Al-Kabir? What is the intention of Ghusl, and how to perform it? What is the intention of Ihram, and how to perform it? 

A: It is obligatory to perform Ihram in Al-Miqat and the Ghusl of Ihram is recommendable to be performed in Al-Miqat, but if one is afraid that there might be no enough water, he can perform it before going to Al-Miqat, since it is recommendable and not obligatory. The Niyyah (intention) of Ghusl is to say: "I perform Ghusl of Ihram seeking nearness to Allah”. The Ghusl is performed by: washing the head and the neck, and then washing the entire body. The Niyyah of Ihram is to say: “I perform the Ihram of Umra Mufradah, voluntarily, seeking nearness to Allah”. The Ihram is performed by wearing the clothes of Ihram and saying the Talbiyah that is: Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, Labbaik la Sharika lak Labbaik (meaning: I stand up for Your service, O God! I stand up! I stand up! There is no partner to You!). It is recommendable to add: Inna Al-Hamda wanni’mata laka wal molk la Sharika lak Labbaik (meaning Verily Yours is the praise, the beneficence, and the dominion! There is no partner to You)”.